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You know, Daniel, where I'm from Down here in Mississippi.
We love hot pepper down that way, buddy.
You know what's good for you?
Don't mind who To the west, Across the state line and severe county, Tennessee, Mike and Daniel are using freshly picked peppers to put a hot new twist on a traditional watermelon shine.
I'm from Mississippi, born and raised watermelon.
Capital of the world wants to year we have the watermelon festival, They looking for something drink.
It's a dry county and I've got a bootlegger buddy from down and give me a call.
He's wanting some watermelon shine and it come to mind that I could do a pepper watermelon shine.
Uh huh.
I'll tell you what, Daniel using this for master right here is gonna save a lot of time.
Just crank this thing up and it makes you sit right down in the park.
You ain't got the stomach bone it, Max.
You put your hands or nothing like it.
Anytime we get rid of manual labor, I'm on it and it's really important.
Just get all your juices out.
The more you squeeze stuff, the last water content you have to add to their six would take away from me.
Taste get all goody out.
That's gonna be some good stuff right there, bub was fired It?
Yeah, buddy, that's gonna cut up some peppers now.
Well, I growed up.
We'd actually slice up jalapeno on top of a watermelon in 80.
Just right here is gonna be the main.
It's my brand.
You're probably have toiled five.
A lot of people love the taste of hot pepper, but it's over power into.
But you got the watermelon cuts that pepper down just a little bit.
Something that just warm your mouth, not burn you up.
But how that taste planet in together of the pepper and more time.
Did you someone that I think What?
Fire mill farm.
Ellen Brandy.
Oh, dear.
I don't believe there's no fruit out there.
I don't know any better than I know.
That's a good melon sweetness.
Right there, buddy.
That ready to go?
Burned down my damn.
That's hot, buddy.
It's a potent automation.
I guarantee you, it's a hot stuff.
I'm going to get that pungent pepper flavor and with the sweetness of the watermelon behind that I say they both ready to go.
You know, good Lord turned water into wine.
We're gonna turn wine into shine.
There's your pepper mash has got its own distinct flavor, and your watermelon matches got its own distinct flavor.
And you wanna keep that separate them, blending together as a stain form and then condensing back down to alcohol.
Fowler and home running the water, melons and peppers separately in the split pot still will help the flavors retain their distinct characteristics.
I'm a little nervous about running.
You know, I'm gonna be on my tiptoes all.
I've done watermelon shine before.
It's delicious.
It's good, but adding something like pepper to it.
It's gonna be a unique running liquor.
We got Jalapeno Kai and Serrano.
Just got to be careful and blend it just right.
Don't say we need a bunch, and here do it.
Probably not.
This whole life, you could very well overpower used too much pepper, so I've got to balance that taste out.
This right here will help put the watermelon flavor in our liquor Watermelon compliments that pepper because it cuts that pepper down just a little bit.
Everything's good cop.
Let's play on this plane road.
I was growing up in my eyes and I worked in a watermelon fields every day after school and during the summer.
Hell, we eat watermelon 34 times a week.
You know, down there in the Summer Times.
Just nice to bring a little piece of home to the mountain.
This first one's getting getting warm.
It ISS it won't be long, will have liquor.
I think we got it, love.
We're running liquor, but they'll soon, right?
It's a win win for me and Daniel, buyers from my hometown.
And I know the people down there.
If he likes it, everybody else is gone.
Like it would be a good seller leaving little heads about ready, don't you?
Put her down.
I got you doing.
You ready to stick it under?
Wait 1 30 to 1 50 That they all right?
Oh, yeah.
It's 1000 times hotter than a jalapeno Felt about being hated.
My head up, my face, my mouth up to the part where it literally just choked me out.
Oh, my God lifted my live.
So that's bad.
That's just extremely down.
Part of drying taste in here right now is just totally undressed.
You think we're really screwed up enough to completely kill it, do you?
I don't know.
Uh, we take that out, put some more melon in that temperate down a little bit.
Maybe it'll be all right.
You wanna drop a far back?
Clicking Adjust the flavor and we're gonna shut the steel down.
We may lose 1/4 liquor from a little bit of stain, but I'd rather try to change this.
Try to mellow, run out.
Put that in there.
Uh, when we had watermelon, I'm hoping it'll tame it down.
If not Tomei.
This runs a bus, Jim Basket flavor just transfers to get stronger and stronger and stronger as it comes out.
And with the watermelon bending the last 10 baskets, that's gonna be the strongest flavor right on the end.
Been running long enough.
Now it should have all that other cleaned out.
Oh, yeah.
We'll find out what don't taste.
Here we go.
Last down chains.
I guess that's a lot down.
Better taste that watermelon.
And that time, just that little bit of burn.
That's good.
That was the flavor that I was wanting to bring to the tape.
You could taste the watermelon taste pepper on the backside.
That blade.
We've knocked it out of the 15 gallons time we leave her.
That's right on this run, elector here.
I'm trying to get $150 a gallon for this.
I don't wanna go extremely high, but we've got to get paid for what we got I'm taking, But it ain't nobody.
Yes, sir.


Mike & Daniel Put A Hot New Twist On Watermelon Moonshine | Moonshiners

3 分類 收藏
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