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Hi, I'm Adam Hills.
Join me.
Along with Alex Brooker, Josh Widdicombe and Johnny Vegas.
It was a bit of twenties into some camping way back.
E way showing that dog's something.
Make sure you made eye contact way down the back, but still, I want you to fuck in the O full fucking up.
Won't send one.
Cover number.
E used to piss in the booth.
Attendant was James Bond in?
It was outside.
Work out the door without giving them.
You're telling him the answer.
Straight way.
It's nice to be with you.
I'm Adam Hills.
May, along with Alex Brooker.
Josh, I'm sorry.
You know, I really don't know nothing.
Oh, shit.
I expect you to smell of piss, Mr Booth.
Why am I crying in the pros?
So a block catch a cap and put his Penis in his mouth.
He should have lost his fucking rob license.
I should have at least brought a strongly worded letter.
Uh, yeah, balls deep.
He was in fishing, like, look shocked.
Johnny, you go a definite three bank.
If apostrophes have allowed to mend upon, the mall's gonna go for what you committing to all right.
Imagine a leopard for a different version of a leopard.
And it's a shepherd.
Jauss, which is like a horse game.
Got peaches?
You got pajamas?
Yeah, so?
So you got a seven letter word.
What's technically counts as a job.
You're gonna get me.
Oh, Susie is PJ's in the victory.
Well, PJs are in, but they're sort of abbreviation.
Normally on normal countdown, I probably say no, but it's a three.
And you know, you know what?
You are arguing over whether you're gonna barely dress himself like I offer any threat.
That's not going is a seven.
I just want that.
Clear it up.
Coming in.
We're gonna be okay.
Come on.
Way John is wicked.
Will Give me three.
You got running.
Actually, I think I've got five by Boston.
Might have a 10.
I know that sounds unlikely.
My five letter is japes, and I've also got P j O, which is an abbreviation for pejorative.
You gonna let that got you?
That bullshit goes, I would have let it get this.
A 10 letter word.
We can only go to nine.
I'm afraid so.
Clothing for Children so they don't get cold.
You're calling it bullshit froth Counsel to tell your kids off applauds at night because it could be misconstrued as a seven letter word.
Last year, one of your tweets went viral was all right because of how much weight you lost.
Oh, yeah, But I was I was thinking about with the No, I've lost blows away.
Oh, she Yeah, I did it.
I did get proper thing.
Is that was that rule?
No, no, I did.
I got right down to it.
If that was a full length picture, I still carry this.
Bad boy, is that you tried one.
We've used to what?
I swear.
That is a picture of you you normally on in life who couldn't say shit up.
What you D'oh!
Think things would like it if you slammed it down?
You, Me, You!
Everybody is one way that way as our remaining insulin floods through us.
Plain common sense insists we ascend Dubai's biggest tourist attraction, the birds Khalifa, holder of eight of Dubai's 149 World records.
They're composers to be congratulated on what to vertigo.
Sufferers wouldn't want to stand upon the world's highest observation deck.
But something is telling me that.
Crystal, we're just gonna talk me through that.
I'm wearing glasses for No, don't.
Please, please.
I think I think ladies there this so you can have a council.
No, you know what?
Picking it.
I can't really wait for me.
I am a testicle.
Any sexual, no body language.
There's no telling me that.
That was a good thing.
Let me get you some stats here.
John Heights, Residential apartments.
Most holes in any building in the world.
Tallest freestanding structure in the world.
Well, record for vertical concrete pumping.
That's a great one that sits so five meters world's second hi swimming pool.
That must sting.
That's gotta hurt on my favorite, the world's highest toilet, which I plan on using.
Yeah, I don't really need to be that way.
There's a good way to go.
Well, we like to Yeah.
Oh, just clean someone.
Just It's so high.
I've gone out the other side of my words ago.
How can you miss a catchable this?
Because it's so high, it's become silly.
That's why I'm gonna take you out, Johnny.
Just let go of the world's highest toilet separately.
Okay, Johnny, do you think anyone ever judges you by your accent?
Yeah, course he does.
Not your accent, Johnny.
I know that I'm just one me action, because there certainly is the certain variables that I miss out on this whole words you miss, like starting Jimmy when I run over your legs.
Johnny, what's the thing?
The proudest I really want to know.
Yeah, one time I told her build, it's a phone call for the quarter.
One time you build a came around with a call and I just opened the door in the early stages of pissing myself on the way I didn't even discuss it with him.
Came the way it's gonna be about my just walk off in the early stages of pissing funniest froth.
I you know, I'm I have a good quarter and I wouldn't mind business myself.
No squeezing my Penis and run, Theo.
Look, it's not a party without some shambolic games being played in saying is Johnny's got the shambolic bit covered.
Let's add a game into the mix on years, eh?
Johnny is going to try to represent new stories of the year by drawing them.
And our guests have to identify the stories in what we're calling the Vegas Games.
All right, so here's what's gonna happen to go.
I'm gonna hand you a card with various news stories on it.
We've got two teams.
We've got Josh's team.
We've got Alex a team I got.
Here's your 1st 1 Can you draw that?
Oh, can I yelled out, Drawing Johnny, I want to ask you, I don't do ceramics.
I couldn't do this on a potter's wheel.
Um, I was watching the kangaroo.
Was he paying us kangaroo pacing?
What's he playing?
Wings, That's all.
Paragraph is really a baby boom soccer ball hockey.
I mean, you're getting closer.
You're getting close up.
We can get a hockey ball.
Oh, my God.
Okay, man, you know when you said you enter Also, Bold is playing a certain gave Craig Kangaroo Cricket.
The Australian cricket Tape?
Yes, yes, darling cricket theme plane.
But for future reference, starting with an animal day isn't involved in the story.
But remember, dinner drawer, swivel, Run the manimal playing with yourself?
No, it was a time playing with its bold give you that one.
Take that one Adam Devon is on us.
David needs a place.
It's that's why doesn't work.
Devon is on a red Heaven isn't on it.
That's why it's remarkable that what's worth doing song about it.
You might as well say, struck here on Earth.
Any talent, e Are you pulling apart a joke from 45 minutes ago, right?
There's something bugging me about in here.
Kicking things also happened.
Good luck with this one, genius.
Oh, God.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm gonna drop in on myself.
So what?
I'm drawing here real sweet.
Is it Danny?
Don't getting married.
It is Donald Trump.
That's not the news story that Donald Trump meeting someone.
The Australian cricket team, not Kim Jong Un Vladimir Putin.
It is a kim.
And it was well done.
So that means Josh, Same way answered tonight.
Just under and carry on drawing if you want.
Yeah, Go on.
Just vanished from my life.
Earlier in the show, we answered the challenge from my job.
Theo, Alex.
Johnny, Can you?
You've got sketch pads in front of you.
You're gonna be doing some life drawing your picture.
Some song.
I did sort of have a profile because I was on the side.
It was going to that I was expecting better even to you.
Well, did he have pleasant shoes off?
See, Jim?
You're an artist, Sarah, Can we take a look at yours?
Can doing this?
Afghan replicated the cotton balls with these noise and his mouth.
Well, Theo, you know what the interesting thing about that is?
If I only had to pick him out of a lineup, I would be able to identify.
Captured his essence.
Yeah, I could see his essence showing.
Could we take a look at yours?
I ran out of paper for the head.
You hold again.
Kind of looks like your head.
Johnny, can we take a look at yours?
I tried to draw quite sympathetic because lots of life models of model for me in the past.
Lots of carcasses of followed book.
John Wayne agreed.
Five points.
Go to the best picture.
I think Johnny Vegas everyone, bro Vegas is a sick man.
You're sick Month.
I love you.
I love you.
Whenever I turned up in the world is going to be trouble.
He walks in the dark ***!
Oh, Johnny, you're such a such a consummate professional.
Hey, so what's the maddest thing you've ever done on the show?
I've heard that his room is that you shoot it on the show.
You pretended to be a dog.
I didn't shit on a show.
A ship!
Isha, stand up tall Ida Critic, Turn up!
Andi were front and we've been talking for months.
I said, Oh, have you come to review the show anyway?
Well, not really.
It won't.
So I after in a way.
So you're not coming over here right now?
No, I do pet shows.
So I convinced a woman to about around my neck and want me around like a dog like cuffed Haman Center.
Now the show was going on.
Then what are?
We could be in trouble now and all I did that's that squeezed out that much.
I'm the old sister was second around back Bixel Culture becoming open till that point he for you released the fudge Tal you're assuring me an amazing amount of respect is like having a crazy What?
I was waiting for you to give me the onslaught.
I look up and I think you're sick from PG Tips to all the fucked up crazy stuff.
I've done other things.
I'm not making this injury on PG tips on booth lessons.
You can hear that monkey right down a company white boss.
So what?
I feel a monkey playing on the truth.
I've got 15 of them boxed up on I've told me so sandboxes on that day when the Boss it's my cell number.
A small man who couldn't stop laughing the shortest that no trip to D buys complete without heading to the desert.
So we're doing exactly what he said, heading 45 minutes out of town in search of sandy action.
You wouldn't know there is just a child of a journal in junk is longer cheques normal physical exertion, you know, putting your foot down.
Tourists who love water, scarce topography, converted camels ski across the dunes or fly over them in a balloon.
It's a this point that the laughing man's chuckles start tohave a hollow ring.
All right, guys, you ready for the baggies?
No less.
Have you done anything to those dunes to make them roadworthy?
Nothing at all.
People have said there are some places that they cannot drive.
It's months overwhelming.
Need to call elements.
Well, stuff stuck.
Do guided wows around the dunes Costs £125 for a couple of hours of sandy grit.
Lis Hell, no confidence about this.
I'm not confident.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
The only thing I have in common for Jeremy Clarkson with actually races this'll entire sequence will be handled by my stunt double.
No, no.
Uh huh.
Oh, I feel trust slipping.
Come on.
That was a rush.
That was the same kind of Russia's being abducted.
That was Brooke.
Come on, look at the sound.
Look, I go through life just limping with gout.
Although I found like it's under ballerina I was focusing away in terror.
But I'm pleased that you managed to let go.
He said, Next TV, it's me.
Lifetime people, I think I'm really I can't bear on it now.
Is that deck because they're like it's gone.
Now they just laugh like a daffy son's t they Ah, they're more taut.
So there's a woman in a coffin of insects crawling over a face that is going You can't tire of watching people.
Good thing just doesn't get bored.
Yeah, but it's all stuff in between people.
Well, makes me family.
I don't throw things, Theo.
I mean, you would be incredible on the show if you didn't offer it to you every year.
And every year I happen to be in the supermarket.
I can buy stuff on a dog enough to beg for the You're doing your shopping to go.
Would you mind todo estaba to get me out of here or any of them any good?
Yeah, but you see me and I've got nine.
Twix is drawn up to do a task used to work as a door to door salesman Johnny.
Yeah, I did.
Obey Did three nights, Three nights?
What did you sell?
When lots of people bought the council offices, I went door to door and often to service the older gas so we would come in and put on the £25 would service every device.
And that would cover you for the year.
So your initial call out charge would be covered under that 25.
I didn't know what you were gonna ask me about.
That inferno wearing this ridiculous back in.
Naked women on it.
I'm not like a flying helicoptered in Bob.
Wears a woman by the bottle with the legs of Kimber.
That's what I thought would be just going door to door.
Let's move on.
That was a bit quiet.
I'll stand by my point.
Men do it.
They're in denial.
They grow the wardrobes and just put a T shirt on the way.
Women alone today.
I never felt embarrassed by what was wearing by Johnny.
Well, she she playing with wants to think about Luke's mom.
Yeah, sure.
This distracting time changed Booth.
Okay, sure I have.
You just switched him off.
Said a word.
I got you a diffuser.
Say even that further, another step away from blow dry at the fuse on.
Yeah, you know, the little spikes and that you just run it through.
It just it breaks it up.
You'll get nostril ends, you know, with real Johnny.
Hey, Sunshine minutes.
I usedto lacquer.
I used your moose.
I used a diffuser, Didn't tell dry created heat and friction.
No, I'm not giving 20 good minutes after he didn't respect.
I want that shit folds up.
We were in quite a similar outfits.
Weathers, because it's winter out there, so I thought I'd wear a summer shirt.
Oh, because you're onedio for trouble.
Allowing the viewers to do is travel through his life.
You've gone for this?
A similar sort of.
Yeah, I've done it because once I get turned up with a branded T shirt that your producers wouldn't let me work.
Option was nine years old.
Show me just to upset like Lydia Jax, he said, Just try.
I don't see how you feel.
I got crying because my life hasn't quite gone.
Toe fell into this in a bad way years ago on a room called Beauty's Castle, my user name was unabashed.
Everyone talks in kind of ye olde English.
How was the Doudou?
Is this evening on the back?
Many Americans, and then I got in a lot of trouble first suggested that there shouldn't be a hot tub in a castle and they all told me to get out.
That was a nice girl.
No, I'll see you up in the turret, poop in there, and I were in and announce myself as the new download I did not pull some guest nails it No, really going and go on the bus was asking after you, I'm still scarred for me.
I didn't even think, like maybe if if you met someone that you thought was sexy online that they could just be this weird old man.
I went so far as to go to America to me.
One in Beauty's castle.
How did that go?
She was all right.
But a friend and I swear to God, I've never on being a, you know, brought on shape myself.
I feel able to say this you, don't you You do the thing in your door on your hotel.
Distort someone body shape so we can fill the glass.
I opened the door and she was the same way.
Jesus wonders for herself a state.
What you don't want to do.
You got to yours.
No, I don't do it.
I tried a bit drab.
You're among friends, Johnny.
Come on to us.
Your home.
Don't be shocked or no, it's gonna be that embarrassing.
Come on.
Really long, man.
Page probably.
Everyone in advance.
Don't apologize.
All right.
All right.
Spot last orders.
That's not for whom That bell Dr Cole is worthy barmaids.
Eyes do Roll Lord, with an earnest shell, calls time on drinks and washes out the dutiful sup open leave.
But he's our last card apiece.
Leave with feet like landlocked Dixie diver shuffles by Woods with a fiver, it begs that lasts for just one more on one yourself.
Just make it right.
It promises to drink it quick.
Yet deep down North, he's feeling sick, not from startled bags of scratchings.
More from questions, Booze keeps asking.
What happened to the happy?
May I think no.
One God need to pay in the bombed?
The poets waste poised to ponder fonder days before the time of cheap, warm cider, Eyes of wonder or opening wider.
Now they narrow tired of fun as far turns wet and burns the boom.
Yet Mervis smile pops in his head till you run runs down inside leg on Gus, the landlord shows him out.
The child inside is crying out.
I was not meant for such sweet sorrow, but ops instead for see you tomorrow.
Now stout soaked, cig stained, feckless soul is what for?
Know whom that bell did toe this whole break?


30 Minutes of Johnny Vegas Being Chaotic AND Extremely Loveable.

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