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  • and a rising star goes to Michael Ward.

  • Guys, thank you for that reception at something.

  • It's going toe.

  • Oh, my days.

  • I just want to say thank you.

  • First of God, for making everything possible.

  • Thank you to my dad.

  • Because I know you're watching down.

  • You're protecting me on this journey.

  • I want to say thank you to my mom for believing in me and sacrificing everything for all of us to be here on.

  • But I can't come up here and not say thank you to my team.

  • Livia Bell.

  • Zany are Ellie for introducing me to the team, Gavin, for putting in work work daily to just find me more and more opportunities, man.

  • Andi want to say Frankie to top way for changing my life forever Blue story.

  • You know, I wouldn't be here without the nominee about the movie, man.

  • Wait.

  • List could go on.

  • But what I want to say is that two people that are watching at home that looking at me that honestly laughed and have to be this way.

  • Man, You kept the seat opportunities on dhe.

  • Just see a vision on Yemen.

  • Thank you guys.

and a rising star goes to Michael Ward.


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米歇爾-沃德贏得2020年英國電影學院獎新星獎 ? - BBC (Micheal Ward wins Rising Star BAFTA 2020 ? - BBC)

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