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you know, as everybody knows, ladies home in San Francisco, known for so many things but symptoms also.
It's about an hour away from Napa Valley, one of the world's premier.
Now, I happen to enjoy a nice glass of wine now and then.
So I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
Check out the Napa Valley for myself.
I brought a camera crew with me.
This is what happened.
Yeah, like in the northwest section of Napa Valley and the Spring Mountain Vineyard.
And as you can see, it's absolutely gorgeous here, Beautiful and right here to talk to us.
Brian, I worked at Spring Mountain.
Hi, Brian.
How are you?
I just saw Brian wandering around the vineyard, holding 1/2 a bottle of sauvignon blanc, two glasses in his pants around his ankles.
Routinely have a drink at 8 30 in the morning.
Muchas Muchas.
I can't as often as I can.
This is an intervention.
We're not doing anything.
Well, let's try some, shall we?
Why do you do that?
Because it's okay to spit by spitting it out.
You can get the flavors without the intoxication.
Oh, I'm sorry I swallowed it.
You said about spitting it out.
Try it again.
Try that again.
Well, it failed, don't you?
Hey, spit.
That was awesome.
Oh, sir, Iran is.
Ron is the vineyard manager.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
Are you one of those guys that could just lean down and taste the soil and find out if it's good?
Yeah, Really?
Ever tasted a soil?
And you could tell that Brian spit wine out there.
Like for you Tell us about this vehicle will be riding.
This is a 1974 pins.
Gower, It's Ah, Swiss Army troop transport.
Why do you use a Swiss Army troop transport?
Six wheel drive.
It'll go anywhere.
Uh, and of course, the Swiss Army never gets into a fight.
So what do they need Their military?
What's jumping trap?
A bottle of down their way came pretty much straight up the hill.
Now we're stuck.
There's nothing to do but to Ron's best of your knowledge, what happened here?
Do you think now I believe that I should keep my talents in the bigger than not driving a Benz Coward.
Do you think you got so excited like Oh my God, this is Conan O'Brien.
And you got really excited.
And yeah, you got caught up in the celebrity.
Is that what happens?
Do you need a drink?
A little shaking?
Yeah, that's okay.
Have a drink.
It's gonna be fine.
We're gonna get pins, Gower.
And if anything happens to this problem, should the Swiss consent over a Swiss tractor way got American made category?
Pull us out.
Hey, you know what?
USA usa, Um so here we are in the vineyard on foot, not part of the plan, but poor girl.
Tell me a little bit.
This is the vine.
These air, the actual flower clusters which turn into grapes after they bloom.
And how did they turn into grapes herself?
Pollinating So they will.
They're self pollinating.
They are.
Sounds like me in college.
You're in the wine cave here.
It's Spring Mountain now.
And this is Jack.
Jack Cole Cole.
Good to meet you.
You grow the wine, you grow the greats, you make the wine and then you drink the wine Found crying in a field way Do now These air, of course.
I don't know the terminology.
I'm guessing this is a barrels hole.
It's a big thing is a big, strong, big, strong Thank you.
Looks like something I'm gonna have to use when I'm 80.
I'd like you to leave.
So what, You didn't put it in the barrel?
Okay, Look at this way.
Got a place in dirty music.
Well, I do, so okay.
I just stopped the glass shaft into the bung hole.
Yes, unfortunately, it's true.
We're gonna read this transcript back.
That's using your trial.
Okay, I'm now lifting.
Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
You put it.
What is it like when you go to someone else's house?
You're hanging out having a good time, and they say Jack and have a little wine.
Are you?
Whoa, This is not already.
You should not serve this.
You controlling in those situations?
Which is a good reason for why I'm not invited to many.
That's why you live in a case.
So this is not read.
This needs more time.
More time.
Time is a big factor in the equation of great wine.
The acoustics in here are fantastic.
Oh, so yes.
See Theo?
Oh, the tasting room.
Is that correct?
All right, If we're going to do some tasting, I need to make a quick change.
Excuse me, please.
Don't mind.
Thanks for waiting.
Seven years.
Tell us what?
The shaman bloke.
Lovely crisp wind from France and son Sarah.
And let's taste it, if you don't mind, I brought my own tasting glasses.
That Okay, that would be It's me just right.
Active, You know, a little bit more.
How's that?
A little.
Oh, What do you guys drinking?
Okay, okay.
No, wait here.


Conan Goes Wine Tasting In Napa Valley - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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