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New basketball trick shot battle Guys were perfect.
And I'm Brody Smith.
Welcome to Antic Trick Shot Battle three.
Let's Go E e.
I don't wanna go there this early, but I think it's time I show Broach the most dangerous trick shot in the trick shot game.
This shot has turned many men in your doing Wait back it up a little bit just to make it safe for me.
Wait, Bottle flipping time.
I think you're nervous.
You know, a little bit of a dual thing going on.
It was it was decent kind Just lobbed up.
Take it up a notch.
Oh, do you feel when you go?
Go way?
Let's go.
We'll be there.
You can't have a basketball, but you can't throw it to a buddy.
Here you go.
Just me.
I can't cut my good luck way Take this guy down one ball When you can use to this way a ball of dreams dreams Ah, good day, my friend.
Ah, Gong is a very underrated tarts.
Don't act all you're gone players out there a little hop skip and a jump to grandma's house Way Grandma!
Wait, wait, wait!
Yeah, Can I never coming down now.
Too high to see the dress.
Oh, this is fine.
Blockbuster When you go to wait watch this.
You've probably seen us in a few of our own respective videos, really windy out here, super windy.
And we're attempting a long shot, which has always come.
The goal is to make the shot, not a full on.
I think we can do it.
Let's give it a go this way.
Wait, What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching for more awesome videos from us, and Brody makes you click down here to subscribe to both of our channels.
Also special.
Thanks to our friends and ruffles for making this whole video possible.
Click right over here to go to ruffles dot com to complete the Ridge Challenge for a chance to win sweet NBA tickets.
That's pretty cool.


Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 | Dude Perfect

44 分類 收藏
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