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520 miles north of Dutch Harbor.
Elsa's unrelenting single digit temperatures on thundering waves roll chameleon marine.
This is seriously be hauling here with the picking hook re threaded, Casey and George are back to hauling pores.
We're still going strong fishing Weiss pots air coming up for We just have spray coming right now in.
Spray sucks.
And we have big roles.
And with full pots, big girls suck.
Look at that one.
No one started the mast.
If we get these shuffle, it's fishable.
Safely fishable safe.
Being a relative term.
We're so crab fishing.
The winner of the currency When I got pushed look any farther.
Stack, Run!
All right, I'm doing this.
Cases plan.
Changed course on.
Reset his gear to protect his freeze.
And men from the wind and waves.
Give it a little attention.
Extend out.
Oh, here.
Now, just hours after the picking hook, line snapped.
Portside cream seizes up.
This is no needed.
We need to go up back in the harness.
Oh, that a dedication.
I don't know what it is.
Ethnicity breaks today for the second time, dead Cantillo Jensen makes a precarious ascent two stories above the icy deck.
There was up there.
It's dropped.
Well, he definitely wants to be an engineer on this boat there.
Careful, cold.
Yet it's good to see a young guy that wants to get into this and do it, but I guarantee he's freezing his ass off right now.
It is cold up there.
Broken, broken off, says one of the bolts is broken in the top.
Acts like the top that boards missing.
If that's the case, that could cause that things drop inside of there.
The bolts on the road to seal have snapped off, preventing the arm from rotating.
In other words, the hydraulic crane arm is kaput, but we fix it.
Take the thing apart.
Something you do out here.
Yes and no.
Oh, I need to go look at this time And money lost in a three day trip back to port with Tom Casey and Josh is far north.
Gamble into a losing game of Russian relations cases where the best mechanics on the planet so but forget this time is fast possible.
This is like Dutch Harbor.
Call the hydraulics specialist kind of work here.
Right now we're 480 miles away from Dutch.
So we're gonna try to fix this on full started on the Cornelia Marie.
Like like I physically can't burn the ice off of the tart and get the gold.
The pole cramped inside the three foot white Bees Corps Captain Casey McManus racist affects the Port ST Cream bottom plate.
Old soul sleeve.
Up to the board.
Dropped off was about the cream based two golds vibrations caused by a broken boat shoot.
The Cranes rotating mechanism loose from its seat balance for season, hangs in this fix.
It's up to Casey to re secure the loose parts to avoid further damage on Get the cream on their season back on track.
Yeah, All right.
How are we doing there, cap?
I think that worked.
We say we test it right now.
It was a nightmare, but we should be in a position now where all the functions should work again.
George and Casey may have put their equipment problems behind them.
30 35 foot seas out here.
Sub zero temperatures.
But the ice cold fut of Elsa isn't going anywhere.
Grab mission.
Wasn't attention ready then?
You had that.
Do it.
Hey, what?


Cornelia Marie Captain Attempts To Fix Faulty Crane | Deadliest Catch

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