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Sometimes you get a little aggressive out here, tried to pass me, and I had to establish a physical presence and put it in the wall way.
Come with me.
Hey, folks, welcome to K one.
You see, we got four racers today and our good buddy panda way today.
I'm the purple Hozier.
You're about to see greatness, Cody.
I'm Blue.
Flash will be running up front.
The entire rates.
You watch it.
Here we go.
I am Red Adrenaline.
I am Red Adrenaline.
I am red Adrenal green Lightning.
I don't always race, but when I do, I tuck in my shirt way first turn that it does feel like I did pretty good, but I'm thinking I did my best.
But this is a closet.
NASCAR was reflected in the way the results turn out.
You feel like your video game expertise and experience.
It will help.
When when there's cars.
Second draft behind different times Talk.
That's what I always say.
Way best I had to give.
Come in.
Third and half.
I guess I just got back from his qualifying match.
It looks like you're still in the top of the booth.
my crew.
Let me down!
Hey, sometimes one minute later, find your picture.
Was you right?
Quick recast place.
Second place, Third place dead last time.
It's time for Panda.
Don't look to go to work.
All right, guys, take a second pause.
The video list who you think is gonna win this race?
Okay, we got current qualifying time.
Last place, fourth place handed, sitting right where he wants to be in third Toadies in 2nd 1st qualifier tells you he's gonna win this race.
We'll see what happens.
I would like to dedicate my victory to mighty dog.
Feels an underdog.
I'm gonna dedicate my victory to this man right here.
Most cocky fool of all.
Oh, shoot!
Dr Lin, pushing blood in my veins.
Kissed a day changed set to light duty.
I think you probably have to spare time on your hands.
I ever so often find myself doing this in third place with an absolute gift of a performance because of a few key crashes that led to his non last place finish a call it what you want.
And for second place, strong performance.
Overall, there is a second place otherwise known as the first loser goes to the tall man.
Hale takes over Baby.
Everybody's favorite.
He can't come from nowhere.
First place most improved.
The purple Hoser most improved by far The actual most valuable teammate excels in every area.
The right adrenaline ready.
Taking away the show at the end and often audio's amigos.
Guys, Thanks for watching.
Quick update from Purple Host got fifth instead of fourth because I once I got wrecked.
I tried direct this guy and got lap.
So congratulations.
Thank you for that office Jackson case for extending his chest to go.
Big shirt on Tyler to buy it.
No, seriously, though we do have adult in you sizes.
You guys have been begging us for you.
Sizes on that.
So now we finally have them degenerate.
So much fun.
Pretty sick If you guys are interested, Clinton The hell.
Oh, And if you buy it through our link, not only do you get a free battery, you get free overnight for night.
Thanks for watching.
We will see you next time.
Coconut tropical.
It's a temperate zone.
Could have gripped it by the husk.
Well, I saw a question away.
Grips it.
It's a simple question of weight ratio.
Ah, five ounce bird could not carry a £1 coconut.
It could be a flash seller.
Didn't probably one of the next somewhere.
So remember Neck?
All I know you took this is gonna be the next silly band that no sign of socks, no sun rays through this.


Go Kart Battle | Dude Perfect

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 27 日
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