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Ah, Which one looks most like me?
None of them.
My name is Dan TDM.
Next Pokemon Sword and shield Master.
I'm looking pretty good, actually.
Let me just whip some blue hair on this guy when we get to the house on.
Let's play.
Is this YouTube?
Hold on.
That was like a vocal Vosen of YouTube.
This looks epic.
Hello, friends.
I like your shoes and your head.
My goodness is a good looking chap.
Now, as many of you guys know, I have already played a little bit of Pokemon sword and shield because I got invited by Nintendo to do so.
So I kind of know what's coming up.
But they could have also changed stuff between now and then.
What I do know Epic prediction on elephant comes out of this polka ball right here.
Told you.
Look, it's so cute.
I can't wait to see all the new Poke one man.
I know some of them, but are there so many?
My name is Rose, and it is a pleasure to be here.
Hello, Rose.
Now turn your gaze to the gala region's greatest Pokemon trainer.
You are.
Look at this.
It looks like he's from final fantasy or something.
Look at him.
He's actually purposefully shaved his chin and his chin.
Only he's got charts are Welcome on.
So yeah, we're playing Pokemon Sword Warner is epic.
Look at my house.
It's so cute and literally looks like one of the houses down the road from me.
So British.
This whole game, if you didn't know, is based on the UK So I am going to see a cup of tea.
Yes, it was just me.
I'm nowhere.
My hat, though.
Oh, I was watching that on the Pokemon YouTube channel.
This is my rival.
And this is his cute Lulu.
Everyone praised Lulu.
Careful what you say about him.
He's got a lot of followers.
His brother is the Pokemon champion.
Is that my mom?
Didn't expect to see you here today.
Isn't this the big day?
We gotta pull.
Come on.
I think we are.
I still don't know which one.
I'm gonna choose all we complain.
Let's go.
Oh, Ay!
Run really fast!
My house is huge!
Oh, my room got in.
Tendo switch.
Ah, Bubblehead Pekka Chu!
Is that a pop socket?
Describe this stuff and let's get out of here!
I need a Pokemon.
There it is.
That looks actually quite uncomfortable.
Let's go!
Welcome to gala, ladies and gentlemen.
Where we have wheelbarrows and plenty of plants and we lose.
Don't forget the world.
Lose looking at, man.
It's so nice.
I don't even see the little about you down there, fella.
Do you do it, will you?
You okay?
We lose.
You're going to get brain damage.
This scary poke.
One living there.
We're gonna end up there sooner.
We right When he said the hops house, I think I have a word with this.
You could talk.
Look how beautiful this game is.
These wounds are having a chat.
These fellas look dodgy.
It's so beautiful.
I'm just so blown away by this game, people have, like Pokemon ballerinas outside their house in their garden.
That's great.
Look of hops House.
What is his mum do for a job await his brother's literally the undefeated book One champion.
I'm sure that pays a fair few poker dollars to buy this house.
It's absolutely massive.
Good on your home.
Let's get a move on.
Let's go.
Let's go see your bro.
He's give me a polka.
Look how beautiful is?
I've said so many times, but it's such a pretty game, right?
Let's see what all the fuss is about.
Shall we?
We've entered.
Wejust is the big man.
Look, it issues.
Who walks around wearing a cape, though.
Seriously, your champion, Leo, it is back over.
A good as he is so smug.
Look at this kid.
Look at him.
It's like he's throwing gang signs.
It's kind of awkward.
That's a lot of hair on his head, by the way.
You picked up big bro who just so happens to be the undefeatable champion.
I know he gives us our first Pokemon.
Come on.
Probably on.
Look at him.
Oh, my goodness.
This guy, the back is loving it Come only on your being.
Now let's go.
Hey, we go commonly you promised us the president.
Which star?
We're gonna choose?
Panicking, maybe.
Go hop straight out with it.
You bought Dante enemy a poke one, didn't you?
Didn't you?
I know you must have.
Right then.
The greatest gift from the greatest champion.
It's show time.
Here they come.
Hey, it's groupie score bunny on my boy's Sobel also has a massive fan base online.
Are this cut?
Scene is so cute.
Dude, the game just looks so nice compared this to any other Pokemon game.
This one has.
It beats I So cute.
I think that just sold me groupie going.
You pick first.
I already got my woo.
Yeah, that's correct.
Actually, we're strong.
We're gonna choose.
They're all looking at me with such cute eyes.
Even sub all I'm gonna do it areas I'm choosing Groupie.
It's soothing.
Likes a nice long walk in the woods.
Cross type Pokemon groupie, is it?
Let me think about this long and hard.
Yes, you chose groupie groupie gang boys.
I don't know if I'm gonna nickname Pokemon for now.
We can.
I think there's a name rate in every Pokemon center.
I want to learn the names of the poke one.
So for now, I'm not gonna nickname them.
But if you want me to let me know if you're excited for this game as much as I am, please people like on the video as well be greatly appreciated.
I'll say, is I five embarrassing Our money So cute.
All of the starters are actually really cute.
I love their designs.
I think this means he's gonna choose.
Always do to Sobel.
Oh, so you think is ready?
Let's eat eyes.
Barbecue time.
This is so cute.
I'm so excited to play this.
Look at the size of those Give abs.
What is so excited about his?
Well, are the music in this game as well is incredible.
Next we're gonna about right now, I completely forgot.
They normally do like a rival battle round coming at you.
Let's go.
Yes, all the music.
Let's go.
You ready to lose in front of your brother, Bro?
Is he has to poke one and I have one.
Not quite sure.
That's the fairest groupies.
A boss.
He's got a weapon.
He's ready to destroy Roy.
What we got?
We got scratching ground standard.
Scratch him.
Square in the ice.
Do it.
I actually wasn't that much damage, right?
Get out of here.
Next up is what's going to be trouble.
Isn't it leveled up?
I've already got two more hp.
We're going to move is well, bronze spoke.
Oh, Subba was in trouble.
I'm gonna send him crying all the way home to his Po Kable.
The man, the myth, the legend.
It's Sobel who is Foster.
That's no good.
I don't have a poster.
Anything either.
Did you hurt it all about Cyprus Bandages?
Yeah, buddy, I did.
I did Go quick.
Quick as well.
Oh, I'll give you that.
That's pretty tragic.
Double level seven to is unstoppable.
Hop defeat.
It is Run away.
Crying with his subway.
Oh, never mind.
Oh, is the womb Luke?
Oh, no.
You're gonna get yourself in trouble.
The woman who's gone it was tackling the fence.
Pre odds.
You don't think it actually broke through?
I think that's what happened up.
Come on, let's go in hope.
Come on.
Maybe if we're lucky, we'll lose you, huh?
It's foggy.
It's spooky.
Well Oh, my guys ready to catch a Pokemon?
Look at him.
He's ready.
Look at the detail.
Those like a mossy Coble bridge Who wants to get hit by groupies.
Wait a second.
It's a Pokemon crier.
That was the deputy.
Wasn't Lulu.
This ain't looking good.
I'm hoping it's a ghost spokeman.
I love like the dark and goes type Pokemon and I've managed to avoid most leaks for this game as well.
I'm ready to experience.
This game is gonna be awesome.
Oh, cut.
Seen something big's about to go down.
Well, where are you?
Oh, geez.
Look at this thing wall.
Dude, that's gotta be the legendary race.
I wasn't too keen on the Legendary is when I first saw them.
But this form looks amazing.
Question Mark, you're getting served by level seven groupie.
Okay, Never mind.
You can't see anything.
You okay?
Oh, no.
Groupie were Lou.
What is going on?
We get knocked out.
Pokemon aren't supposed to knock out trainers.
There, I have no Geez.
You good, bro.
What happened to your eye?
The groupie poke you always.
Leon Leone's couldn't save the day here.
Where's Wu?
That's a good point.
We could prove you forgot about him.
Always right there.
He's going to see Mom.
Bob attacked?
Bear pocket money teaching.
Thank you for the money, Mother.
I'm out of here.
I will return with nothing less than a Pokemon champion belt around my waist.
These wound lose.
Square it up to me.
It's got some Pokemon.
We got one of these.
Hey, there he is.
A rookie.
Yeah, we wanted these.
I think it's evolved into Corbin.
I actually, even the backgrounds of the battles look really cool.
It's a level six.
That's actually a really good start.
Oh, my God.
My mom gave me 31,000 poker dollars, just casually gave his pocket money and just put three whole racks of poker dollars in our pocket.
That's amazing.
And somehow they got polka balls.
I'm not complaining.
Let's go.
I'm catching this thing.
The animation is so slick.
That's one.
That's two.
That's three.
Let's go far spoke about court in sword and shield.
Oh, God!
Level AAA's.
Well, nice.
We live in a pretty fast rookie has been added to your party.
Yes, that a fox.
All that is cool.
Nick IDs.
That's a great Bo.
Come on.
This was only a level four.
This press X on cabs to this bad boy Sealed Nick, it was caught.
That's a cool Pokemon.
Do we want a lulu?
Yeah, we want a ruler.
Wu has been captured.
Oh, my goodness.
Look at this three level ups already.
Groupies always the level 10.
The beast right.
I haven't seen any different Pokemon.
Oh, geez.
What has happened is cats and three.
Yo, I should be out to catch this, right?
I just want to catch a ll the polka man get my portable.
So I think the only other Pokemon around here is SK wove it.
I don't think I want one.
What's the party?
Looking like a groupie.
Rookie Nick, It's Lulu and Kathy P.
I've got one more space, but I've just noticed.
TimesG our mystery gift.
I love the animations and stuff.
It just looks so good on switch.
There he is.
I think we found our six member our party.
Sorry, Squad.
That movie sites the old geezer here.
Let's go get you healed.
Looks like Leon left discharged out behind it.
Slightly awkward, like Charles.
That's like, What do I do now?
Here we go.
Oh, he's right here.
Never mind.
Are these over here?
He's actually that's you destroyed in the way right into the Pokemon lab.
My goodness, this place is beautiful.
It's so cute.
Oh, my goodness.
Or is this?
It's ah got its name.
It's based of a corgi, though.
You hamper.
That's it.
It's so you'd anyway, nice to meet you.
My name Sonya.
I remember now.
I'm the professor's assistant.
A standard in a Pokemon game.
About 15 20 minutes in.
You got your poke addicts.
So the professor isn't here right now.
But look at this place.
I need to get me one of you.
You are mad.
Here we are.
This literally looks like the house I grew up in.
It's so crazy how they've, like, taken the whole theme of the UK and really absorbed into the Pokemon vote.
It's great.
And here we are, the Pokemon Center.
Unfortunately, we're here with hop.
Let's go shopping.
We got 30 grand in our pockets.
Let's spend it.
It's kind of like a pub is Well, it's like those of the I don't know what they're cool, but it's what you pull to pull a pine crazy.
Let's seal up these bad boys.
Have a nurse, Joy.
How are you?
Good to see you in a brand new game.
Just a little touches like this look amazing.
Ah, blown away, You guys, everyone healed up, Ready to go on.
Let's even buy anything.
Actually, I need some more poker bores.
Man is not setting polka balls.
That's awkward.
You know, we do need to buy, though.
I'm gonna go and get me some new clothes, which I think is just up here.
I think this my favorite tune so far.
I would like some clothes.
Done here.
Look at me.
So I changed the bag.
T shirt, hat and glasses.
I think I'm looking fresh.
What else we got around here?
Wait, I think this is the train station.
Yeah, look at this.
Oh, I was a Pokemon.
Here you go, potables.
Look, you guys suck.
I love this bit when I played in the first time.
Look at this, like the rolling hills.
And that's like, that's no even just a background object.
You actually walk over to that.
It looks so nice.
And this is what England's like.
It's really hilly in the countryside.
And there's not many if any Pokemon games that have been this kind of hilly.
Jeez, what do you want now?
Please leave me alone.
You give us a more Pro Bowls, okay?
Never mind, Leon, you could stay mind spitting real generous.
I'm not gonna tell him About 25 grand in my pocket.
Okay, Were you two?
Let's even catch a new poker 10 blip Bugs.
It's a portable time, which we got 12 quick walls and 21 Pope would.
That's amazing.
Come on now, The good thing about this is we got a brand new Pokemon on the team on dhe.
I'm pretty sure the Bug Pokemon a bold fairly earlier as well.
She might even get any evolution in our first episode.
That be awesome.
Biggest head in the bug world Or wait, This might be our first train about.
This kid is so angry.
Oh, you wanna fight our?
Let's get it.
Let's go.
Is that school over on its top?
To that school would have scored that Fanboy over here trying to crush his dreams.
Get out of his school of it, huh?
I beat you, kid.
I want to grab this Two more potions.
The mind if I do, Another challenger approaches.
She's very tall.
Dixie's way to one of the me.
Let's go.
I got you till they have seen it yet.
Oh, it's so cute.
All of them are really cute.
Oh, my goodness.
Sorry I said you were cute and then stabbed you in the face with a stick.
It's just a professor's house.
It's even bigger than her lab.
She's earning some sweet coin from this job and that she is.
I like the look of her.
She's cool.
My name is Magnolia.
So Professor Magnolia got it.
Oh, wait.
So for the Pokemon challenge, which is kind of a revamp of like the elite four on the Pokemon League, we need someone to endorse us.
We can enter and then take on all the gyms.
And then I think it's changed at the end.
So instead of doing the elite force, do something else.
But I'm not 100% sure I need this man.
Thio, endorse me.
Okay, heart, calm down.
You already infuriating.
May I need to beat him so that we can get the endorsement.
So let's kick hops.
But I won't fire poker once he's actually is in big trouble.
Here we go, Ready to lose again, Always with three.
Pokemon is added one.
I'm pretty sure group.
He is going to sweep this and we've got experience.
Share should be soupy out.
11 up.
Some of our other Pokemon who are a bit lower.
Get out of here, will you?
I'm sorry.
You're cute, but I can't let you win.
Eyes got Ruby Dee.
Yeah, that's which one.
Let's try something else.
Let's go for dear.
I don't actually know.
Let's go.
Nick it.
This is the coolest spoken one design I've seen so far.
It's only a level five.
We should be easy.
Beat up.
Go in swinging, Nick it.
Oh, because you did.
That is no damage.
Never mind.
I gotta correct You live in a critical hell.
My book one.
Oh, my goodness.
What's happening?
It's six times.
That's that's a lot.
Okay, I think we're good.
Every quick attack.
We should knock it out, and then group, he needs to come in and sweep up the rest.
There we go.
There we go, Groupie.
Let's finish this bow While it was in trouble.
81 shot.
Easy mode, Bob.
Oh, so close.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's not a new move.
What you got water gun?
Okay, scary.
I think we're done here.
Quick, scratch.
And then I'm off to the Pokemon league.
There goes offers.
Lost what?
Twice already.
And it hasn't even been that long.
Unlucky bro's are a well, after seeing a match like that one.
Every little choice but to give you both an endorsement as champion.
Wait, What?
I didn't even have to win.
He was gonna give her so anyway, thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.
I'm gonna win the home.
Mark my words.
I'm gonna beat you.
What is that?
Wishing stars.
No way.
Give me a 1,000,000 poker dollars, Quick.
Oh, it's the Dyna Max thing.
Like a mega stone.
There it is.
The dynamics bands.
A wishing star has been affixed to it lets out light that allows poking with Dina Max without power spot.
Yes, A young per is so cute.
I think it's electric type two.
We need this.
Don't shake that booty at me, Amber.
I'm catching that.
Who am I gonna get rid of the team, though?
Oh, no dilemmas already.
Mind here is an electric type.
Your electric Lulu.
I feel so bad, but I'm gonna have to do it.
I'm stopping you out all.
Wait, wait.
That's exactly it.
Zigzagging but cooler.
Look at it.
This is a gallery in its execution.
So if you don't know Some of the older Pokemon Constabulary informs where they look different and I'm gonna catch it Gallery in cool, lose something.
A car, Remember?
It's evolution's name.
A new girl, every noons actually pretty sweet, but I don't think I'm gonna put it on the team just yet.
The l a clarion for dark and normal.
Nice group.
He wants lo razor leaf.
Oh, that's so good.
Let's get out of here to the train station.
There's a yam for threatening me.
Uh, no, no whistle.
I get out of there, he's gonna kill you.
Wait, wait.
This is a new postman as well.
We killed one of these.
Yeah, it's definitely a water time.
We're gonna need one of these.
Yes, we have another failure.
This is great.
There we go.
Shoot all Welcome to the welcome to the family.
I'm putting you in the box for now.
This yam for is chasing me Oh, okay.
Hope just surprised me at the train station Has given the swift swift that you're really good Move for normal types.
Here we go.
It's train time.
Not quite so far.
No, it's bum.
You're in trouble.
What you doing here?
Mom uh, Professor Magnolia was kind enough to let us know that.
You see, we're heading out.
Oh, yeah, that's awkward.
I've got to tell you, I'm gonna be leaving home forever to become a Pokemon master.
Well, they've given us a camping kit.
Everything you need's up 10 and get cooking in a wallet area.
We could Curries.
I'm hungry now.
We're off CIA.
My goodness.
That ad you looks like a brand of train in the UK as well.
Motor slow, castrated by a vast wild area.
This is where we wanna go.
It's capture Pokemon and new raids.
It's a real sight, dude.
There's all sorts of wild Pokemon.
Plus you can camp out just about fishing.
I don't think I could ever get tired of it.
Here we are.
I'm sorry to tell you that train is halted due to a flock of Lulu on the tracks.
Oh, yeah.
I could see where the background let's do this.
Let's go to the wall area.
I want to see what poker when I can catch.
Right now.
There it is.
The while area and those rays of light of the big raids that you could do with other people online.
I think other people will be on line with me now.
I'm pretty sure it's kind of crazy.
Actually, it's a big step forward for Pokemon.
That town in the background looks crazy, too.
It does look peaceful.
I like ad.
She want to camp it right?
Let's go.
We have been set wild in the wild area and now we can turn our camera.
The large broken you see wandering around the water area is strong.
If you try battling when it seems like you're in over your head, try and run.
Yeah, you could.
Oh, it's on.
It's okay.
It's run from that.
Yeah, my poker one just chillin getting wet.
So you've got what he sat down there.
But Neary I see mets apart.
Wing go.
I kind of want to take on.
Wait, What's that?
Tyrone is running at me.
So I want to go over near that bridge because that's a place I didn't get to go to.
And I think the weather actually affects the different Pokemon you can encounter.
So at the minute it's raining.
So we got water types and this is while talking about that wattage earlier There's energy pouring out from the den Gained 300 or there is a raid battle here have no What?
Is that fine with doing this?
Now, invite others.
Let's try this online and see what happens.
I want to see how many people are playing right now.
Oh, I think that's a grub in.
I think that's gonna be a huge Grubben and one of our poker.
Want to condone a max Me out is gonna Dina Max and I think are started can too.
So we're gonna see a giant Pokemon right now, so no one wanted to play with me.
It's the way it's gonna take on this guy with a person dressed like evey look ridiculous.
You know what's even more ridiculous me out, Kanai, Dina Max.
Like right now I kind of did.
Gee, Max, Gold Rush is all I can choose.
Let's go over this 10 dude, portions gotta heat more.
That's pretty impressive.
Let's go.
It's Dina Max time male.
Look at it.
It's beautiful.
Ridiculous always gets his only level way as well.
Look at the sprite.
That's terror flying.
Who brought magic up to the table?
Here we go, GI Max Gold Rush that it Hardly anything, but I think we'll get major coinage, though Andy's confused.
That's pretty good.
So you get really cool items from this is?
Well, it's being able to catch the Pokemon.
I currently do Gold Rush.
That's terrible, but it's so ridiculous.
But great getting hydra pop.
We're so close.
No, no, my long boy.
Good job, buddy.
What were you doing?
Grub in your terrifying Please don't hit me.
No way out.
I think we're allowed four people to get knocked out, so I think we've got this.
Magic cops doing damage now.
But he bore.
Take about.
Yes, I can catch us now.
Let's go.
I will use a polka.
Shouldn't be too bad.
Look at this.
The portable is dry.
How'd you really like these raids?
I didn't think I'd like him as much as I do.
But they're fun.
That's one.
That's two.
I don't know if it happens every time.
That's three a thing.
We got it sweet.
Now show me my prices at my price money.
Except what we get a lot from this.
What are the only ones we got so many experienced counties.
X s s Dina Max.
Rare candy, Berries, mushrooms, bar mushroom and leech.
Like we asked about T Emma's.
Well, that's amazing.
You can get some amazing items from this.
And we got ourselves a grub in.
No, I want to get when I want to go.
I wanna go under this bridge.
I haven't done it before.
Galvan Sheila, that look strong.
He's checking me out.
Oh, hello.
How strong you?
This could be a mistake.
Oh, yeah.
Very strong looking Govern should.
This was definitely a mistake.
Watch out!
He's Level 46.
Run, actually, Try it quick.
Will you call for a po boy?
Wonder has got down.
I'm out, Rookie, Run!
All on.
What I've done is only screeching.
We need to go.
We need to get out of here, buddy.
I've made a grave mistake.
Oh, thank goodness.
Oh, geez.
I thought my groupie was gonna die.
I'm out of a coma chops here too.
It's gone, sonny.
So if you are talk to this, you get little bits of energy, and then you can sell them to different.
Oh, my goodness.
Look, the's BP is ready to take me out.
No, Leave me alone, Please.
You comply things from people with wattage.
Dude, how do we get over there?
Okay, so up next is up there, but I really wanna go across six.
I didn't make it when I played before, so jeez, a huge garbage or oh, Ley part as well.
That's a really strong Pokemon popping up.
But obviously we can't catch them on.
Here we go.
I've never seen this part.
Look at that in the background.
Is that what the What was Snow?
I really want to try and catch it, but I know it's not gonna work.
A conch order as well.
Okay, this is actually getting quite dangerous.
Uh, I'm worried for my life.
What's that?
Hold on.
That's a new one.
That's a new Pokemon.
A very strong looking one.
Yeah, I should have.
I didn't expect that.
He was in the grass.
His lightning is being affected by the rain.
I take icon, use a quick roll on this one.
It's got down.
Yeah, This This isn't it.
This isn't it when you get out 28.
Dude, that was a mistake.
I feel like we're gonna have a party full of Pokemon that everyone already has.
So I'd love to change it up.
You guys let me know which poker when you would like me to capture and take on our journey in the comments section down below that we greatly appreciate it.
It's like a huge desert area are here is well, stony road in issue has a clay doll.
Man, this place is awesome.
Whoa ago.
Ah, It's actually really cool.
Seem really strong.
Poke fun at the beginning of your journey.
I've just realized these bagpipes too.
That's a proper Scottish thing.
Giants Cap.
I just want to go up here and see what this is.
Whoa, That's a cool tonight.
Definitely don't wanna get stuck by him.
Well, look at this.
This guy's gonna tell me I'm not allowed.
How are you?
You don't have to fire, but yet you can't enter without the fire badge.
I think it's these guys that can sell you stuff.
This is where I can spend what you buy quick bores wishing peace.
Throw one into a boat.
One den to attract a while.
Dina Mak spoke one that's cool.
And then you can buy t ours as well, which I like T m's, but you can only use them once.
There you go.
That's an introduction to the wild area.
That's an introduction to Pokemon Sword and shield.
Let me get this guy to send me back.
So I wanna walk back there.
We go straight here.
So next up, we're gonna go into this town right here.
Moto Stoke awaits my friends.
Let me just quickly see if this guy will sell me anything.
I want to see what you can buy.
You buy low kick well, by hydra pompous and different types of polka balls to That's awesome.
Next up, we're going up these crazy stairs.
Guys, Thank you so much for joining me for Pokemon Sword Episode one If you enjoy it, please.
Evil like the great appreciated Subscribe.
If you are brand new as well to join the Klan and catch up with this Siri's, I think gonna post this every day until I complete it because I can't wait to play the rest of this game.
Hope you're enjoying it too.
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And I see you guys in the next one.
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Pokemon SWORD : DanTDM Edition!

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 27 日
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