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operate are indicated.
A thunderstorm producing heavy rain across the ward area.
Flash flooding is expected to begin shortly.
We could protect your life.
The storm has arrived on the Browns mountain leaving the wolf pack their final minutes to make preparations.
My original lab back Brown town.
It was like a better word.
Sturdy, this one.
However, I hope it makes it.
It might just be a couple tents put together, but I've put so much time into the lab.
I don't want to have it just destroyed by nature.
I figure I'm gonna get us many things tucked up out of the way as possible, just in case I come back and it's even worse than it was before.
The weather here is absolutely crazy.
And if this storm is anything like the talking way could be in trouble.
This could be the storm of the century.
When you're on a boat and storms coming, you find a harbor, you find a bet, you find anything you can to be able to get out of the main storm and just buckle down the hatches and wait.
It's not much else you can do.
Just waited.
I would pray Well, it turns out of the storm.
It did some damage.
It must have blown some of my tarp straps loose.
But then it made the tarp sag.
The war collected and crushed some of my framing.
My lab is a mess.
Well, that was one of the main supports.
The damage that the lab is taking it really is a reminder of how bad it can get up here.
That's something I think we lose sight of.
And it really reminds me how strongly I need to build the add on for the mashed.
So I Yeah, I'm gonna do everything I can to reinforce it.
Yes, you do.
It's not really a choice of ours anymore.
It really isn't.
We expect a lot of ourselves.
We expect a lot out of each other.
You're gonna get wet and work through it or you're not anything done.
Let's get hooked up and pump this thing out.
There we go.
If there's a storm coming in, which there always is, you can't be like, okay, we'll just hunker down and call it a day.
You can't.
You have to work through the storm.
You have to push through or else.
We're not gonna get anything done.
I was taught never to give up.
If you give up, you lose.
And I don't like losing.
And I don't like give, you know forget.
Yeah, I think so.
To stop working to wait for storms.
It's, like, back where we come from If you wait for it to stop raining to work.
Well, you're never gonna get anything.
Thanks for helping.


Noah's Lab Is Damaged After A Massive Rainstorm Hits The Ranch | Alaskan Bush People

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 27 日
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