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we're ready for some hilarious, recurring jokes.
Hey, guys, it's Phoebe with Watch Mojo.
Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 SpongeBob running gags.
I can't hear you.
Oh, wait, we're taking a look at our favorite catchphrases, quirks and all around funny gags that keep popping up under the sea.
Let's get Thio Number 10 Miao This snail's got such a way with words.
It's Nails have been classified as Thief e Lines of the Sea.
So naturally, Gerry's dialogue mostly consists of one word.
While initially making small kitten noises during the show's early seasons, as time progressed and he became a much more prominent character, Gary Soon began me going in near full sentences.
What makes this even funnier is that, aside from SpongeBob, nobody fully knows what Gerri's actually saying.
He could be offering words of wisdom or giving SpongeBob attitude.
We may never know, and we're not sure if we're ready to find out.
Bring that ladder back this instant.
I am really not amused, Mister, You are going to take a bath and you are going to get clean right now.
I am so the boss of you.
Number nine old men, Jenkins black.
It's old Man Jenkins and is happy.
Of all the citizens of Bikini Bottom, very few have been named dropped as much as old man Jenkins.
What makes this mysterious elderly fish so interesting is that he's been seen in many different shapes and sizes.
One day he could be a wide guy with a noisy de la pea.
The next day, he could be a bluefish eaten by a sea horse or even an angry farmer who's bitter towards city folk in their flying machines.
No, no good would come from city folk.
A flying machine.
In recent years, this particular gag has slowed down since the creator's finally settled on Old Man Jenkins design a skinny green fish with overalls whose lights aren't always on upstairs.
I'm not old man drinking it anymore.
June Number eight, Mrs Puff Inflating.
They don't call her Mrs Puff for nothing.
Whenever involved in an emotionally stressful situation, she rapidly inflates like an oversized balloon.
On the one hand, it's sad to see how stressful Mrs Puffs life has become.
Thanks to SpongeBob, it's gotten to the point where she actually has a criminal record, but I don't however, it's hard not to chuckle it.
How she's her own personal airbag made even more fitting by the fact that she's a puffer fish.
But Mrs Tough better be careful not to get too worked up, or she just might pop literally number seven explosions.
Did we mention that this show is an explosive success?
Turns out that it's also a literal statement, since explosions are a common occurrence in bikini bottom.
Sometimes they'll happen when someone comes crashing down or when they've eaten too many crabby Patties.
And then there are times.
All it takes is a light tap, and the whole place goes up in smoke.
Hey, guys, I feel is that Of course, the best kinds of explosions are the ones that happen for no actual reason, which in turn increases the cartoony, zany charm that we love about this absorb in show, so long as we don't get caught in the crossfire but can't find the courts lot.
Number six time cards, one extremely annoying shift later, need a hilarious method of emphasizing how much time has passed in an episode.
The Siri's excels at this, with its own colorful, handy dandy time cards conveniently read aloud by the Siri's French narrator.
It doesn't matter how much time has passed a few hours, a couple of days, or even nearly 2000 years.
It could even take so long that they need a new narrator 2000 years later.
What makes this gag even funnier is when the cards displayed absurd or silly saying that really shows off how painfully long something intake so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one.
Here's to hoping that they don't run out of these cards as there is no shortage of hilarity as time passes moving.
More time card number five Plankton is constant failures.
Pirate Ghost.
He's stealing me booty.
Hear me crabs when I discover your formula for crabby Patties are on you and a business.
For years, plankton has tried and failed to steal.
The secret formula to Mister Crabs is world famous crabby Patties.
There's no level that plankton won't stoop to pun intended to achieve this goal.
His schemes range from ingenious and conniving to hair brained and full of holes.
Despite him putting his best foot forward, it always ends in failure, either because of his own arrogance or because he's been outsmarted by Mister Crabs.
And it usually ends with him being launched all the way back to the chum bucket.
Allow me to do the honors.
Yeah, it's really for the best, that playing to never finds out the secret formula.
Or it'll spell certain doom not only for the Krusty Krab but for all of bikini bottom.
Secret formula is one bottle of moting motion.
Take passport photo.
New safe travel size.
This is it.
The secret formula.
It's a to do list.
Number four Evil Mermaid Men and Barnacle Boy were once the greatest superheroes under the sea.
However, decades of crime fighting have taken their toll on the duo, especially the former in any given situation, he will panic it.
Leigh scream the word evil.
Sometimes he'll even shouted out, If you hear someone say it, but you can't retire, there is evil afoot.
Way is voice cracks whenever he screams.
The line is just two priceless and late actor Ernest Borgnine owned it in the way that his character stand in actors could only dream of.
We've got to keep up my strength for the fight against the way wouldn't exactly classify.
Laughing at a senile old man is appropriate.
But the way the show sells it with both his voice and overall reaction is comedy gold.
Forget people, I say.
If you're not gonna give me any respect as a hero, then maybe you'll give me respect as a villain.
A villain who is number three squid words, Annoying neighbors.
Whoa, I way to ready its way.
How did squid word ever get?
Surrounded by such crazy neighbors?
Nearly every day, this grumpy cephalopod finds himself reluctantly dealing with SpongeBob and Patrick shenanigans.
They could be disturbing his peace and quiet with their playtime show about his house uninvited.
Or even worse, they could end up destroying his personal property with squid word getting hurt in the process.
We know next Saturday, Rainer Shine.
No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to get rid of them or keep them quiet.
And any attempt to do so always makes things worse.
In Trona, my large and Trona Renard, what's the matter with yours?
No threat detected, You infernal contraption!
I'm gonna ship you off to the scrap heap.
Their credit our favorite knuckleheads don't usually try to ruin squid words day on purpose, but it's hard to ignore them when they have a tendency to cause so much chaos.
Number two.
SpongeBob Feeling His boating Test SpongeBob has taken his driving test more times than anyone in history, and it always ends in failure.
I don't know why, Gary.
I don't know.
I'm tired of failing that boating test.
I've already taken a 37 times.
No matter how confident and optimistic he.
Maybe he's a reckless disaster behind the wheel, much to the agony of poor Mrs Puff Theo way.
Even if there's a slight chance of him finally earning his coveted license, it's yanked away.
By the end of the episode, he can't even get his license in his dreams.
Look, I finally got my driver's license, not even in your Mr Square pants.
It could be easier to just give SpongeBob a license just to end the cycle, but that would only spell a greater doom for Bikini Bottom.
Plus, we'd lose the chaotic yet hilarious dynamic between SpongeBob and Mrs Puff.
So perhaps it's for the best that SpongeBob's quest is a fruitless endeavor.
I'll take that, get you for this.
While SpongeBob may never get his driver's license, we do hope that he never stops trying before we unveil our number one pick.
Here are some honorable mentions how I thought about this one.
Hi, Comet Bold and Brian More like belongs in the trash.
Sorry, I must have missed that one.
Good morning.
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.
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Number one.
My leg.
Taking our Number one spot is the Wilhelm scream of Nickelodeon.
Whenever there's pandemonium or destructive chaos in bikini bottom, you're almost always guaranteed to hear the painful cry of my leg in the mix of it all.
Live in this town do withoutyou SpongeBob.
One recycled sound by used throughout the first few seasons blossomed into one of the funniest catchphrases of the Siri's brought to life by Siri's writer and voice actor, Doug Lawrence.
There have been several variations of the line, but the hilarious, agonizing context is what makes this gag so iconic.
Seriously, you know, throw away line is popular enough when they make an entire episode as an homage to the joke.
Why are you following my leg?
You have to listen to me given confident danger.
Isn't that so?
Patrick, I think more.
Needless to say, SpongeBob is chock full of hilarious running gags.
Did we miss any?
Let us know in the comments or tweet me at Phoebe underscored W.
And check out this video.


Top 10 Greatest SpongeBob Squarepants Running Gags

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