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well, that was a lot of build up for nothing.
Welcome to watch Mojo, and today will be counting down our picks for the top 20.
Disappointing video games of the century so far for this list will be looking at the most disappointing video games that have been released throughout the two thousands.
And 20 tents were not necessarily saying that these games are bad.
Rather, they were considered monumental disappointments that weren't able to capitalize on the pre release hype.
Number 20 Resident Evil six.
The writing was on the wall.
Resident Evil five went into a rather surprising and not entirely welcome action direction, but it still retains some core horror elements that mostly changed with six, which served as the Siri's most action packed and bombastic entry to date.
While the cast of characters was stellar, the campaign's drastically differed in quality from Leone's attempt to replicate the horror of the original games quite poorly to Chris's cheesy B movie action spectacle.
It was not a direction that the fans were interested in.
Our E six was a game that was trying to please both action and horror fans alike, yet failed to do both.
Luckily, Capcom has truly redeemed themselves with resident Evil seven and resident evil to remake.
So all is well, no Number 19 Spore Spore had big ambition, but like a lot of games with big ambition, it wasn't able to capitalize on its intentions.
Pre release Hyper Spore was quite high, mainly due to the involvement of Max Is and will right along with the Games ambitious concept.
You control the species entire life cycle, from its microscopic beginnings through its evolution to its eventual intergalactic travel.
Unfortunately, the end product was Martin controversy, due to its D R M software and inclusion of Secure On, which wasn't even mentioned in the software license agreement.
TA was eventually the subject of numerous class action lawsuits.
User ratings were abysmal, and Max's developer, Chris Harris, admitted that the Dear M implementation was a quote totally avoidable.
Disaster number 18.
No man's sky Like here.
We're at the boundary between two warring factions.
I could join in.
I could take sides.
First of all, yes, hello games has improved this game in many respectable ways.
It's really not as terrible as it was when it first came out.
Hence, whites only number 18 that being said, few video game launch is ours, monumentally disastrous as this.
There was an unbelievable amount of hyper seeding this game, with Sean Murray even appearing on Stephen Colbert to discuss and promote it.
Unfortunately, what killed the game's launch was the laundry list of unfilled promises made by Sean Murray throughout the marketing period, which all but ruined Murray's public image.
As we said, things are better now, but there are some things you never forget.
Trading, fighting, exploring survival.
And it's huge.
Gang number 17 Metroid Other M There's only one person who calls me Princess, and that person is Anthony Hicks of the Galactic Federation Army.
By the late two thousand's the Metroid, Siri's was riding high.
Metroid Prime essentially changed first person shooters forever in 2002 and Metroid Prime three Corruption ended the trilogy on a fantastic note in 2007.
Everyone was waiting with bated breath to see what Nintendo whipped up next, and then we let that breath out in a collective sigh when we all experienced Metroid other M.
It wasn't a terrible game by any means, but the first person perspective was Yankee.
Writing was terrible and the characterization of semi made everyone want one of those memory eraser things for men in Black.
We are desperately waiting for Metroid Prime four, but we may also be living on Mars by the time that comes out unbearable.
Thought swelled up in me, making me want to get as far away as I could.
Number 16.
Red Steel Red Steel was going to be one of the best launch games of all time, and it was going to redefine how we experienced video games.
Specifically first person shooters.
Ubi soft showed us the future, a new form of motion controlled gaming that promised an unprecedented sense of immersion and interactivity.
What we got instead was, well, a wee shooter.
And if you've ever played a wee shooter, you know that the controls are often clunky, slow and totally un engaging.
This wasn't the future.
This was a mediocre MPs with fuzzy for DP graphics and crappy controls that had us punting the Wii mote across the room in frustration.
The we certainly had its strengths, but dazzling shooters was not one of them.
Number 15 Final Fantasy 13 What we don't watch and learn any new final fantasy game is worth celebrating.
But that's not to say that every game is an absolute winner.
And that was especially the case with Final Fantasy.
Hype was quite high for this entry.
It had been nearly 40 years since its announcement at e 3 2006 and Square Enix was utilizing a new game engine.
We couldn't wait to see what this puppy could do.
And while the production was typically astounding, many critics took issue with the games terribly disappointing.
McGarity This was an intentional design choice, with producer Yoshino Tickets stating that they quote wanted to create a new genre with final fantasy 13 something more like a F p s than an RPG.
Obviously, that was not what final Fantasy fans wanted at all.
Okay, if we don't know our focus, how do we complete it?
Number 14 Sim City.
I think this was once the greatest city building simulator series of all time, which is what makes this disappointment sting really hard.
During a reddit am A.
It was revealed that this highly anticipated reboot was going to require a continuous connection Ta servers, prompting many fans to voice their disapproval, their hesitations soon prove warranted.
As the Sim City launch was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions, people couldn't connect to the servers, which meant that they couldn't even play the game.
Those that did connect were greeted with constant network outages and corrupted, say files.
Even looking past those issues, Thegame was nowhere near as complex or enjoyable as its predecessors.
There's a good reason no one talks about Sim City anymore.
Number 13 PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal These It was the game that promised to be the super smash brothers of the PlayStation brand.
It featured some of PlayStations, most iconic characters, including Jak and Daxter, Credos, Ratchet and Clank and Nathan Drake.
What more could you want?
Well, notably, there was no Crash Bandicoot or Spiro yet amazingly, those omissions felt like NIT picks.
Compared to the games core problems, the stages were unimaginative, and the game play was based entirely around the supercar mo meter, which meant if you missed your super move, all the proceeding fighting was for nothing.
It was an insane decision, and it ruined what could have potentially been a legitimate super Smash Brothers Competitors number 12 to human.
Hey, hey, hey!
Why you serving him a game entering development Hell is rarely a good sign.
Silicon Knights announced to human way back in 1999 it was going to be released for the original PlayStation, but Silicon Nights later entered an agreement within Tendo to develop the game.
For the GameCube, what resulted was a mess of a development.
The game wasn't released until 2008 on the Xbox 360 after once again changing publishers.
Unfortunately, it looked in played like something from 1999 with the terrible controls, ugly graphics and persistent performance issues being singled out for criticism.
Those were far from the game's only problems, but they were the most indicative of its general lack of polish.
Never forget what we have sacrificed for the good of humanity.
Number 11 layer.
By the mid two thousand's Motion Control, gaming was all the rage.
The We was a runaway success, So naturally, Nintendo's competition tried hopping on the motion control gravy train.
It didn't go well for them.
Layer relied on motion controls for its air based combat and dragon flying, but these controls were horribly implemented and shockingly frustrating.
The game also took advantage of the new remote play function, but it was just a awful on the P S P, perhaps even more so due to its lack of motion sensor controls and various necessary buttons.
Sony was then brash enough to send out a Layer Reviewer's guide, which condescendingly told critics how to properly play the game.
It shattered factor, fives, reputation and, like a dragon layer, faded into legend.
Easy, guys, let's burn these mo kind faster.
Number 10 anthem you're nesting in here all of them.
After mass effect three BioWare seemed to go from one disappointment to the next.
The Dragon Age.
Siri's went through some rough patches and Andromeda's disappointment closed by a Where's Montreal studio?
And the most frustrating thing is that you really wanted to see these games succeed.
There's a real potential here.
Despite past failings, there was some hype leading toe anthems release primarily due to it being a new bio where I pee.
However, it proved to be the most disappointing, released by by aware of all their titles, thanks to some horrible technical issues and an over reliance on grinding.
A detailed Kotaku article was later released stating that the Games development was rife with mismanagement, indecision and a generally stressful work atmosphere.
For many, this was the last draw for BioWare.
Number nine Sonic the Hedgehog.
By 2006 the Sonic Siri's was in dire straits, following a string of disappointments, like Sonic writers and the disastrous Shadow, the Hedgehog.
Even the most diehard fans were putting on their life jackets in order to jump ship.
But we were promised something new with this 2006 reboot, a glorious return to form that would both celebrate the Siri's iconic history and helped launch it into the new generation.
What we got instead was one of the most infamously terrible video games ever made.
Critics hated it.
Casual fans load it and art and Sonic fans detested it.
This was not a leap into a new generation.
This was a nauseous step backward in nearly every regard.
It almost single handedly destroyed the franchise forever, huh?
Number eight.
Enter the Matrix.
Many people have been asking for a matrix game, and we finally got our wish in May 2003 with Enter the Matrix on Lee.
It wasn't quite what we were expecting.
For one thing, we wanted to play his neo and, if not neo, then at least Morpheus or Trinity.
Instead, we got two random nobody's fromthe crappy Sequels.
And because the game served as a tie in with The Matrix Reloaded, many critics believe that it was rushed to completion to meet the movie's release window.
The game contained lame characters no one cared about.
It seemed unfinished and unpolished, and it failed to match the movie's thrilling sense of limitless imagination and possibilities.
It was just another crappy movie tie in Number seven.
Fallout 76.
Seriously, What is happening to all of our favorite developers?
In the last few years, Bethesda has similarly lost its sense of direction.
Followed, 76 had unbelievable potential, a multiplayer game set in the Open World Fallout universe.
How could that not be an instant home run?
It turned out to be a foul ball as the game was instantly met with disdain due to its abundant technical issues and hilariously dead open world.
Yet things only seem to get worse after launch, thanks to a number of bazaar in downright surreal controversies that followed.
This included a data breach, a tone deaf, nearly subscription that created a class war and the recall of Collector's edition helmets due to health hazards.
Now this is what we call a certified PR nightmare.
Wait way Always.
Number six Star Wars battlefront two.
It may not be the most disappointing game of the decade, but it was certainly the most controversial.
It was revealed during the beta that the game would employ a paid to win system through was deemed a quote predatory loot box system.
A responded to the criticism with the now infamous pride and accomplishment defense, and things went downhill quickly.
That comment became the most down voted in red.
It's history, be a share price took a massive fall, and there were calls from various government bodies and representatives to change gambling laws all over the world.
It was a total mess, and he eventually admitted defeat and significantly alter the game's mechanics.
Yet even years later, E.
A still tried to find ways to defend new boxes as a whole.
Yeah, that's that just doesn't make any sense.
So what?
We looked at it as a CZ surprised mechanics Number five Day SX.
Invisible war.
I guess I should meet our hostess here already.
Not much else.
I can do, and maybe I could get some better answers in person.
You coming?
Ion storms Day Sex was a monumental achievement in a thrilling step forward in the action RPG genre and much like a pretty good album following a classic Invisible War was considered a huge disappointment.
It was gaming's Let It Be following Abbey Road.
While most critics agreed that it was a solid game, it was negatively compared to its predecessor.
Due to its simplified gameplay and mechanics, questionable design choices and four artificial intelligence, the PC Port received especially poor reviews due to its shoddy performance and crappy controls, among other issues, it was just another head shaking release under ion storms.
Surprisingly inadequate belt.
More on that in a bit.
That's very generous.
Number four aliens, Colonial Marines.
The concept behind this game was quite literally too good to be true.
This was going to be a canonical sequel to James Cameron's masterpiece.
Aliens and actor Michael Bean and Lance Henriksen were set to reprise their iconic roles.
However, the game suffered a long and arduous development process, complete with outsourcing and, according to Michael Bean, a general lack of passion from the developers what resulted was a technical disaster.
It looked nothing like the trailers had promised, and it had artificial intelligence that was so laughably bad.
It completely ruined any dread the iconic Xena warps posed.
And that's all before getting into the layers of controversy and lawsuits that followed Number three Die Kitana.
So back toe Ion Storm, that company name proved dangerously prophetic because they were hit with a storm of negative publicity.
The hyper this game was unlike anything seen at the time.
John Romero was so confident in his vision that he even slapped his own name on the title, a clear sign of cloud and prestige that he carried, however, that Katana was Martin controversy, including numerous delays, a PR nightmare of a marketing campaign and gossipy internal strife.
The game itself was also a Dumpster fire and is retrospectively remembered as one of the worst games ever made.
It was more than a disappointment.
It was a disaster number two banjo kazoo, we nuts and bolts.
There was once a time when rare reigned supreme.
Unfortunately, that pretty much ended when they were purchased by Microsoft.
The two thousand's contained a string of monumentally disappointing games including Perfect Dark Zero and Nuts and Bolts.
This was the first main banjo is a game in eight years.
Unfortunately, it's sidelined the serious traditional platforming for vehicle construction and driving, a move that proved both contentious and enormously divisive.
Some enjoy the game for what it is, while others called it a blind siding that should not have utilized that banjo presume property.
This was not with a longtime banjo, cause we fans expected or wanted way continue.
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Number one.
Duke Nuke him Forever You and here It is not only the greatest disappointment of the decade, but arguably among the greatest disappointments in well and forever.
Really, it's hard to express just how let down everyone felt with this cheap nonsense.
In 1997 3 D Realms began work on a sequel to Duke Nukem three D, which is easily one of the greatest FBS is of all time everyone was expecting a bona fide masterpiece.
But then the game got delayed and delayed and delayed again, to the point where the publishers and developers changed over the years.
Eventually, 15 years had passed and gearbox and to finally released the game in 2011 and it felt like it was only made in two years.
The combat felt uninspired, the jokes weren't funny, and the game couldn't decide if it wants to be a retro or modern shooter.
Duke Nukem was once an icon of gaming, but this title forever turned him into a joke.
I want to be just like you take your pills, vitamins every day, and you might grow up to be a CZ.
Awesome is me in the mood for more awesome gaming content?
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Top 20 Disappointing Video Games of the Century So Far

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