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evolution is a mystery, welcomes Watch Mojo.
And today we'll be taking a look at the superstars of the W B, specifically the long and winding road from there really careers to what they're doing today, since a lot of the biggest names in wrestling are still pretty much in the public eye, just look at the Rock were instead focusing on wrestlers of the most interesting stories about the post wrestling career.
For the record, we're not passing judgment upon any of these professionals, but rather comparing where life has taken these kings and queens of the squared circle number saying Jimmy Wang Yang, You could be forgiven for not remembering Jimmy Wang Yang's tenure with the deputy coming onto the scene as the attitude era transitioned into the millennial, ruthless aggression period.
Nevertheless, this journeyman wrestler performed in the company's cruise weight division, appearing mostly on such third tier programs Sunday night Heat on velocity.
If you're a Cincinnati native, however, then you might be more aware of Yang's local pest control business or the line of party bus ventures throughout the local area.
It may not be glamorous bright lights, but there's something to be said about making an honest living.
Number nine.
The great Kali the great Kali possesses the distinction of having enjoyed interesting career paths both before and after his W heyday.
Born deli buzzing Runner.
The man we know is Carly was a pungent police officer, tried to stepping into the squared circle where he stunned audiences by dominating early matches with the undertaker during the mid two thousands.
Today, Cali only makes sporadic, brief appearances on television, preferring instead to enjoy celebrity status in his native India.
He also opened a wrestling school and Indy promotion by the name of Continental Wrestling Entertainment, and has even tried his hand at acting number eight valve Enas Hello ladies perps.
Contrary to popular opinion, the in ring career of one short Morley didn't end after his gimmicks of Val Venus on the right to censor what puts arrest in the Delta.
Bi Morley continued to Wick as a wrestler within such promotions as Mexico's CM L L New Japan, pro wrestling on total nonstop action.
Today he's turned his attention towards another big inning markets, namely, that's of the legal cannabis distribution folly wigs in Arizona, every local dispensary tending his personal interest on hobby into a new line of wig number seven Nathan Jones.
Nathan Jones may not have had the most impressive Korea in the W.
B, but the odds are highly likely that you've seen this is and looking Aussie on the big screen.
Jones has enjoyed a fairly in demand Korea as a silver screen heavy, winning small roles in big films such as Troy, Mad Max, Fury Road and the 2011 Conan the Barbarian Reboots.
This actually isn't all that surprising, given that Jones engaged in all sorts of physical activity and competition before utilizing his real life incarceration for armed robbery as a pro wrestling gimmick from power lifting and arm wrestling toe MM Es and the Squared Circle.
Nathan Jones seems to have done just fine for himself.
Number six Blood may cause Love born own leg.
Proteus in what was then the U.
S s R.
Vladimir Kozlow debuted in the W.
B as a typically villainous foreign hell before eventually turning baby face in a comedy tank team with Santino Marella.
Still, this doesn't take anything away from the intense training he received in several real life martial arts training that perhaps made it a bit easier for him to transition into the world of cinema.
Today he runs his own production company while also working as a stuntman and occasional actor, appearing in big budget hits like John Wick to and First and Furious six Number five Mason Ryan.
Professional wrestling is an art form.
So what's to stop an aspiring former competitors from trying his hand at something a little bit more elegant?
Mason Ryan did just that after his career with the deputy came to an end, joining the ranks of Cygnus Away in 2016 as a member of their last Vegas show, Ryan also appeared as a cast member on the British revival of Gladiators itself.
An update of the old school American Claudia to Siri's On was the star of a Welsh documentary focusing on his journey on wrestling career in the United States.
Not bad for a small town boy made good.
No Number four Diamond Dallas Page Diamond Dallas Page seemed to work nearly every job in the business from color commentator manager before finally debuting as a pro wrestler at the age of 35.
This didn't stop DDP from becoming one of the industry's most popular and enduring superstars, earning championships and accolades in the W, C, W T and a on W W E its pages post wrestling career.
That perhaps end him the most goodwill, however, and it's all thanks to his personal friend of DDP yoga.
The lifestyle and exercise program has been credited with saving the lives of such wrestling superstars has Scott Hall and Jake the Snake Roberts, and it's given Page a thriving career after hanging up his boots from constant competition.
Number three Sonny Tommy Lynn cinch.
Better known as Sonny was one of the WWF's breakout female stars during a time when a diva or women's revolution was still years away from being established.
Sonny was an instant sex symbol.
Andan really dulling of the Internet age with America Online voting here as the most downloaded celebrity have 1996.
Sitch would continue to work for such promotions as easy W W C W on X b w.
Although personal issues with drug dependency and arrests for D Y Big Lary on disorderly conduct would dunk earwig in the Indies, six would make headlines again in 2016 when she appeared in an adult film The Vivid Entertainment Number two.
Stone Cold Steve Austin You don't need to look very far to find Stone Cold.
Steve Austin It isn't as if this defining face of the attitude era hasn't kept himself busy since retiring from entering competition.
Whether it be his wig starring in action films or hosting his own podcasts, Steve Austin continues to work closely with the W B, posting an in depth interview show on their streaming service while also hosting another Siri's titled Straight Up Steve Austin for the USA Network.
At this point, the Texas Rattlesnake has a very effective, interesting and lucrative brand behind him, and he's made the most of it at nearly every turn.
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Number one cane.
The career of the Big Red Machine.
Kane has simply travelled down many different roads, but you'd be hard pressed to think that anyone could have guessed that this was where he would have ended up.
You see, that's because the man behind Kane's mess, Glenn Jacobs, is now the real life mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, a position he assumed on September 1st 2018 because he said that the devil's favorite demon doesn't have some really good ideas when it comes to public service.
All kidding aside, we can't help her get a kick that this former wrestling icon and horror movie actor now gets to put all that energy into local governments.
Hail to the chief.
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WWE Stars: Where Are They Now

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