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The Elder Scrolls has been going strong since 1994 and the quality has ranged significantly.
Welcome to watch Mojo, and today we are ranking the Elder Scrolls.
Games for this list will be ranking all the major injuries in the elder scrolls.
Siri's from Worst to best, based on a combination of personal opinion and general reception.
Legends won't be included, though, because that's a card game, not a mainline adventure.
RPG, Like the rest of these entries, place a card on one of two sides called Lanes.
Number 10.
The Elder Scrolls travels Shadow Key.
Do you all remember Shadow Key?
No, of course you don't.
Pete Hines doesn't even remember Shadow Key, and that's for a good reason.
Shadow Key was the third installment in the Portable Elder Scrolls Travel Siri's After the equally forgettable Dawn Star and Storm hold on early cellphones.
Shadow Key, however, was released for the Nokia Engaged Remember that thing?
But even though it was arguably the best of those three games, it still wasn't very good.
Few people played it, and those that did reported a host of technical shortcomings that did a disservice to the rich and detailed elder school, Siri's.
But then again, it was the engage.
We shouldn't have expected much.
Do you have a smartphone or PC?
Do like building teams and strategizing?
How about competing in tournaments and running dungeons?
If you answer yes, that any of these questions?
No, I'm gonna have to recommend raid shadow Legends.
Raid is a dark fantasy RPG, where you collect and customize hundreds of champions to build your ultimate team.
I want to make your champion even stronger.
Raid has challenging Dungeons where you can win artifacts that take your champion to the next level.
You can get started right now.
Go to the video description, click on the special links, and if you're a new player, you'll get 100,000 silver and one free champion slasher who is an absolute savage.
Look at the face on this guy.
All this treasure will be waiting for you right here.
Good luck and I'll see you there.
Number nine.
The Elder Scrolls Blades.
It may be the best dedicated handheld Elder Scrolls game you can get, but that's still not saying much.
This is a free to play mobile game that takes place between oblivion and skyrim.
It is primarily focused on combat, and the world design is linear due to the limitations of mobile devices.
Other elder scrolls staples have also been excluded, and the game places a large emphasis on grinding and wait timers.
Blades is still in early access and currently has some technical issues.
Let's hope that the finished product will be a better, smoother experience.
I mean, it can't be any worse than the other Bethesda disaster, Right Number eight, The Elder Schools Adventures, Red Guard Yield.
Yield A Shops.
Hi, Max.
You're quite resourceful.
Red Guard was certainly something different for the Elder scrolls.
Siri's for this release.
Bethesda is skewed the traditional s gameplay in favor of a more action oriented game in the vein of Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia.
Cross With Me, Red Dog.
It could only be played in third person.
The levels were limited in linear, and the protagonist was scripted and non customizable.
Despite the massive deviation, Red Guard did a few things brilliantly.
The script was wonderful, it told an intriguing story, and it richly expanded on the floor of the Siri's.
But the game play was utter trash, and red guard flopped hard its legacy is still felt in some ways, but it has long since faded into history and obscurity.
Remind me in hell.
What was the money in that number?
Seven on Elder Scrolls Legend, Battle Spire Battle Spire came just one year after dagger fall, and it was originally designed as an expansion pack to the game but ended up being its own stand alone title like Red Guard, which was being developed at the same time.
Battle spire is a little different from the traditional elder scrolls experience.
Might as well grab the field of the 13 patron of the Eight powers while you read it.
It contains more straightforward action game play, and there are no merchants as it was designed to take advantage of Dagger Falls dungeon crawling mechanics.
As such, your mileage may vary.
Some people enjoy the more straightforward experience and the lore.
Others hate the repetitive level design, artificial difficulty and lack of traditional elder scrolls features.
It's certainly not a bad game, but it's not one of the better ones either.
Take the password and go to my chambers, Sever the last tanker and we shall be done.
Number six.
The Elder Scrolls Arena, it's hard to recommend Arena to modern players.
This game was obviously very influential, and it was a technological marvel.
In 1994 the procedurally designed open World was breathtaking, an unimaginably expansive.
The combat mechanics felt fluid and natural, and the unique day night cycle was a novel feature.
But like we said, the game was a technological marvel in 1994.
Uh, your enjoyment of arena depends solely on your ability to enjoy older games.
It seems borderline our cake now, and what was once fresh inventive has long since become antiquated.
But we can't deny the influence of the game itself.
And not only kick started the elder scroll Siri's, but it helped change the way See RPGs were made.
Number five, The Elder Scrolls online.
Appropriately set in the middle of the list is what is easily the most divisive entry.
We're sure many elder schools fans who played the game after skyrim were left bitterly disappointed.
Online is nothing like skyrim, let alone anything else in the eldest girl, Siri's.
Since it's an MMORPG.
If you go in expecting Elder Scroll six, you won't find much to love.
On the other hand, If you go in with the right expectations, you'll have a blast.
It plays well.
It features many well written quests, and it contains a lot of interesting locations and bits of lore.
If you absolutely need Maur elder scrolls in your Life and you want experience more time, Anton Rio, then playing online is a must number four The elder scrolls to dagger fall.
But his spirit does not rest with a spectral army.
He haunts his former kingdom crying For then, dagger Fall was an incredible improvement on Arena.
And despite some issues with the Games bugs at the time, critics hailed it as one of the best RPGs ever.
It's certainly not without its flaws.
The aforementioned bugs can get annoying, gameplay is dated and the world is almost too big.
It can certainly collapse under the weight of its own ambition.
But it's this very ambition that makes Dagger fall such a classic, even if it's easy to spot the flaws you have to commend.
But there's that for what they attempted to do.
Dagger fall is a sprawling, an incredibly dense experience, and that works to both its benefit and its detriment.
Number three, the elder scrolls for oblivion.
For 65 years I've ruled us, Pam, rials, emperor.
But for all these years, I've never been the ruler of my own dreams.
Oblivion took the elder scrolls.
Siri's in a far more technologically impressive direction.
Bethesda really went all out for this one.
Increasing artificial intelligence of the NBC's, improving the lighting in physics engine and utilizing voice acting for the first time.
Your stars are not mine.
Today, the warrior shall prove a stalwart companion when fortune fades.
But despite all that prowess, oblivion still had its detractors.
People couldn't help but compare tomorrow wind, and when you do that, it obviously falls a little short.
Things like the leveling system and the setting with Syria will also proved a little controversial with long time players.
Others adore the game and call it their favorite of Siri's.
How much you enjoy Bolivian depends entirely on what you want out of an elder Scrolls game.
As the grand master of the Blades, I would be honored to accept you into our order.
Will you join us?
Number two?
The Elder Scrolls five Skyrim skyrim is perhaps one of the most important video games of all time.
First of all, it is by far the most popular Elder Scrolls game, selling upwards of 30 million copies.
It also continues to be relevant, thanks to persistent of grades like the remastered version 2016 a switchboard and even its recent move into virtual reality.
Now we just needed to come to our microwaves.
It's clear that Skyrim is a gaming phenomenon, which is in large part due to its incredible and imaginative world and means.
Then call me Shake Our Day Drink print sub madness.
There are some detractors, particularly those who point out the simplified gameplay, mechanics, the persistent bugs and the weightless melee combat.
But those squabbles aside, Skyrim is a master class in game design End World Building, and we can rightly call it a classic.
Perhaps it's best I take my leave.
A good day to you, sir, I said, Good day.
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Number one.
The Elder Scrolls.
Three More Wind.
There's a reason so many elder scrolls fans place more wind on a pedestal.
It's not only the greatest game in the series, but arguably one of the greatest fantasy RPGs ever made.
This game was a major league from the ambitious but generally flawed dagger fall and is arguably the first elder Scrolls game to truly marry its vision with its mechanics.
The world was expensive yet fluid, and it creatively fused traditional medieval fantasy with Eastern cultural elements and styles.
It also nailed the essence of creative freedom, allowing the user to learn the lower and interact with the world on their own terms.
It didn't hold your hand and it didn't need to.
We simply got lost in the magic.
You are sex and blessing our gift and token given come take this thing from the hand of God in the mood for more awesome gaming content.
Be sure to check out this video here on Mojo Place and don't forget to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.


Top 10 Elder Scrolls Games

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