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  • you guys ready?

  • Meanwhile, at Dustin's dive site, his crew are clearing the last of the rocks at the bottom of the plunge pool.

  • Onda finally down to bedrock gold.

  • All right?

  • No.

  • What's up?

  • That's pretty Roger fits in there perfectly.

  • They're paper.

  • So Carlos just hit me up a rock.

  • And I had these two pieces of gold on top of it that was sitting on top of the rock.

  • But I just pulled out on our super ball.

  • What is the chance of that?

  • It is exciting to him.

  • Two of them.

  • Come on.

  • Oh, yeah, that is all about those almost nuggets.

  • I think there's gonna be a lot more gold come out today.

  • We just picked up a big rock.

  • There was gold on top talking about gold going in constantly.

  • They have got to be in it.

  • This is it safe.

  • What they're doing right now is what I dreamed about doing every day I've been out here.

  • Oh, my God, That's nice.

  • Are you kidding me?

  • Gold everywhere.

  • And you guys could see they're pickers everywhere.

  • Finding gold.

  • They're in the sweet spot.

  • Hopefully just gets better from here.

  • Exciting day, man luck start turning around right here big right now.

  • You could hear him seeing gold every time it goes in.

  • Caleb, being up here, just watch what you're doing down there He goes.

  • Go on the nozzle at something I'd dreamed up for five years and I adored it.

  • Look, you have jumped in my pool, so enjoy the hell out of it.

you guys ready?


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礦工們發現大塊的金子放在岩石上|淘金熱:白水河 (Miners Find Large Pieces Of Gold Sitting On Top Of Rocks | Gold Rush: White Water)

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