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  • a sophisticated blender of souls.

  • Elaborate actor has the ability to heat or cool ingredients to promote a reaction.

  • There are even ports for a touch mints like a condenser making love Reactors starts with solid glass rods to create the agitator shafts.

  • Rods are sometimes slightly crooked, so they're heated and moved across rollers to straighten them, grinding wheels around their shape to more precise contour.

  • Lt's on a wet sanding smooth the surface.

  • The outer diameter of each world is measured after wage.

  • One end of the road is heated to form a rim.

  • Dumps of liquid glass replied just below the rib.

  • This process creates gnomes that will allow the blade hope to be later positioned properly on the shaft.

  • Next to make the reactors in a war, a wide glass tube is scored.

  • Scorelines are exposed to a flame and then water.

  • This cuts the tube to length.

  • Top is then heated and supported by a white puddle.

  • It becomes malleable enough to shape a forming tool, shapes it into a white lives that will serve as the opening of the reactor.

  • A flame is then used to smooth out any imperfections on the newly formed plunge.

  • Ah, logic class vessel is placed over the flask and they're fused together at both ends.

  • This creates a hollow jacket through which liquids will be pumped to either heat or call the contents of the flask.

  • Another glass tube is then cut to length.

  • It scored lightly on, exposed to flame on water so that it can be neatly broken along the etch line thing to be shaped into a port for the outside of the reactor jacket.

  • In fact, two of these will be made.

  • They'll serve to circulate heating and cooling liquids, using the torch to soften a spot on the reactor jacket.

  • Tweezers can now be used to create a hole for the port to be installed after inserting a ceramic holder in the port to make it safer to manipulate, it's fused to the hole at an angle wants the seam solidifies the poor will be an intrinsic part of the lab reactor vessel.

  • Next, it's time to grind a perfectly round tube that will become part of a drainage valve.

  • The rest of the drainage valve assembly is that made andan internal threat for a plug formed after cutting it shorter.

  • If lunges created on the other end.

  • Ah hole is then burned into the side of the valve.

  • The drainage tube, now also cut shorter, is ready to be attached to the rest of the valve heat applied to the connecting points they melt in fused together.

  • The valve assembly is checked against a blueprint on track.

  • The seam is melted a little more to fully close it back to the reactor vessel, and it's since received a base.

  • So now a whole is burned into that base on the drainage valve fused to the reactor.

  • Vessel is then placed in a fixture on checked to make sure that it sits.

  • Level water is added in increments, starting with 500 milliliters, drawing a line on the outside of the reactor vessel to indicate the amount inside will provide a reference for a fixing a scale.

  • Using the markings as a guide, ceramic scale is applied.

  • The reactor head is completed with decals to indicate the brand on the connector size, they'll be baked into the glass during a final and dealing with all the other parts of the reactor.

  • This final step of the process will see the temperature of the oven.

  • Gradually ramp up to 560 degrees Celsius and then slowly cool.

  • This is Neely removes any internal stresses and strengthens.

  • The glass.

  • Head is then carefully inspected with a tool to confirm that the connector joints are properly aligned on, positioned at the correct angle, all checking out.

  • It's time to install the vessel on a stand part by part on and see it in action to simulate the operation.

  • Liquid is poured into the reactor on colorful plastic solids are added.

  • To aid the demonstration, Theo Impeller blades are activated.

  • Designed to lift solids to the top, it's clear that they work effectively.

  • Next, it's the condenses term.

  • Cooling liquids are run through the condenser.

  • Cool coil causes vapors from the vessel to convert back to liquid on.

a sophisticated blender of souls.


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實驗室反應器|如何製作 (LAB REACTORS | How It's Made)

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