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ding ding ding tick tick Kennedy.
Top of the morning tea Ladies, My name is Exit again and welcome to Luigi Mansion.
I've been really excited for this game because I've never played at Luigi's mansion game before.
I know you can throw me out right now, but please give me a chance.
I promise.
Baby, I can change.
I've never played them because I never had a console that the Luigi's Mansion games were on when I was younger.
I know that this one was coming out.
I don't know.
I didn't really have a desire to go back and play them.
Was like, Well, this one's coming out and I kind of want this one to be my 1st 1 to see what it's like to get that fresh perspective by someone who's never played the older ones, to see if this one is just this foot.
Also, I just didn't really have the time in my spare time to go back and play the other one.
So here we are.
But this this will be interesting.
I know a lot of people are really excited about this one.
I'm very excited about it.
I think these games are absolutely delightful.
Tow watch and to look at.
So I'm curious for what they're gonna be like today who don't wanna play is Jack or Sean.
That's that's the deep question on my Jack Septic.
I or am I really Sean McLaughlin today?
Let's let's play his Jack Jax who we are right now.
Ah, Scream Park.
No, I'm on about that story, dog.
Give me that.
Luigi, wait.
That's weird.
Where do you start in?
Save my game automatically.
I don't mind.
You can do what you want is your game.
I'm just here to play it and have phone.
God, that's hot coffee.
Who knew Used boiling water to make coffee and then it gets hot.
No, this is already delightful.
I'm driving a bus.
One of these guys.
Oh, God.
This is what happens when you give Toto license.
He can't see over the steering wheel.
You Somebody help him!
All right, that's toad.
That's also turned.
There he is, Luigi.
Okay, Maddie.
Oh, is this supposed to be making other sounds?
Because this is really weird.
Okay, I can't read.
That's cute.
See, this is the thing that I'm missing out on now by not playing the older games because I don't know who this is and why.
Okay, I think my game is broken because he's making sounds.
It was like, Ah ah!
I don't know what's happening.
Here we go.
Make it 100.
Address it tonight.
Kind of making sounds, but not really What's happening?
Ah, it's a long road.
My game is fucked.
I don't know what's going on.
There it is.
The big Luigi mansion that his house.
Is that where he lives?
Uh huh.
Anybody home?
What is going on with my audio?
Okay, it seems like old the sounds kind of work here.
Oh, look, a You're so cute.
What are buttons?
Can I can I grab my bag?
Uh oh, Luigi, Where you going?
Let's get checked in at the front desk.
But I want to leave because they're laid.
Look often do my own thing.
Oh, hello, Brian.
There, bogey.
I wouldn't be that Ifyou are real, brother, it'll go straight.
Your hips.
Mario, you're already around.
Chode already.
Oh, my God.
What are these?
The guy behind the counter is the creepiest thing that I'm going to see in this game.
This hotel is so big, Luigi.
It's gorgeously decorated too.
We're so lucky to have gotten an invitation to come here.
She's Peaches, actually.
Michael Jackson.
Oh, Toad Brett's bench definitely didn't forget to pack anything.
No, no, yours are the best.
Toad is my favorite Mario character apparent from what?
Is he in this God?
Welcome guests to the last resort.
Are you ready to check in?
Yes, Creepy man.
Guess Welcome to the last resort.
I can hear their voices kind of in the back.
It's like it's bugged.
So they're echoing.
They're not actually playing.
My name is Helen Gravely.
And I'm the owner of this hotel.
I am absolutely delighted gated that you would accept my invitation.
Okay, hold on.
I'm coming down.
This hair weighs a lot.
Is Cruella de Ville looking ass?
Okay, you all must be very tired.
Allow me to show you to your rooms.
Oh, no need to worry about your luggage are exceptional.
Several take care of it for you, creep.
I got it a little close.
You are a V i p s.
After all, we've prepared a fist rate experience for you.
Who the trappings of luxury.
Shall we get going?
Sorry, lady.
I'm allergic to bullshit.
Come along, doggy.
What's the dog's name?
I need to know.
I feel bad that I don't know.
I'm such a bad Mario Boone.
Get theoretically there.
It better do a little bit.
She just even walk.
She floats.
She a ghost, bro.
Marry it with Luigi and peaches.
Rooms are over there.
Them toads can sleep in the dungeon.
I hope you enjoy your state.
I dare say you remember it for the rest of your lives because you'll be dead soon.
Right this way.
Okay, freak.
Have a pleasant stay.
Bye forever.
Everybody okay?
How about a brother?
Bye, everybody.
Well, that's handy.
There's no sound options in the game either.
What do I do?
But then the sound is fine.
My game Be a broked.
Everybody, Everybody has having this bug run.
Oh, look, He's little, but he's adorable.
Luigi, what are you the cutest?
Tell me.
I need to know.
I like walking in circles.
Is, um kick the flowers that everything is physics to.
It's awesome.
Oh, God, I'm afraid of balloon.
Let me go.
Take a number two really quickly.
Why is the toilet twice the size of me?
This is not very nice.
I have to climb to get into the sink.
I don't need a bus stop when I have a sink right there.
That's bigger than me.
Okay, Doggy, let's call.
What's the dog's name?
Pump off course.
I would have gone with Ghastly, but that's a Pokemon.
So I guess you can't get away with time to rest.
Yeah, sure.
Why not?
Oh, I really hope that I packed my favorite magazine now just a flashlight and my favorite.
Ah, there it is, Playboy!
Oh, I kid I Jess.
Luigi's Hold someone.
We shouldn't ruin him.
I like to sleep with my favorite book, man.
I want a ghost dog.
Uh huh.
That's awesome.
Oh, Luigi, you're so cute.
Are we gonna wake up to the ghosts Late, huh?
What is happening, guys?
My game is broken.
I don't like it.
I'm not getting the full experience.
Good God, This game is gorgeous.
This is so nice.
Oh, no.
Where did my dog?
Oh, why is everything creepy at the night?
Why is everything so big?
Jesus, That actually scared me.
Oh, doesn't little scaredy dance four.
I'm frightened.
Oh, no.
He's so cute.
My loans are so scary.
Get away from me, Boone.
I will destroy you.
I told you.
Spooky, scary video games will kill me if I peek What's out here?
Oh, God.
It's a ghost I mentioned before.
It's creepy.
We'll be here.
Oh, everything is scary, huh?
Can I do it again?
Did he have a bald spot?
Is Luigi Bolding?
God, He doesn't have anything going from dizzy.
Goddamn it, Peach Gotten these pillows?
Don't you dare spoke me good pop.
Go the balloons.
Why that?
I think you couldn't look around, Maddie.
Oh, God.
Somebody killed my brother.
I I knew it.
There's a reason that Luigi is the tall offender One because Mario is a little Don't be bitch who keeps eating pizza and drinking things like you know what?
Same Can't blame you.
Maria, what you eat?
I know you're Italian, but for God's sake, areas of my brother.
Is he in here?
No, Mario.
Mario, You dead?
Oh, G.
You got allergies.
You can't be.
You can't be sniffing around If you love God.
Oh, I'll just go this way, then Can't be sniffing around if you got allergies.
We g a little year.
The curious thing ever need to bump all the balloons Grew on a dark and stormy scary night.
Real time reflections.
You kidding me?
Hell, yeah.
Scheme is beautiful Beach.
Are you in here?
She could have been changing, bro.
And you just storming in here, knocking over everything.
Like bumping into stuff.
It's fun, but check the drawer.
How much perfume does she need?
Patri packing scary things.
Oh, God.
That mask on the right is cool.
It's like an only demon mask, which I just said.
Demon demon mask.
Everybody's dead.
Wait, You're so cute.
I swear, if you bitches are messing with me, I'll kill all of you while you sleep.
I knew it.
Cruel to develop herself, Adam.
Morticia Adams, coming into my dreams.
Give me sexy thoughts.
Why is my dialogue Borked?
Well, well, well.
If it isn't my most esteemed V i p.
I was just on my way to see you, to kill you.
It's your room living up to your expectations.
Doesn't it scream?
Good taste.
Ah, I have the weirdest boner right now.
Oh, I can barely contain myself.
You have no idea how much I wanted you to accept my invitation.
Why is that?
I'm sure you're wondering.
You see, there is someone I truly adore.
He's the inspiration for some of my greatest ideas.
Like inviting you here.
I'm such a huge fan of is.
That's why it's so wonderful that I get to introduce him to you talking about my brother.
That's right, Luigi.
I hope you're ready.
King Boo!
Oh, not that game, huh?
Luigi King!
Boo talk!
It's a me, King Boo!
That old coot had me locked up tight in his lab.
But that's what I got out of.
The hotel owner here was just dying to meet me, so she busted me out.
Anyway, I didn't think you'd actually show up here.
I was ready Just in case, in fact, but vengeance is nearly complete.
That's voice is murder on my throat.
But, dammit, evidence and tour aren't doing me by Jews.
Glad you asked.
Trap you and everyone in your little vacation birdie in frames Louisiana.
We G.
I just put on that voice to be scary, but also I just talk I got there there.
It'll all be over soon.
It's time for a family reunion, huh?
Oh, no.
He trapped them on And pains broke.
Yeah dot One more frame.
Of course I'd say that especially for you.
For me.
Stay right there.
Put on your best terrified face.
Sweetie, this is game over.
Oh, Luigi.
Oh, God.
He fell over.
He's a doofus.
Oh, God.
He's knocking over everything.
That Louis a rod when you're cute and butt off when they found the shoot.
The chute.
Oh, hey.
The heat.
Modern earth jump.
Uh, I make up my own sound effects is even better.
Oh, man, There's a super fun already.
I like it a lot.
I just wish my stuff worked.
You just showed me that cool.
Where's poster pulp?
He needs to come help me.
I almost got abused by a ghost.
You don't want that.
There is a all right.
I like the idea from being super over the top normal dog.
And then he's just as a regular ass voice like, Hey, what's up?
It's me, Wolfie.
On the lighting in.
This game is gorgeous.
It's so nice.
Like that lens flare come towards the camera are on in 10.
Drew, you really know how to get okay?
I'm scared Your stuff under there.
They're shiny things everywhere.
I want them.
Give me my giving my sucker, Tron!
Okay, I don't like it.
It's scary.
Jesus, Poulter Poker stick.
Oh, boy, I figured, OK, MERS.
My switch was sent to output in surround sound instead of stereo for some reason.
All right, How much better?
Everything is so much more dense now.
Okay, sorry about that.
Please be nice to me.
I didn't know I thought the game was bugged.
Let's face it, my voices were delightful.
Anyway, that deserves a like on its own.
Oh, at least he figured it out early on.
I want my vacuum.
Where's my Sochi run?
And, uh, it's me, Louis.
I want friends.
All right?
Can run!
Oh, holding right click is my room pulled her pump.
Is that you?
Get out of there, Shavers!
Hey, uh, you're taking the engine of a carrot for good.
Oh, yes, Luigi, He's so cute.
Oh, uh, do I hold it?
Oh, I don't get it.
Oh, It wouldn't let me hold it down When I pointed it at him for some reason who I got that I got that thick suck Now on blow I could suck and blow at the same time.
Hell, yeah, Luigi Comfortable what you learned?
Okay, Right to suck left to blow Put them together on, then you'll know.
One of the blast people with this again.
I don't know how Luigi's mansion works.
Oh, uh oh.
Money's Oh, this is gonna be bad.
Oh, no.
I'm gonna want to suck up everything own and tender.
Why don't suck up the rats or he'll die.
Well, the rats away.
Oh, that was super cute.
Away from the rats, you weirdos.
There's a lot of money in there.
Use the thick sock exhaust.
Oh, yeah, baby, That's how we do it in Luigi Town.
That means you're gonna be rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Okay, You still do.
I still do anything in here.
Ouchy frickin rats.
Hit the switch.
Oh, okay.
I won't go that way.
Get away from the rats.
You screwy Louise, you have to do something in here.
Turn off the power.
Okay, that's head back in.
I need to go back this way.
There were so many things that I can fix up back here, huh?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Money's Can I give me that one?
Oh, hair to saurus Rex Money.
But the controls are kind of confusing.
The orientation of the money, Mr Crabs.
Voice money.
That was more like Louis Armstrong.
But let's go say, did that boo voice and I can't do anything.
Maybe Is this more?
Oh, it doesn't even just have to be the gold ones.
I could just took up actual money.
It was a load back there then that I missed.
How did I get you guys open?
Excuse me?
I want the big one.
Yes, just leaves money lying around like this.
Give me all your money.
I think I broke the game.
I think I have too much money already.
This is too much money for Luisito.
Have at seven.
Oh, you just runs out for a while anyway.
Oh, okay.
They said money didn't grow on trees.
The frickin light, bro.
It was a total money on this tree is only this one, though.
Money come to papa?
Yeah, I get that thick soco Luigi.
I think that's Ah, Knock.
Oh, yeah, A big brain.
Okay, You know what we did?
We flashed our dog, and then that was it.
Ah, Upgrades.
Uh huh.
Uh What?
I broke the vending machine.
I got all the candy bar as possible.
Epic secret money.
Always hiding men.
You're gonna be too rich.
As if I could just walk into it.
I didn't know that again.
I've never played at Luigi's mansion before.
Go easy on me.
I'm a sweet, precious baby dear, walking onto the ice for the first time.
Blow it fluid.
Get it out of the light.
Oh, way.
Uh, Luigi, are you allergic to everything?
Well, we're gonna go, E.
There's a secret there.
I want it.
There's a secret down below me.
How do you get that?
I'll be back later for you.
Can you do something here?
Oh, was like event.
I don't know.
You know, the whole bottle lot?
Kendall's DEA moaned.
How do we get it?
Ah, push.
I want it.
I want it so bad.
I don't know how the game works yet.
I'll figure it out.
Suck everything.
ISS destroyed all.
Oh, God.
Their date.
That's right.
I killed them.
Uh huh.
Ghosts, Assholes.
Jesus Christ!
I can't do that to me.
All right?
How do I How does a Luigi's mansion do A Dwight?
Uh whoa, whoa.
What's happening?
Shit, dude.
Uh, you hell, yeah.
I'm such a boss.
Oh, no.
It's the boy.
EES, They're coming to get me.
Excuse me.
I have money to get.
Excuse me.
It's good.
Come here, Beach.
Can I smack him into the other?
Guy can.
It was so mad.
Just smacked one bitch.
One another Rich.
I have What about what's going on?
Wrong direction.
Can I lock on or something?
Already go.
I got it hurt.
Yeah, we didn't hold her pup.
You and I together forever, okay?
He left me.
Oh, yeah.
Big out for energy, Luigi.
I'm not lying, Peaches.
Definitely gonna want to sleep with you after this.
Best Scuse moi and then you want here.
Oh, I put something I can put a pumpkin on.
Go over there, pumpkin.
Put that here.
Get no!
Oh, my God.
Guys, I'm sorry.
I didn't even know that they're that worked.
That's awesome.
Oh, God damn it, Colter put you scared me.
Oh, give me all that cash money.
After this, Luigi's going to open up his own hotel.
I was one left over there.
Dang it, mister.
Okay, Mario time.
And now my face.
Oh, but it's so pretty ass.
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby, I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams.
What's going on, Poles report.
What do we do?
All right, he's up top.
Not hear.
Anything else I can do?
Yeah, We're not accepting calls right now.
Like you?
Oh, yes, guys.
Their secrets everywhere.
Dang it scared myself.
Scare myself silly.
Be missing a lot of things, right?
Probably supposed.
Toe suck everything?
Not yet, Pup.
There's monies.
Money, money, money.
Look in the trash.
See if I can find myself.
Throws away money.
I think that the wall Sick of all the bricks.
I'm actually just cleaning the place now.
Thank you for the money.
That things I'm sucking.
Oh, my God!
That's so clever.
What do we do with this?
He came out going too easy to get the money that the A Mario, Where did the money come out?
What's your police.
It's nobody.
Look every day.
Soak it all.
Get that thick.
So, God.
All right.
Where's the dog?
Lead me.
Can I come back to these areas later?
So I don't wanna I don't wanna miss stuff, but I feel like I might miss stuff.
No entry.
I'll be the judge of that.
Or not.
What else can make my thing?
Do said 14 year old me.
What else?
Do you Here you are, you scoundrel!
Ah, of course, Big brain Me smooth, small, stinky brain.
I'm coming popper on Bom bom bom.
This is delightful.
I'm having a great time.
I hope you are, too.
Yes, Key Piece key, please.
Oh, I just take Oh, yeah?
What right do I flash this?
So many things Or have to grab these.
Oh, yeah.
Soak up everything else.
Oh, yeah.
Rubber ducky and all.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Guys, I'm not gonna Light is better than sex.
It's so satisfying.
Suck everything.
Is this a Dyson?
Because it never runs out of suction.
Wow, I did that.
All right, Up we go.
Is that the key for this door?
Better be bro.
Giant key of our giant hole.
Like he was much bigger.
Ah, it's me.
Shit in pants, man.
God, his name.
I only know him from seeing him elsewhere.
Now I get to be the Luigi.
I've never been a Luigi before.
Oh, yeah?
So come out of the picture.
Come on, get out of the picture.
Get out of there!
Uh, save your bro.
Okay, you went in there, so I wanna I wanna explore a little bit first.
I do want to do everything My dog is doing.
Some of these sounds like they're exactly from breath of the wild.
Okay, Okay, Keiko, that way.
Come on, Luigi.
You're slim hipped little man like this.
You know what?
If I suck it all up, then it can't scare me if it's not here.
Out of sight.
Out of mind.
Give me this bag.
It looks like you have money in it.
Oh, boy, Was I right?
Seriously, Luigi, forget all this.
Open up your own.
Open up your own business.
After this, you're gonna be loaded.
Ghosts really don't care about money, do they?
It is so satisfying.
This is so addicting.
This is dangerous for me.
That's cool.
Giant key.
I like that they're using.
I like that.
They're using the mirrors to do little puzzles.
That's neat on.
There's one here.
Wait was a chest right there.
Do we get to it?
You see, it's in front of the clothes.
Maybe have to suck the clothes this way.
Okay, Come this way.
Come this way.
I'm gonna suck you all up.
See, Jenny.
So they know how to get this on the It's bothering me.
Oh, whatever, man.
It's gonna live my life.
Figure out afterwards.
Excuse moi.
Your cues.
Okay, watch this big game or move.
I got one.
Oh, don't mess with Luigi.
He will walk you up being married or time.
Everyone's always like, Oh, Mario's deceiver today.
What does marry you do, Jack?
Shit reaches out here, overcoming his fears.
Maybe I had to go that way anyway.
I got it.
Oh, God.
And you, There's always money hidden somewhere.
You know, you always have money in the back of the couch that you forgot about.
That's this.
The game.
What do you want, Duggal Milwaukee's.
You want to rob a bank.
You want to find the count of Monte Cristo?
Oh, Upgrade Doing, Dewey.
What that do?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, baby.
Luigi, you're making hurt more big brain.
It's big money time, You know, if it's better, just suck them up or to just run into them.
Oh, there's things more moneys.
I love it.
It's definitely better to suck up the papers.
Was that gold thing and really important?
Ah, Dang.
I thought that was just a piece of environment that was going by.
Suck this up.
So many secret money's all over this place.
I could go this way.
Come here.
Spider guys.
Spiders have money in them.
Did you know that?
I didn't know that.
I've been scared of spiders my whole life.
I didn't know that the money's in them.
No one that I wouldn't have been scared of them.
Are you gonna go back in and he'll respond?
It'll I don't dip.
What about the posters?
Do they have money in them?
Course to do everything is money in it screws society.
There's money everywhere.
We're two now, little popper.
God, they made such a mess.
I think I better get.
Wasn't able to get paid extra for doing this.
But I am getting paid by sucking things up.
So win, win.
Oh, what are you showing me?
Phoebe Prince.
Oh, it's for my dog win.
Ah, cool.
Wait a picture.
It's all making sense.
Hey, big guy, baby man.
Oh, yeah.
Sources, huh?
If it isn't Luigi, you are precisely the last person I would expect to find.
Here, Hold, I thought.
Now isn't the time isn't now?
Isn't the time to catch up?
What matters is you'll do nicely.
Come on, Luigi Thes hotel is filled to the brim with costs.
Let's make a run for Mario said one of your friends have been captured and you can't just abandon them here If you you can't just abandon them, hear you say the same as ever.
I see a big giant pain in my ass.
But a handful we That's what you say in France, Elvin Gadd.
I'm not thrilled about it, but I Professor igadd have an idea.
First things first.
Soca Luigi, We have to get to my car when you take me there.
Well, think about it.
Hey, the new polder Ghost G 00 you're wearing.
You took that out of my car, right?
You drove the hair.
It doesn't seem like your style, but who might to knock it?
We've got to get back to that underground.
Garrett's Let's go.
Okay, Godly.
Look at him.
Oh, it's so cute.
This game's adorable.
I love it.
Oh, great.
Can I pull myself out of the pictures?
Hey, Louie, take a look over there.
It's an elephant tour.
Deal of a tour will get us to the garret in an instant.
Let's hurry up before the coasts find us.
But what about secrets down here?
Oh, we have to go this way.
I want I want to, like, extract myself out of the pictures.
You see this guy Mani?
What do you think about that?
Blow you?
Oh, it's Kim's adorable.
Come on, you little shit.
Hey, Luigi, Look at that.
It's money and lots of it.
Even all the dangers here.
I'm sure we read that money is still important.
Ghost on.
Seem interested in grabbing it.
What's the saying?
You can't take it with you.
Well, I definitely wanted Anyway, keep your eyes peeled.
and grab us much as you can.
I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled when they're not bananas.
Well, you have recapturing ghosts.
Banana saving your friend's multitasking.
I got it.
I've been getting money all this time, bro.
I got stacks upon stacks hose mad and we go, Okay, What floor?
Someone has removed all the other buttons.
What's going on here?
I don't know.
Giant baby man.
So good.
So good.
We a mystery for later, I suppose.
Go ahead, find that.
Hit that B one button.
Okay, wait.
Can I hit all of those buttons later on in the game and go to all of those floors?
That's insane.
Way, Amar!
Hey, it didn't seem like any of your friends are trapped on two F with me.
They must've been taking the one on the floors higher up in the hotel, Which means, Yeah, we're gonna need those elevator buttons.
Or we could just leave them, start our own business and telling you I have a lot of money.
I'm not saying I'm rich, but I'm pretty rich.
Richie Rich.
In fact, there was a rat in that box.
Oh, God.
Those things up above.
I didn't even see them.
Okay, go that way and up.
I don't.
Excuse me.
Maybe I need a thicker suck.
Does this do what I think it D'oh!
Yeah, I got it.
Oh, eat God's man!
I got it!
Oh, here we go.
I may just on the wrong plane.
Yes Yas Queen Yas 3400 smacker ruse.
Take that, You guys you saw just like me.
Thank you.
It's Poulter, man.
I knew it was a fake.
He was wearing a mask all along Humans.
Well, what you doing there, buddy?
Come on, you can fight in tendencies.
How can you in if corporeal things?
I don't get it.
Come here.
Come here.