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this video is brought to you by the Grudge Own it on digital now and on Blue Ray March 24th.
When the credits roll at the end of a horror film, you can take comfort in knowing that it's a work of fiction.
Or is it welcome to watch Mojo.
And today we'll be discussing the terrifying story of the grudge come along as we explore the urban legends, folklore and classic Japanese tales that inspired Jew on a k a.
The Grudge.
Imbuing a modern story of supernatural terror with a timeless and enduring sense of dread, The Grudge is a hugely successful horror franchise that spanned more than two decades.
The original Japanese property was created by filmmaker Takashi Shimizu and debuted in 1998 with two short films, Kasumi and 10 Fours, which were both included in the television movie Goku, No Kite and G.
This paved the way for two feature length straight to video films do on the Curse and its sequel, both released in the year 2000 Theo.
In 2002 the franchise made the jump to the big screen with Ju on the Grudge.
Over the years, John has spawned a total of nine Japanese installments, including a crossover with fellow J horror franchise The Ring.
Juwan has also been adapted into novels and comic books.
Further cementing the Properties Place in the Horror Hall of Fame is the fact that it's found similar success internationally.
The first film in the American leg of the franchise, 2000 four's of the Grudge, which was also directed by Shimizu, made a staggering $187 million worldwide on a budget of just $10 million.
It spawned three Sequels, including 20 twenties The Grudge.
Though not every installment has been met with critical acclaim Do on the Grudge has proven many times over that it's an enduring franchise with lasting appeal.
Though each film keeps things interesting with unique twists, turns and frights.
They're all based on one core idea, that of the Jew on Curse or the Grudge, as described on screen of the start of multiple films in the franchise, when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is born.
The curse gathers in that place of death.
Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury, ominous right, essentially what it means is that when someone dies in a particularly horrible and emotionally charged way, they live on as a vengeful supernatural force.
Anyone who enters the space in which that person met their demise is doomed to fall victim to this malicious entity.
What that quote doesn't explain, however, is that the grudge is self perpetuating.
Though the curse begins with a singular, murderous supernatural force, the people killed are similarly cursed and kind, basically the grudges and ever expanding and seemingly unstoppable supernatural plague.
Theo Theo within the world of the grudge, This terrible curse began with the murder of a mother and child by a jealous husband slash father.
This particular narrative is, thankfully, a work of fiction, but the basic premise of the grudge doesn't draw heavily from Japanese tradition, history and popular culture.
The concept of eventual spirit is one that crops up in the traditions of countless civilizations and cultures from throughout history.
The caress of ancient Greece, telomeres of Roman mythology, the dybbuk of Jewish lore, the two tails that haunt northern India and Pakistan, Mexico's La Llorona.
We could go on all day in Japan.
There are actually a number of subtypes of vengeful spirits.
If you know your Han ships and the sea Mona are inconsiderable mothers who lost their Children to war or famine and go to you, our martyred spirits of aristocrats.
In the grudge, however, the vengeful spirit in question is an on Rio.
This type of ghost is distinctly terrifying because it can cause direct harm to the living.
Its purpose is to right the wrongs that were done to it in life.
By taking the lives of those responsible, However, this vengeance often takes the form of natural disasters, which shows that the honor you isn't overly concerned with limiting its punishment to the guilty in Japanese tradition honor, you can typically be appeased through the willful writing of wrongs by the living or through Buddhist rites and prayer.
Unfortunately for the victims of the grudge, this particular curse seems to be a distinctly lethal and resilient breed of owner you.
There are numerous examples of owner you from Japanese folklore, but arguably the most famous such story, one which shares elements in common with the grudge is that of your Tsuchiya Qaida.
Interestingly enough, it's not actually a folk tale, but rather a Kabuki play written by two Idiot.
None broke through the fourth in 18 25 a play in five acts, It tells the story of a husband who conspires against his wife, Iowa, on Lee for her to return from death.
As an owner, you sound familiar with its universal themes, haunting narrative and roots in traditional Japanese believes Katsuya Qaida, also known as the ghost story of yachts.
Julia in English has become an iconic and universally known story in its country of origin relative to other popular owner use stories.
It's a notably violent and brutal one, which many have speculated is why its popularity surpasses all others.
Apparently, some things never change.
Violence sells like oil in your kayak.
The principal ghost in the Grudge.
There's all the classic physical traits of an under you, including long, messy hair, unnaturally white skin and a white dress.
Atsuya Qaida and has been adapted directly, many times over.
While the grudge is by no means the closest adaptation, the influence of the Kabuki play can be felt throughout the franchise.
The grudge is rooted in traditional Japanese culture and supernatural myths dating back centuries, but it's also a franchise defined by modern preoccupations.
In crafting the initial premise, creator Takashi Shimizu took inspiration not only from the owner you tradition but also what seemed to be a rising number of domestic abuse cases being reported in Japan in the late nineties.
So while the story of Kioko Saiki isn't based on a particular incident of a man killing his wife, it was nonetheless inspired by real world events.
Moreover, the central story at the heart of the Grudge is so popular that it's become an urban legend in its own right, resulting in some confusion as to which came first, the film or the urban legend about a woman named Kokko.
But isn't that the case with all truly great ghost stories?
If it's scary enough, it'll take on a life of its own.
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And that, folks, is the real story behind the grudge by simultaneously tapping into traditional ghost stories and modern concerns.
Takashi Shimizu has given birth to and nurtured an enduring horror franchise, one that, despite being a work of fiction, continues to inspire very real fear in audiences.
Mrs Mac, This'll Video is Brought to You by the Grudge own it on Digital now and on Blue Ray March 24th.


The Terrifying Stories That Inspired The Grudge

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