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What's up, guys weren't perfect.
Welcome to stunt driving battle around one.
We've got our high speed drift apart Challenge To start, each driver will attempt to drift into a perfect parallel park between the two cars without hitting anything.
Cone hits or minus one car hits or minus five.
The driver with the most deductions will be eliminated from the competition.
Opening the Glock mobile were green Thio Respect block.
So I like racing more than most.
See if it pays all shout out to my driver.
Coach Jay Shelly, you know really taught me how to drive.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is about to be interesting.
I've never driven a stick from the reigning champ.
I think that makes me now the people's favorite.
Wow, that one went through his head.
Get after.
Okay, minus five.
Not bad way.
I think that deserves a life.
I don't know.
Okay, wait.
Hey, now Okay.
Well, folks, that about does it for round one cub.
Say thanks for joining us out here in south and you can head home.
You're not needed anymore.
Looking around to the crazy card cardboard cutout.
Here's how it works.
Here's a starting 0.3 poses that you have to strike before you get to the finish line.
Slowest time is eliminated from the finale.
Each broken board will have two seconds to your overall time.
They're starting us off.
Do it.
Karen started strong to penalties.
The total time.
Come on.
Is that really break?
Please do worse in it.
That would put you at 14.
Should be just below Garrett.
Unfortunately for you, you did not make a legitimate line.
Side and open Officially in the finale, Rory is now on the chopping block with 16 91.
Feeling pretty good.
Nobody's made it clean through yet.
See if we can make it happen.
Is near perfect high your final time.
30 right here in the finale.
And who will be joining us?
Our core.
Let's find out, old man fans don't care out there.
But if you are, this is for you.
Let's do it.
Two breaks in a great score.
Putting 12 96 way.
Ladies, gentlemen, welcome to the finale.
The winner of this three laps fastest time will be the 2017 stunt driving champion.
Go time as many of you know, I'm good friends with these guys off track.
But on the track, their public enemies, number one and two all's right in the world again.
You know, Kobe gulps down early.
I think it's about time for a tie.
Big three.
And I think we're back to normal.
Boys, this is a vacation ride for me.
This is where I should be.
There's no pressure here, boys.
I made my fans happy with the third place.
Any way?
Yeah, everywhere.
You're 27.
Congratulations, Racing champion.
Welcome, my friend.
Your trophy away.
Thank you.
Anything for your problems?
Your pants.
Thanks, guys.
All right, What's up, guys?
Watching If you're not already, do perfect subscriber makes you click down here for more awesome videos.
Special thanks to our friends in Iraq dot com For making this whole video possible and letting us hit up their test track here to see the bonus video and find out why Tire act is the best way to get the right tires for your car.


Stunt Driving Battle | Dude Perfect

20 分類 收藏
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