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South Carolina primaries coming up this weekend on Super Tuesday.
Right behind that, we're getting very close, closer and closer to nominating a Democratic candidate to run against Trump.
Now one candidate has been showing a lot of momentum.
Is, of course, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Theo, Theo.
This guy has a really movement behind him, but he's also a divisive candidate within his party.
And if Sanders is nominated, he's going to need the support of every Democrat, every single Democrat to be trump.
Luckily, ladies and gentlemen, one of our shows, newest sponsors, has a solution.
Check it out.
How about this one?
No change in her heart rate, doctor.
So you're not feeling even a little excitement yet?
Come on, Jenny.
May I speak with you privately?
Right now?
Over here.
Look, if you just could see what we're seeing.
And Jenny has become an increasingly common condition during the primaries.
That's why I'm prescribing Burn a drill.
What's burning?
I'll take it from here, Doc.
I'm a celebrity.
Why should anyone care what the doctor thinks?
Burning Grill is an enthusiasm enhancement drug democratic coders facing the very real possibility that their only chance to beat Donald Trump will be Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Some voters may like Sanders policies, but their brains air unable to produce the chemicals necessary to feel genuine excitement for an old, grumpy white guy.
Looks like he brings his own sandwich to Starbucks.
As more and more voters see their preferred candidate fail, they're left with feelings of sub optimal enthusiasm for Sanders, similar to feelings one experiences while scrolling through Netflix's British TV dramas Menu or hearing a waiter say tonight's special is poached salmon.
That's where Bernie Drill can help.
In just three months, you'll see your enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders.
Go from this to this.
That's just enough excitement could get you out of bed on Election Day.
Burning drill voter enhancement medication from the makers of Buddha jails.


Feel The Bern With Bernadryl - CONAN on TBS

95 分類 收藏
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