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Oh, my God.
Pity pies.
Quitting YouTube.
Have you heard about it from news media News?
Good evening.
I'm Poppy's Moria Beauty pie has quit YouTube.
The story is everywhere.
YouTube mega star Pretty pike waits.
Peter Pie reveals Rhea race and he has quit to YouTube.
Yes, quite everyone did.
You know, you know, pretty pious, quaint breaking peut pie equates you too.
If this is so sad, no more p deep.
I guess it's just gonna be me now.
Poppies, Moria, If you die by world's biggest YouTube star, Peter Pyke waits saying he's feeling very tired.
Boo hoo hoo!
I especially like this CNN one because it's basically pity Pie, who became one of YouTube's biggest stars before seeing his career dogged by allegations of racism and anti Semitism, will be away for a little while.
Pity pies.
Taking a break because the races him.
Uh, man, I can't believe this got blown up.
I am blown away that it got blown up.
You know, this is posted.
Not just, you know, if you're from, uh, I don't know anywhere in Europe or whatever this is your local news might have reported on this as well because It's just one of those stories.
Thanks caught fire for whatever reason.
I think first of all, we should look at what I said because I think the contrast is so funny.
It was at the end of my life.
Punitive poppies, Moria.
I reported on it taking break from YouTube next year.
I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm feeling very tired.
I don't know if you can tell.
Just so you know, early next year, I'll be away for a little while.
I'll explain that later, but I wanted to give it.
That's it.
That's all I said early next year, I'll be away for a little while.
I never said I'm quitting.
I said I'm taking a break.
I find it so funny because the reason why I announced it at the end of a video and I hate the announcement of the announcement.
It's so annoying, right?
The reason why I did it because I didn't want to up play it.
I did just wanted it to be.
I didn't want to make a surprise for my audience is well and being like all right, come quick thing because that's what you to burst would do if they go on a break.
That would go like I'm quitting.
Petey Pie quits.
You know, it's done before I get it.
But I didn't want to do that.
I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.
And then out of all people, news media blows it up.
Why do I have more integrity than the news media?
This makes no sense.
This'd is all wrong.
This is sold backwards.
I think this is a common practice in media where well, one person got it wrong so we can old just get it wrong, right?
It's so dub.
Well, there's all these other new stories at reported the wrong news so we can old report I don't want to be all fake news, but it is fate that it is e I don't know what to tell you.
I don't understand why no one reads this stuff because it's so Oh, here we go.
Disney All n word price church a vey Oh, there we go.
We hit them all.
You just got to get them all out there.
In 20 years from now I quit YouTube.
And do you think people will pose, like, 20 years ago?
We remember he said the n word.
You guys remember that?
No, I will not give my Oh, my God, this is so obnoxious.
So many pop ups.
If I release his game for making Prue Thank you for posting That is taking a break from the platform that launched him.
There they changed it.
The blogger?
That's right.
I don't know why they referred to it as a log.
So it had this low quality version of this because they changed the title.
He doesn't want to think about blogging anymore.
When did I say that?
Hey, they put it in quotes, right?
What is that?
The years those apple strove to be like, Oh, no, it's not an actual quote.
It's just, uh we just make it look like it's a quote like, What is that?
Look, if you look closely, we're not actually quoting him.
Were just put in effort.
It's your stinky fold.
I'm not of lager.
I'm not even of Logar.
How do you get it so wrong to be afraid?
They did change it because I deactivated my Twitter so that now they can put quit straighter.
Because of this, I got a lot of boomers who don't know who I am, and they just read that I made 25 million on there like my job is so hard.
I don't make 25 million.
How dare he take our break?
How could he take a break?
My job harder and I make less money.
I feel like I have to explain why I'm taking a break now just because this is just gonna become weirder.
I'll wait.
There was another sentiment I read.
That was really funny.
Oh, here we go here broke the news to heartbroken fans in the latest pureness video.
No one on my fans were heartbroken.
They knew that I was going to take a break anyway.
And that's why I wanted to make clear that I'm I decided that I'm going to do it.
And the reason why no one of my father's heart broken is because they understand that is normal to just take a break.
I didn't see anyone say, Oh my God, it's just so sad.
They already knew about it.
It's like, Why are you making that up.
All right.
This is addressed to all the boomers.
I've been operated YouTube videos every single day for 10 years.
YouTube is the kind of job that isn't very stable.
They're always changing legislation and rules and policies and Baba Block.
And it's such a new thing that any day it could be over for anyone, and that has been the process for a lot of you two birds in the past.
So since I'm giving this opportunity to be a youtuber, I've decided I'm gonna make the most out of it, no matter what.
And I've done that.
And as I think, a lot of my success comes from the fact that I am so consistent with on this platform, I don't pre record videos because I think that loses his touch and a lot of things like that.
Goddamn, this sound so preachy.
It's the point is, I thought you two would be over by now for me.
I thought I would be last, like, two years or something like that.
But here I am.
I don't want to look at myself another 10 years in the future, and I've done the exact same thing as I've done now, even though I really enjoy and love what I do.
I don't want to look back on my life.
20 years later, we're like Oh, cool.
So I just did get some videos and I never, ever did anything else.
It just seems kind of sad to me.
Another reason.
I think it's important for anyone to take a break, no matter what job you have it.
I think that's important and that so much has happened.
There's here that I ask, has been building up and up and up and up and I never, never taken a break before.
I don't know what it feels like to not worry about uploading a video even when I am away on certain things.
I'm still uploading during that time, so I'm just still monitoring the video.
I'm still making sure everything is is good and micromanaging and I've never just had a full stop, so I just want to know what that feels like.
That's it.
I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but now I felt like I was forced to explain it.
Plus it will be so sometime early next year.
We even kept the honeymoon five days, like even things like that as a minute moment.
That's just kind of sad.
And I think it's gotten their point where, uh, okay, it's cool.
I love you, too.
But if I'm gonna keep it going, I kind of want to change a couple things and be able to not be so strict with it.
It's like if you're an entrepreneur, you put your heart and soul and you work your ass off to make this project work that you have right?
But then was you made it.
You kind of simmer down and you let it let out of the people taken control.
Or you might sell the company or whatever you do.
But for me, the project, that's myself.
I'm still I can't sell myself.
I can't let someone else step in.
So it's It's so I'm 100 solely dependable.
If how this channel is doing so it's hard to just slack off, you understand?
Does that make sense?
I don't I didn't make the whole thing, too.
The boo me Oh, it's so hard.
I want a break.
That's not it at all.
I just want to be clear all night.
I understand there's jobs that are way tougher than mine.
I'm very happy to be in the situation.
I'm not tryingto I don't want people sympathy.
I never asked for it.
Next news.
Another story that interested me was the fact that Tana Mongo, Yes.
YouTube streaming awards.
You don't put their actual logo on this.
Okay, here are the nominees for creator of the year.
Creator of the year.
Why does there overlay look like the streets?
Free podcasts?
Collins Key.
And what about that Lily Lily who left the platform she's nominated for creator of the year.
Now she doesn't leave platform for traditional media.
That's hilarious.
There's such a gap now own YouTube between creators and the ones that are so desperate to be validated by buying mainstream media.
Lauren Gray.
I don't even open that beast.
Bay Ninja Minjae.
Sofia Nygaard.
I don't know, Epic Kids channel Tenemos that I'm on.
Obviously, Mr B's gonna win it.
I mean, he had such an amazing impact this year.
His growth has been insane.
He's like the one channel that doesn't have any big controversy.
He's done good on this on the platform What he's done.
So many other YouTubers try and replicate.
It's obvious some of the other new animations did their good.
Okay, but it's all these.
Mr Beech is gonna win it.
Wait, Did you see the name of that?
Do you think it is?
It is not David Doe.
I'm sorry, David, but you've won like every award tonight.
It's only fair.
I went there really nice of tended to come out in her pajama just still made it to the show.
It's so crunched it.
Rick Fontana like, Yeah, she's insufferable.
I don't want to make a whole deal out of it.
And I stood right here a year ago and I literally held Shane Dawson's award.
And the first thing I said to all of you people was like, I will never be creator of the year.
Um oh, I'm so glad they film Gus Johnson's reaction.
Yeah, guys, when Donna said, I don't deserve this, we all felt feel like creator.
The She's so humble she doesn't feel like creator of the year.
She's so down to earth she's just like us.
No, you really don't deserve it.
That's why you feel like I'm not actually mad about this because everyone knows award shows are just fake anyway.
It's all politics.
It's all based on who is there.
They want to be show that they're giving away awards to people instead of just having people show up in videos or not accepting the ward at all.
So the people that playing to the whole award show thing are the people that get the award.
I've literally gotten award shows writing to me saying Hey, we want to give you this award But you have to come there to get it and it's like, No, I don't want it doesn't mean anything.
They don't even keep my awards that I have actually gone because I don't feel proud of him.
I think it doesn't mean anything, but I think the main reason that you know it's fine that it is that way.
But it is also kind of sad because I think it could be called to actually have it as a way to actually celebrate the people that did something amazing this year, just like everyone could be something like that, right, A celebration of what people accomplished or made a mark or made an impact.
I think that's what it that's literally it.
It doesn't have to be more than that.
Oh, yeah, and this was fine Voted as well.
So it's It's not about who made the most impact.
It's who can get the audience to vote the most amount of times, right?
Who can get their audience to give you this award, basically, And if that was genuine as well, like if no one if that if it was just a pole and no one's told anyone to go there specifically.
But if you tell your audience over and over to go and vote for you, then, yeah, doesn't that kind of feed the purpose?
I'm sure if Mr Beast campaigned to when he would win.
But what kind of reward is that to accept?
And it's so funny to me how he makes the whole thing like tha a Ziff.
The award was actually chosen to her.
I hate Tana mainly because she promotes drugs to her and 14 year old audience.
I don't know how well they are, but because we have legal there, Okay, I take out all the time.
You guys know that I'm so high right now, I'm not even on a roll.
That was so like I'll take 1/4 of a 20 milligram pill, like, five milligrams about the blood.
I wasn't gonna smoke weed today, and I should've hundreds house in my bag.
Everywhere I go, I always have a pill bottle filled with Adderall Days like this.
I really love my life.
No, not was driving.
I just thought as high as I possibly could.
But that's an awful lot Adderall.
And I see in there that you have a few other pills, and I was like, Yeah, those were paid bills.
A lot of you guys, for some reason, have been bringing me marijuana.
That's creator of the year.
I don't mean to bring up a bunch of old stuff I don't want to do.
The whole media mean, but I've generally haven't followed what she was doing.
And she had that MTV show.
They get canceled Jake Paul antennas and do the show was canceled after announcement three days ago.
All right, that's all the news for this Pew news.
Hope you guys enjoyed smash like subscribe on dhe.
Also, guys, I have an announcement next year I'm taking a break from Snapchat I know and my lengthen profile.
I'm thinking about taking a break from that as well.
Hopefully news to me There will not get the story right this time.
But I think I'm very tired and I think it's time for me to take a break.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
For too long you have been farting No, you're entering a new era where you shall craft hour of smells and poop Grades is coming Marzia, Edgar and Bucktown need you.
Oh, the dime or you will face But roller is all about when you are seated on the porcelain Throne 40 is the game to play.
I'm not supposed to have my opinion of attack, but that rises.


Breaking News: 'Pewdiepie Has QUIT YouTube' ?PEW NEWS ?

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