B1 中級 21 分類 收藏
these many, many jacks up the guy.
And welcome back to subdue our Stam kid on my base.
Well, you guys can come in if you're gonna pay rent.
Otherwise, stay out.
This place is so fucking Baron.
I need to add some more stuff than this later on.
But right now, my materials that my resource is air going into something that's far more prevalent.
Plus, I have a fish problem.
I'm judging of my power cells.
I managed to get all the way back, and my C truck was at 1% power by the time I got back.
But sadly, I missed some dialogue that Allen and Robin were talking about.
They were chatting to each other about a storage medium, and she was like, Why don't we just put you in a fish then?
And he said that his capacity would not be good and blah, blah, blah, blah.
Either way, they talked about building towards the architect, so he gave me this.
I haven't read it yet.
It says architect storage media.
While we have evolved beyond physical attachment, it is traditional to navigate space time in conjunction with mobile bio mechanical storage, media altered and evolved over time to serve the inhabitants needs.
While it is possible to transfer between media at will, there is some comfort and prestige and improving a body.
Over time, we have settled on a popular format for these media.
Though there are exceptions, it is heavily modified versions of our pre civilized bodies.
It provides good mobility.
Easy adaptation on is easy to fix in case of disaster.
We can back up our data patterns to a sanctuary site for later retrieval.
Storage in this fashion is safe provided consistent power supply.
However, unique perspectives and traits which arose from the interplay with the original medium are lost.
It is like a factory recent, so that's what happened, Thio Allen said.
He was put in the storage in the sanctuary is recommended.
Individuals be restored to a compatible medium as soon as possible.
Such hollow vessels may be fast grown from seed using specialized blueprints of materials, but it is technically possible for an individual to copy their data in order to duplicate themselves at infinitum.
Such behavior is considered beyond rude and any self respecting architect resolve such a circumstance by immediately deleting themselves so they can just keep putting themselves.
So the architect is a body that we're trying to put him into some sort of mechanical body that could be upgraded, modulated and changed round.
But he can technically do it for infinity times just constantly back himself up.
What did he say here in case of disaster, we can back up our data patterns to a sanctuary.
So he backed up his data to a sanctuary, but it erased all of his like idiosyncrasies and traits.
So now he's just a factory reset version.
So maybe when we build an architect, he'll get all his traits back.
Who knows?
But everything very, very, very interesting.
Yes, quite.
My base is gonna run out of power tryto power.
You guys back up.
But our next mission is Thio.
People were talking about a mining site at the Rocket Island.
So that lady who jumped down with the prawn suit, it was like a why.
What do you do?
You get off my property and I was like, I don't even know who you are.
She apparently is down in the active mining site or there's some stuff going on there in the active mining site um, so I need to go there, which is on the west side of the island.
I don't know.
I'm waiting for these to Philip.
Come on, Philip.
You're better than this.
All right?
I'm sick away.
No pain.
I want to explore.
Wait, I'm not even taking you over there.
Actually, I probably should.
Actually, one of these contain here.
I was gonna say I'm not gonna take you cause I'm faster getting over the island, Ratchet.
But I don't know where I'm actually gonna be going.
I'll take this just in case I need it.
I'll get rid of these, and I have cured food.
I cured my food last time because I kept running into stuff being shitty, you know?
Don't you hate it when that happens?
Oh, also, my Snow Fox needs to go away.
Um, let me wait.
Let me see, And I put all you back in there, okay?
We'll just build a new one day in, shall we?
I don't know.
How far did you to her?
Far Deep down.
Deep down, this is, um they did give me a data chip for Ah, a new depth module.
I say it like that because I got nothing out of it.
So maybe I'm supposed to get more of that.
I need to get my scanner thing out and see if there's any Rubies and what else that I need for the depth module upgrades.
Uh, very Rubies.
Plus dealing gets very easy.
And enamel glass is easy.
I could do those already.
I should.
Actually, America does so I could get the items in a plastic lingered on.
All right, I'm going on an adventure.
I'm heading through with deep ocean.
Yeah, it's quiet.
It is quite dark down here.
That's why I call it the Deep Down Dark deep down it.
And it turned out it was a joke born for my inability to speak most my fucking jokes.
What's that?
Is that a crypto?
So CASS Music's fucking intends over here.
Feels like Batman's gonna come and kill me.
And NASCAR's parents are okay.
Not anymore with sound track has shifted quite a bit.
Yes, quite the way I like doing my voice so much.
Lady Lydia, I'm gonna need Yeah, I'm a need that for the plastic in ggot scan you anyway for a little bit of titanium.
Why not?
I also need one of those outcrops for the ad.
God, you're so loud and annoying this white mom, listen, Fucking love you so fucking good.
Also, keep your peepers, people, people for poopers and peepers.
And I need Ruby.
All right, let's let's test our limits.
Oh, that music is scary.
It's like an angelic siren calling me to the deep down Dark deep down.
But silence wench shall not fall for your trickery in your douche bag, Ary.
I am a scientist and I'm an animal killer.
So many fish.
I don't see any cave entrance out here.
I don't even ever want to know what I want to do.
Also don't see Wait, let's get out.
Scan for Rubies.
I need this boy even on my thing Who processed fragments even pointed out as well that I can't say Hey, Refis Every time in this game inside I miss my refis Big, deep, gurgling rumbles of their big daddy Sacks I miss It was cute.
It's fun.
All right, let's just search around.
I did say I was gonna do that.
Anyway, there's some weird formations over this site.
This Oh, Do you feel that That's your asshole Clenching?
The mind short.
Just did my toes curl up When I get the willies?
Don't be fooled.
It's called the willies.
But anyone without a will, he can get them a CZ.
Well, that feeling down in your in your regions that just feels like, Oh, when you get into sorry when you get to, uh ah, height that you're very uncomfortable with it just makes you feel like your ass is going to come out.
This is a joint jellyfish.
Jeepers, Creeper papers was a fishing you.
That's so awesome.
Jesus, that's massive.
I already knew about you guys, but there's a big one.
You guys are puny.
You guys need to grow up to go to college, do something with yourselves.
This guy's a fucking Alfa cha jellyfish.
He's much bigger than you Are you gonna kick your ass and pull your underwear over your head?
Have you seen any Rubies, though?
Who sounds The sounds of the ocean can go fuck themselves.
Just the sounds of the ocean itself.
The oceans are doing anything to anybody.
In fact, having a giant oceans around is reasonably of life's.
But everything in the ocean can go fuck itself.
Like mega focused.
There's nothing around here.
There's no items.
Oh, highly uncomfortable situation that I'm in.
Fucking hated to have any water.
No, I don't.
Why would I prepared for anything in life?
That's what smart people do.
Um, I s smart.
People know I'm a dumb people.
Oh, you're cool.
I haven't seen you before.
Let's go Search who?
There's fragments of something.
Wait, Are you like the Kellys or the Hey, how's it?
Jonesy's a lily pad.
No, no, no, no.
Bye bye.
I feel Losey here.
You a fucking suck.
Just get me LSD.
What's up?
I'm a little patter.
I love to go to Raines and give LSD.
Dealer lets players douche nozzle.
I don't want to do about them because I need those fragments Fragments right there.
Wait, hold up.
The finger's going to show up right there.
Point, point point.
I need to get those doing it already doing that.
Who gave you permission?
Um, don't start it.
I hate it.
I don't want any of it.
Hugs, not drugs.
I'm going to stay pure forever.
You know what?
Just fucking scant thermal plant fragment.
Don't mind if I yes, ums, it's one of two.
This is two of two.
That's quick math.
My brain can math harder than anybody's Robbie's.
Oh, it's all coming up, Jack.
All of you making fun of me all along.
Well, we'll see who what for?
You guys really haven't been making fun of me.
You guys are very nice.
Except those people were like Jack.
Hey, you missed this thing.
You guys are me.
Yes, I miss a lot of things.
I have a d d or a d h d.
Wherever the fuck you want to say.
Because my break, even as I'm reading things in the game I'm reading like all this cool information about new stuff My brain is like, What should I do later?
What's that for?
I'm not even joking.
Doesn't even mean sometimes I hate my brain.
I have to like I don't have to, but I like I like meditating every now and then before, especially before recordings or after recordings or something, because it just settles my brain again.
My brain is just firing in so many different directions and a lot of it is just pointless.
It's not like I'm thinking about a lot of great things.
My brain just all over the place.
A lot of times I'm like, No, it's stop.
We need to focus.
I need to get this shit done.
Um, okay.
So how many Rubies that I need for that, too?
Okay, we're good.
Um, So all I need now is more lithium diamond.
I think I might have diamond back at the base glass.
That's just quartz.
And some titanium We should be able to build us.
So whenever I do missed off, yeah, even I get mad at myself.
But then I see a 1,000,000 people commented at the same time and get all defensive about it, and I shouldn't, because you're right.
And it is frustrating to watch, but I get also very frustrated at myself.
I'm big dog.
Are you gonna do?
Some people are just big.
Don't you know what?
Fuck this.
I'm out.
Fuck it.
Paid it stop anyway.
Where were we?
I felt like Shakira during the Super Bowl.
Voices not warmed up yet.
It is the first recording off the day.
Can we get a like on this video for first recording of the day?
Hell, yeah.
I'm in a good mood today.
A very good mood, despite these fuckers Tried to kill me all the time.
I can't bring my mood down.
Suck ass.
I'm in a good head space.
I'm 30 now.
It's all clear in front of me.
You don't even know big plans acting like a fucking mad scientists.
I mean, technically, it's kind of what I am in this game.
I'm off out in the ocean alone, avoiding monsters, trying not to die and building a bunch of shit that I don't know what it's actually going to my scientist.
Awesome killing farm or fish than any other creature in this ocean.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, God.
Don't text and drive bad.
What's your favorite thing about some Nautica?
Because it's it's one of the bigger things on the channel.
And I mean, I absolutely love it.
I think it's amazing.
Um, but it's not about me.
It's about you right now, because people on this channel really love watching some Nautica.
And I'm just curious what it is about it.
Like if you could pinpoint down one reason why you like some Nauticus.
So much trouble to be Who's your Who do you think is cute in class?
Oh, I've got to get lithium.
That's all the way over here and everything.
And I've got to get well, this manner, the super man's head note again.
It was just a p t A data right there.
I wouldn't follow me to the shallows.
I thought even if it did, I could abandon the truck with the treasures I had.
As it was, I was looking to escape with my life.
But somewhere down there in the deep, twisty bridges are the cargo modules I left behind.
Somewhere there, there are the treasure I will come back for I am through.
That's deep.
And I'm not even 14.
Uh, lithium.
That sounded like the fucking vent hole was mad at me.
Okay, Okay, buddy, look at the misty mountains.
That's cool.
I love this game.
I love you said Nautica.
You're so cool.
I got my Lizzie, um, could make class dealing.
Ggot, I just need to find some quartz, which should be fairly damn easy to find seat courses everywhere in this game is Oz own anymore.
I don't know I could make the plaice deal and get a new and free of my inventory.
Okay, I need one more quartz for the glass, and then we should be done.
Corsi courts words.
There are your beautiful baby.
Uh, let's just get some more rope.
Because why not?
It's like when you go into the grocery store and you're like, Well, I could get, like, one piece of chicken for tonight's dinner.
Or I could get several pieces chicken for every night, you know?
Or even if you don't eat chicken, you're gonna play to anything.
You know, that's life.
That's crazy.
Life is a weird big ball of mystery.
We're all just here in this big giant floating ball hoping that we don't die.
All right, let's build a module upgrade.
Shall we?
Mark three.
I need nickel.
Or for that I have.
I don't even know where that is.
I have never even seen that he's from the ruby, though.
All right?
I didn't even see how far this let you go.
500 meters.
Hell, yes.
We're gonna have to prepare a little bit.
I have to get some food and stuff.
You got that, but then die through.
This goes deep way.
Found it.
This must be the mining site then.
Oh, awesome.
Does this have any stuff here?
So I didn't even need the 500 depth.
Think waken this fit in?
No, I don't know about going there my own, though, without Okay, Okay, We're doing it.
We're doing it.
Fuck it.
Whoa, This is massive.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.
Okay, that goes really deep.
I'm scared of that.
Does just like these rails going in and out.
Make sure I'm checking this whole area first because I kind of want to bump up my oxygen before a ruby Who knew area.
I love it.
Um, I really wish you could close off this area.
Like fill it with air.
All right, let's get our oxygen back full.
I can't really not go in here with this.
Just trying a couple dozen more times.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, let's Let's just Let's just do this because I am afraid that I'm gonna get stuck there, and then I'm gonna be really mad at myself.
Try Ops.
Three little labels.
Okay, down we go.
Jesus, this is scary.
Oh, I like it.
God, it goes even fucking further.
There's a lot of or all we have oxygen areas, little or deposits around here.
So I'm assuming we get the rest of the prawn suit fragments down here.
What is this?
Thermal plant fragment again.
Okay, Thio, this is cool.
Broad dudes.
How many that I need?
Four fragments.
A lot to go.
Gold deposits, titanium deposits.
There's a ruby deposit there.
This place is huge.
You ege anymore.
Oxygen Soon, though.
Hey, there's two copper wire.
We're just hanging about stone.
Even give a care.
Last one.
Fuck yet I wonder what my prawn suit actually fit in here if I build one a quad.
All right.
I'm going back to get oxygen from this plant, and then we will Delve fills the air hoping that there's more of those.
Otherwise, I'm going to do a heck and die down here.
I got I got that.
That's awesome.
My oxygen's are fast.
What is this?
What are this?
Vehicle upgrade.
Thank you.
Is this where I die?
Um, I die down here.
Um, I do a die I'm gonna go so deep headlamp Quiet.
Okay, Okay, We're dead.
We're so dead.
Can I even make it back to that plant and then make it from the plant Thio where I was?
God, there's another area just too much my tiny brain.
I know.
Okay, well, we'll see what happens now.
I have to fucking eyeball this.
I died right there.
I just like clicking like mad to try and get it.
He died last belongings.
I think I scored to my C truck anyway, Right.
Damn, There's so much going on down there, though.
I need to be in there.
I need to be all up inside of it.
What do we need to build A promise you?
Because I want to do that then and just go down with that, uh, prom boy that I passed it already.
Wait, what do we need for the architect?
Yeah, bunch of shit that I can't make.
I have a computer shit back there on dhe three titanium.
So vehicle upgrade console is gonna be very handy.
Uh, for the prawn suit.
I don't need this anymore.
I'm not have been possible.
Parcel And I'm a glass lead onto plastic Lincolns.
Okay, I can get those that stuff that I can make things actually gonna leave the sea truck here.
Um, a sort of an indicator, because I could just get back to the surface like this and then go super fast back to my base.
It really does feel like flying.
It's flying underwater.
And you was glitch tw I knew it was glitch tw they kept telling me that there was lithium here.
And then if I actually stick my head inside the rock, I could see it inside this.
Oh, I suppose to get that.
See if I could see it again.
Where exactly was it?
Yeah, three.
If I get close enough to it can actually just grab it.
No, it won't let me.
I know I'm too busy looking at broken things.
All right.
Got all my parts.
So unease three titanium.
That's to make the upgrade console.
So how do I actually make that jury pieces?
Yes, but where can I put it?
Build in the moon pool to upgrade doc vehicles.
Listen, I was gonna ask is the last time you had to build it in the moon pool?
but I don't have a mobile upset.
Uh, but the battery in there, you know what?
Probably put all of these batteries should be able to at least make the prawn suit.
Assuming I make it here now, I was on the wrong side of it.
You know what?
Actually, let's bring you closer to the actual basis.
I think it's been drifting Tokyo drift.
All right, what can we build here, but, uh, prawn suit?
Don't mind if I do.
You know, the only problem with this is that I don't have any modifications for us.
I don't have a grapple arm to make it fast or anything like that.
It's gonna be so fucking slow.
Well, what's up, Pepper?
You go to 400 meters.
I need upgrades for this.
I don't even think that this is useful down there.
I didn't check how deep that cavern Waas.
Maybe it is.
Well, I guess all we could do is try.
Man, this takes me back.
Going around in my prawn suit has been so much time in this and regular sub Nautica because the lower, deeper areas I had to get around using just this.
Oh, my God, this is gonna be a pain in the ass together.
I don't even think this is actually gonna fit down there.
I have nothing to put the prawn suit in.
Like, uh oh.
Ah, Docking module.
Would that do it?
Docking module bay.
Something for other than docking.
Just rear only.
See truck docking module allows you to take your prawn suit along for the ride.
I need to get more stuff for that shit.
I need to bring the sea trip back.
I didn't realize that, uh, let's do that, then.
Because this is gonna be such a pain in my ass to bring all the way.
Okay, today havinga made plast ealing.
Ggot made ducky module soon to be made, uh, in there on this bad boy.
Nasty weather or having buys.
Looks cool, though.
Uh, docking module.
Hill is my promise.
You're gonna fit in that.
Oh, that's what it's got Little arms on it.
How does that grab the prawn suit?
Does it grab it from the weird?
Does that have to be in the back then?
I wonder.
This is a curious little one.
Um, hold on expert driver coming in.
There we go.
Way our attache.
Okay, it's sideways.
Thank you.
I have no idea how it works.
Oh, it's so cute.
It is.
That's what The bag against a little, right?
Because a little piggy bag that's fucking adorable.
Yes, I love that.
That's so cute.
Okay, well, I'm gonna take my little boys in the adventure that reading back to that cave back to the mining area.
I honestly don't think that this is going to fit in it either, or should only have 21 power.
Wait, hold on.
I think I can actually get power cell by here.
Uh, let's which way?
I only have one power selling toy.
Hold on, Bynes.
A bit of a bit of a delay.
I didn't realize that you were hungry.
Good feed invites.
How much?
We have 60 wine.
That's what you love to see.
Is this the whole?
I don't know.
Yeah, Cool.
All right, hold on.
All right.
Back at the entrance.
Can I get into my prawn suit from here?
But I'll be kind of cool.
It makes sense that you can't though, because it's awkward positioning.
Please tell me.
You fit?
All right.
Oh, that's why there's a little platforms in here.
So you can I jump up to the east to get your prawn suit?
All right?
That makes a lot of sense.
I'm probably gonna get stranded down here.
Yeah, baby, we're back.
Me and pepper back in action.
So goal, let's read it in our was unexplained ion signature linked to the auroras disappearance.
And the Aurora was the ship from the 1st 1 Unusual ion signature on the edge of all terror space has scientists baffled and some have drawn a connection with a similar echo detected around the time of the auroras reported crash landing.
How the two might be connected is an open question on money in the scientific community.
Maintained they are unrelated on unexplained by natural phenomenon or even all terrorist secretly testing new technologies.
Fuel has been added to the fire by Altera's refusal to release its full data on the Aurora accident on recent indications from sources that they will be revising up their list of unexpected casualties without revealing where this information is coming from.
It has now been months since the Sunbeam went quiet.
With no new information, the salvage teams continue their long journey to 45.
46 B.
That's kind of cool.
A rock puncher.
You wonder Punch.
You want to go?
Okay, I'm very sorry.
Interesting that they people back on Earth don't know what happened to the Aurora.
Still Esh there's a pathway back there that I didn't take be so annoying if they're actually if this is actually the bottom of it, this is actually the bottom of it, isn't it?
I wish all this stuff still worked.
That would be awesome.
People are down here in the prawn suits, just kicking it.
So many resources down here, though.
Whenever I get the arm fragments.
I saw an arm fragment over here tonight.
Yeah, drill arm fragment.
That's what we need.
Any two scandal anymore.
All right, Good start.
Feels good to be exploring again.
Deep down.
Well, not really.
Deep down, I mean, compared to some Nautica one, this is baby depth.
I think that my own there is to be here.
All this effort to go build the prawn suit just so I could come all the way back in I mean, we're still worth it.
It just felt like that was gonna beam.
Or that it was going to keep going deeper.
Only let's try out the path back here to the right on the way back out.
Maybe that has something.
So the prawn suits would come up and put their lords in this, and then it would carry it all the way back.
That's cool.
People really like active on this planet.
Yeah, there's the next one.
Where does this go?
Who does this go?
I just want to get the when I put the arm on it, I can come back here then and really serve.
What the fuck?
It's an alien.
It's a statue.
I mean, but does that mean it's kind of made in their likeness?
That's awesome.
The really creepy, but also very cool.
I think that's all that was in here of the drill suit, Arm fragment.
Fuck, Yeah.
Definitely worth it to come down here.
Does that mean that prawn suit lady was not down here?
I thought since you needed like, a prawn suit to get down further, she was gonna have a secret base somewhere.
Here, get all these Rubies Now I know it's here.
I could just come back whenever.
Thank you.
I was gone for two seconds, but it's it's nice to be appreciated.
The other PDS and stuff they missed.
Also, there was another plant for oxygen down there.
They completely missed Aurora wreckage located.
Survivors confirmed Altera has released voice recordings which confirmed survivors of the Aurora crash.
The transmission came from the trade ships Sunbeam, which is passing nearby.
When the detective there s o s.
Hey, all terror, We've got one of your birds in the soup over here.
Looks like they took static survivors.
We're moving in for a closer look.
Well, the number of survivors is not yet known, nor the true state of the ship.
It is now known that she has landed with their whole largely intact on find 45.
46 be smaller than Earth and larger, largely water bound.
It is thought that planet will has a breathable atmosphere and hopes have been raised all around.
Some beam is registered as a five cedar cargo vessel insufficient to evacuate the character, the crew or cargo of the Aurora.
But perhaps enough to assess the situation on reassure shareholders at home that their investment is secure.
There is at least a one month delay on transmissions from that region of space.
In the meantime, all Terra is working on every possible solution, including an innovative idea to transmit the blueprints for a purpose built rocket which could be constructed using materials salvaged from the Aurora on the planet itself.
If the crew could begin their long journey home now, the rescue teams could meet them halfway shaving months off their return.
All terrorist share prices rose in the quarterly.
High in the news.
Damn, that's cool.
Ties into everything that we were doing on the planet.
I love that.
A little bit of extra story.
Um, is that all I could do that here for?
Seems to be 000 Oh, I learned on this.
Yeah, buddy, make sure I'm not missing it.
I mean, I'm gonna become a back here.
Maybe I should leave the prawn suit here as like an indicator for where it is.
Don't really need the province of friending else.
And it can only go to 400 meters by Citro cannot go deeper than it until I find a moon pool.
Yeah, it's kind of useless.
Home sweet home.
Back where I belong.
Okay, I'm gonna leave this episode here.
I don't really know where we're going next.
What's next on our areas?
We with racial basin there, I think.
Lily pads.
If there's something over there like in this region, I haven't taken my seat truck over there any deeper.
We saw, like, the big jellyfish and everything, but we couldn't even go that much further with the other Cedric upgrade.
So maybe what we need for the upgrade Mark three.
Ah, we see a mark three, um, nickel.
Or but other than that, I don't know what's next.
Can we build the architect yet in the game?
Because it feels like endgame that feels like rocket ship from the last one sort of stuff.
So maybe it's not in the game yet, but that would be our next goal.
It's the Sylar, Like our continuous goal right now is to get to that.
Um, the stuff I did now got me the prawn suit.
But that didn't really progress any of my missions, so to speak.
So we're gonna have to figure out what we do next after that, but I read up a little without trying to spoil too much, because I need some sort of like, right now there's not enough in the game to let you get there organically because there's no story stuff.
No one's telling me where to go.
There's no P d a datas and stuff like that.
Tell me what's going on?
So I need to figure that out, uh, some other way.
So I'll try and figure that out for next time.
But until then, I will see you all on bid you farewell.


Is THIS What The Aliens Looked Like? | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 14

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