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you know, calling.
Get off him.
It seems that someone's taken a shine to me.
I'm not entirely sure why I'm being woken up at 6 a.m. but I'm definitely not gonna be the only one.
Well, still, get up.
My new friend is called Cirillo.
He's leading us to morning duties.
Theme on Dori.
Believe cows connecting to God.
They treat them like family, starting each day with a cow dung ash muscle to keep the flies off.
Yeah, thankfully, only the young ones are expected to collect the freshman year.
Surprisingly, the mandatory hardly ever slaughter cows for meat.
Instead, they live almost exclusively on the milk.
Guys drink milk along their way.
Get that big.
You're a big strong man like Jesus.
Drink milk, milk.
It's amazing.
It's got in the milk diet, huh?
You're twice his size.
It's not just my arms, which seem to be an issue.
What do they very amused by my straight, huh?
I get the impression that my hair might be of particular interest, Cirillo said.
He wants me to go to his house for a ritual, but he's not told me exactly what it is yet.
Yeah, he's a very strong hunch.
He's doing my crush a man's head.
You know what?
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I'm getting a pistol in my face and e put cow urine.
And he said, Now, if it continues being like that for five days, they have, You know that.
And when you see guys out on the average and they're doing this in process, apparently the ladies like the ginger look.
But I think I'll give it a miss myself.
Thank you very much.
So e really appreciate it.
There's an endless supply of this natural resource.
Uric acid in the P works as an antiseptic talk about eco friendly consulate catching on back home rooming like I've never seen before.
Just right, just the right amount.
I love them on Dori.
Grumpy people are kicked out of camp so they don't bring everyone else down.
They see generosity is a virtue, and sure enough, there's some of the kind of people I've ever met.
Fresh milk straight from the cow rule.
All right, Good.
Unlike me, the mandatory, like few things Maur than sharing a pint with friends.
Sitting in the sanctuary of this otherworldly land.
It's easy to forget that beyond these shores, the rest of the country is at war despite being a warrior tribe.
The mandatory apiece.
Living wrestling, however, is their favorite pastime.
E o.
I think it's authentic.
Originally used to settle disputes, wrestling is now a sport.
A Norman Dori initiation would be complete without about Theo about to wrestle with.
Yeah, the leopard skin is normally reserved for a prizefighter.
Mondor Ian.
No strangers to irony.
Okay, give me some of these smooth taking down a 12 year old boy.


Mundari Tribe Use Cow Urine To Dye Levison Wood's Hair | Levison Wood Walking The Nile

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