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I think you guys were gonna come by, you know, big celebrities.
But would you believe what I didn't?
So you're not fans of the show is all right, But before you start, one of you guys are missing.
Very is missing.
She's with her boys.
Valentine's Day.
That's a little Get Ling Dick.
So, Jane?
I've just opened Lovely stuffing.
Tender reef.
I know you got a ball.
What's the deal?
What happened?
Drinks you go into.
Well, I'm quite classy.
I like Malibu personally.
You will never be a fisherman.
You want that fish and sure, You know, whatever it is that it's a Malibu ever you're dead.
Support your G stuff very early.
2000 times was a guest advert.
It was good.
It was good.
I like, I think, like free people knew.
And everyone that What fishermen.
You have your own bar as well?
What made you open up a bar?
Am I like a drink on?
I was just trying to help the nightlife in the hometown in some fields.
So God, like a music bond and they come upstairs to see the drinking thing.
I'm really cut down with your things?
You'll write relief.
Yeah, Moving on swiftly.
So congratulations, Jessie.
You wanna nto Ah, documentary about trolling you trolls watching now your pussy old?
Did that make you feel it was the weirdest?
Not my life.
Just really.
I was really overwhelmed because I didn't expect it After all, I found the whole not a bit bizarre.
I just casually see and feel make sure Max Brian walking around, You know, when you see, because I've met some celebrities.
But even when I meet soap stars like steel, I'm just because you think they're the person?
Yeah, who was the evil one in EastEnders?
And like, he used to get, like, hate and stuff like because they actually travel, Remember?
Because we did to that woman was evil.
Yea, people's women like that re buy liquor is Sometimes you want to say what, like, you know, like there's a phrase.
They say that the guy who plays Patrick in EastEnders true mind.
I've seen it.
Don't leave me.
Oh, rage.
If he did that because it was hot, you get trolls himself.
Yeah, everyone gets comments and stuff, but I don't really fit from?
No, in the words of my budget, and you can only pissed of the cock you got so anyone could see whatever they want to see you get what I mean.
You can only do what you can do to get what I mean on the rule thing is that it's a bad analogy thing.
Yeah, I want to get some real deep knowledge.
Thio called Boom.
We have time this time of these trophies, additional 100% of most shows that the most person that really angry with is their self.
No, it's so good to say what we say.
We were on TV now because the cameras are on us.
But you see, when you go home to your own house and she goes to her own house if you know in your heart you've never tried to accomplish any of your dreams and stuff.
Yeah, when you get into Rene Angel stuff, yeah, you'll be drinking the cannon.
Tenants and stuff be really upset.
It's not.
It's a frustration because remember, no, When you see people like ourselves a nice that rock, is that how can you have made yourself famous?
And I have to get what I mean.
So when you look it, sometimes it's more of a cry for help.
Then actually, being horrible to you, I remember an old economy is taking you to do comedy to get where you are When you was doing shake things and it weren't popping straight away.
How many men must've said to buy it off you pricks before you try about and you were doing your rehearsals are things weren't going well.
There must have been couple people said to you, Don't quit your day job.
You might as well just keeping your job.
Why are you going to risk your whole life on that?
Those are the people who write comments like that because they never tried.
You don't help frustrated little meat.
Lottery life.
So this is why yeah, you just killed him.
Is kind of keeping success.
Give me audio.
So you see you guys yet?
You guys really like you guys been together like almost 10 years?
It's nine years this year.
How much do you know about each other?
If every every little thing You brief?
I think so.
Well, with the chopper 27.
Well, Perry's not here So if you haven't got recognized in a place where you never fought, you get recognizing, like on holiday.
Or we've got funds in Jamaica making.
Yeah, I went there.
I've been going there for, like, since I was a baby on dive.
Never met any limits fans.
I don't know why, but I thought it was a message on instagram Just saying Peace.
Can you meet us?
I was like, What?
I don't even know.
So I met quite a few of the airport.
Yeah, good.
Making whatever funds away.


Little Mix & Big Narstie Hit Back at Trolls | The Big Narstie Show

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