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These are the films that will make the box office go boom Welcome, Tow Watch Mojo.
And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 anticipated action movies of 2020 for this list.
We're looking at the action movies that have us most pumped for 2020.
We're excluding superhero films because those could warrant a list of their own number.
No Time to Die.
Release date.
April 10th 2020.
While Casino Royale and Skyfall were instant action classics, most would agree that Quantum of Solace inspector left something to be desired.
The world's moved on.
Commander Bond.
You were double 02 years.
So stay in your since.
No time to Die will be Daniel Craig Swan song as double 07 though we're expecting this grand finale to hit its target, although Sam Mendez isn't returning, Bond, 25 has found an equally exciting director in Cary Joji Fukunaga, winning a primetime Emmy for true detective.
Fukunaga is best known for directing one of the most enthralling tracking shots ever executed.
If Fukunaga could bring that same intensity, anxiety and masterful cinematography toe a bond picture, no time to die should be a highlight of Craig's tenure on your skills.
Die with her body mind survive long after I'm gone.
Plus it has an a d a r Miss and we're always down for a knives out Re Union Number nine Free Guy Release date.
July 3rd 2020.
The premise.
Four Free Guy provides leeway for a lot of fun possibilities in terms of action and comedy.
For starters, it stars Ryan Reynolds suggesting that we may be in store for the next deadpool thing, but I think that there's gotta be for Reynolds plays a seemingly ordinary guy named Guy like Roddy Piper, and they live Guy comes across a pair of sunglasses that opened up his eyes to the truth.
Turns out the guy is an NPC in a video game, and he's about to become the unlikely hero of this chaotic world way.
All know what it's like to go completely off the rails in a game like Grand Theft Auto or Fortnight Free Guy Looks like it'll tap into that over the top insanity delivering an explosively hilarious extravaganza.
Number eight Jungle Cruise Release date.
July 24th 2020.
Legend has it there was a tree in the Amazon.
The process is unparalleled.
Healing powers.
Whenever an action flick is set in the jungle, Dwayne Johnson should be at the top of any casting directors list.
In the same vein is Jumanji.
Welcome to the Jungle on Pirates of the Caribbean.
The Curse of the Black Pearl.
We have a feeling that Jungle Cruise is gonna be one of the summer's more pleasant surprises.
Theo Trailer possesses echoes of The Mummy Raiders of The Lost Ark and The African Queen.
The film even looks like it could provide meta commentary on the theme park attraction that inspired it.
Bring You There Live 15,000 Carrie.
That's a lot harder.
Johnson plays the captain of a corny river cruise with obviously fake effects.
When he gets swept up in an actual adventure, though, the back side of water becomes the least of his worries.
Number seven.
The Hit Man's Wife's Body Guard Release date.
August 28th 2020.
Ryan Reynolds strikes again in this sequel to the hit Man's Bodyguard.
I will admit that the 2017 action comedy was a mixed bag, but the chemistry between Reynolds and Samuel L.
Jackson did show legs for future installments.
Salma Hayek was also a nice addition is Jackson's eccentric wife, and it would appear her role is gonna be expanded upon in the hit man's wife's body guard.
You're worried about my husband's safety.
No one in this world can kill Darius Kincaid.
That title is already putting a smile on her face is the follow up has also assembled a promising supporting cast with Richard E.
Grant, Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman, although we're still waiting to see if Kevin Costner ever pops up in one of these films.
At the very least, we hope this movie actually includes the famous Whitney Houston song Number six Snake Eyes.
Release date.
October 23rd 2020.
If you asked any eighties or nineties kid who their favorite G I.
Joe was growing up, chances are Snake Eyes with the action figure that coveted the most.
If you're gonna breathe new life into the franchise, it only makes sense to shine a spotlight on the Silent Ninja Commando.
For those who weren't fans of the last two live action G I Joe movies, you'll be happy to know that snake eyes takes place in a new continuity, with the slate wiped clean, there is potential here for a thrilling and even dramatic origin story.
However, the filmmakers are taking a risk by unmasking snake Eyes.
I really want to see that face.
Well, that's almost never been done in past incarnations were on board a factor.
Henry Golding sells it.
Number five.
Top Gun Maverick Release date.
June 26th 2020.
After nearly three and 1/2 decades, we weren't begging Hollywood for another top gun per se.
Of course, we didn't demand 1/3 Bad Boys movie, either, but that long delayed sequel wound up being a blast.
So here's hoping that Top Gun Maverick keeps this trend going.
Your reputation Procedure After Admit I wasn't expecting an invitation back.
Tom Cruise is back in the cockpit as Pete Mitchell, who's been promoted from a lieutenant to a captain since we last saw him.
He'll always be a maverick.
And our eyes, though, along with other familiar faces like Val Kilmer's Ice Man, we'll also be seeing fresh blood like Miles.
Teller is Gusteau's son, whose nickname is Naturally Rooster, with an emphasis on practical effects over C g I.
The film should take the action to new Heights.
Number four.
The King's Man Release date.
September 18th 2020 from Kick Ass two.
X Men First Class Matthew Von has established himself as one of this generation's definitive action directors.
The King's Men movies have perhaps been the best showcase for his talents.
There are other ways of doing your duty.
You're going to need a suit.
The first King Zeman was largely about passing the umbrella from one generation to another.
The King's man is going back to the beginning, though centering on those who paved the way for Harry Hart Eggs Ian one.
While governments wait for orders with the early 20th century and World War providing the backdrop, the film looks very different from its predecessors but still in the same spirit.
Whereas the prior two films were Love Letters to James Bond, another classic spy thrillers, Fun compared this prequel to Lawrence of Arabia and Dr Zhivago, implying he's made a modern action epic.
Number three F nine Release date.
May 22nd 2020.
Palms and Shaw are off having their own adventures, but F nine will nonetheless be a family reunion in more ways than one.
We cannot think of a better action star to play Dom's estranged brother than John Sena, who was tailor made for this franchise trying your best book coming and mine just caught up to me a long time.
In order to settle the score with his criminal bro, Don was turned to some old friends and old enemies.
Your whole life, you pushed yourself to be faster than don stronger.
Could you kill him?
Charlize Theron is back is the calculating cipher, But the trailer selling point was the revelation that Sung Kang is Bacchus Han, who says the Social Media campaign can't deliver justice.
The action looks especially bonkers, even by fast and furious standards, with rocket cars, magnet planes and a complete disregard for the laws of physics.
We love it.
Please tell me that's not a Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine.
I know, I know.
No, that's that's not impress.
Number two Tenet Release date.
July 17th 2020 If you want an action film, they'll make your heart race and stimulate your mind.
You can always rely on Christopher Nolan after tackling World War Two and Dunkirk.
Nolan's next film revolves around World War three.
More specifically, Tenet is about preventing another World War V a time travel.
Not everybody does welcome to the afterlife.
The trailer doesn't exactly explain how time travel works in this universe, although we assume DeLoreans and Terminators air not involved.
What we can say is that the style, tone and action appear to be drawing on the same lines as inception.
All I have for you is a word.
It'll open the right doors some of the long ones, too.
Whereas Inception took us inside people's dreams, however, tenant will turn the fabric of time upside down.
Like all Nolan films, this is one that we definitely want to experience on the biggest green imaginable.
Tryto understand it, I feel it.
Ah, man, I do love me.
A good action movie and also a good time travel movie.
You know what?
Christopher Nolan, if you want to put a DeLorean intended, I will not personally stand in your way.
But I digress.
I would say that our number one on this list is a pretty sharp left turn from number two.
But I know you guys are gonna be excited about it.
So let's psych ourselves up with some honorable mentions, and then we'll name our most anticipated action movie of 2020 missions.
I need you here before we continue.
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Number one.
Godzilla versus Kong Release date.
November 20th 2020 Remember when we all thought that this would forever be the definitive showdown between Kong and Godzilla?
Way love Watching actors duking it out in suits.
This monster MASH is long overdue for an upgrade.
While fans have mixed feelings about legendary is past three entries to the monster verse, it's hard to deny that these are some of the most visually stunning Kaiju movies ever produced.
Theo Action has also been consistently solid, and the studio is breaking out the big guns or we guess the big claws and paws for Godzilla versus Kong as long as they keep the focus on the titular monsters over the humans.
We don't see how this crossover could be.
Anything less than awesome died for us.
There's no Onley proofed.
Our coexistence is possible.
ISS, do you agree with our picks?
Check out this other recent clip from Watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.


Top 10 Anticipated Action Movies of 2020

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