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Ho Season 10 Ex Seasoned eggs Baby, Let's go!
Oh, I haven't seen this.
I'm asking for the spoilers so far.
That's the big sphere in the middle of Blue Lake.
Always this all this stuff?
Is that a rocket from, like one of the first in game events ever.
There's the old is intact SMG Mystic sea and the old Oh, my gonna scold trooper Can you imagine they brought back Old Trooper?
I'll be amazing gifting Santa.
We're going back to Christmas There was going back in time theme that they were teasing So I might happen.
Ripped That's the new Mac that is in Season 10 Beauty.
What's good, bro?
What will you be doing this to me?
A good byes on you, Jones.
He's going back in time.
And there it is.
Just before the meet your hits.
Dusty Divots.
Dusty David's back.
Guys, Ed's back.
Hurry up!
Season X.
I like these new skin so far.
Is this all about pa skins?
All the pixel glider is cool.
Chainsaw hands, new nights.
Hold on.
There are a lot of skins in there That kind of looked like old skins.
Really are.
It makes sense old skins reimagined I already heard before.
We get stuck into the battle passed.
If you do, go ahead and purchase it.
Make sure using a creator code my one is just Dan TDM.
If you wanna use anyone else's, just make sure you're using one.
Don't waste that box.
Okay, buy it with a creator golden.
So the 1st 2 skins you get a catalyst, which I think is a proud new skin.
But it is similar to the drift sets is a female drifts.
Then we have ex Lords, which is Rust Lords upgraded the new new skin.
Great Purchase Fatso Bundle.
Let's go see as we always do, Let's go through the battle past of reacted to season 10 Season X.
Whatever you wanna call it is collectable these in clothes on.
Let's go through them one by one, First off big old X in the background.
I like it.
I like the style of it.
But let's hit up the battle past real quick to start from the beginning.
So you're catalyst, your ex lord, and then you have the batter past challenges as well.
We got the rockets, which is actually a free one which is nice Experience boosts Red Knight emote that is an O.
I think that Season one, right, I'm pretty sure Rocket ride That's classic and you've got the Halloween pumpkin rocket launcher like that 100 Reeboks Emote cam.
Oh, all these different dances on it or injustice The flaws.
Nice popcorn trail.
I could take that, Especially the butter.
That's beautiful Egg.
Okay, Junk bucket glider, which I guess goes with the old Rust Lord sets.
That's pretty cool.
Actually, I like that.
Could do some damage with them.
Spinner's right bookie bombs in the moment we got the Frost Winged Dragon, which I think when he came out for a couple of days, that's a really rare glider.
X p The suit up.
This is really going back in time.
280 bucks.
The final showdown from the latest event nights Moist E.
Is that coming back?
Oh, that's great.
I like the traverse.
A remote salat Using them at the end of a game is perfect.
Another jewel will Cosmic Cleaver's on like that color Nice double set.
There are like it.
Downtown drifts.
We have the crack shot, which again is another very risk.
And you already see that used that often, probably because he has a giant head 100 V box five as his eyes.
So they are going back through, like all the old events and stuff to Rift Lightning.
It's actually cool, because you're going to be able to use the new stuff combined with the old stuff to make you look even better, Which is great.
The knighted wraps.
You do get a wrap in the free battle pass.
She used to be a lot in the free battle past this time, which is good as well, which goes with a red night.
All the OT skins are coming out.
All of the people that have Red Knight the normal night, which is cool, dry out.
And I think Black night there were coming out.
So watch out for the yogis in this season.
Bottomless pit.
That's a cool art.
Stars like comics, female technique much better than the male one elite.
Different styles of cool as well.
Orange, black and purple, white and purple on another orange one.
Sweet moving on experience.
Popcorn Butterfly, Kevin Kevin's back kind of 100 B box we've got Rift is an actual cat dog.
Fox Fox.
It's a fox, isn't it?
Cut love.
I love this art style.
These loading screens are awesome.
Oh, that's part of the tilted set part of this set, isn't it?
The technique set.
I like that.
That's very cool.
J Walk in.
I'm glad that during more of these reversal emotes, they're very, very cool.
X p astronaut helmet.
Proper throwback season to question Mark?
I think so.
Double 100 V box.
Well, that's nice.
I love the raps about my favorite part of fortnight right now under the stars.
That's when they actually put a real duh bugger a real life.
I like that, too.
They added.
A bull flipper bird.
Are you kidding me?
I would have to try that out.
Rust Lord back Satchel.
They've actually added a lot to the free battle pass with a lot of different stars.
Well, there's four different colors of that.
That's great Master Mex, because I think there is a gold llama skin in the batter parts, too.
Another load of screen in the cool anime cartoon style beat drop that will go with a lot of old school skins like sparkle specialist, Maybe llama head, Hot chili call pepper.
Then there's a blue kit soon, which is a blue rift box.
Or do that very cool.
I don't see many people using the pets, but since that goes with drift, which a lot of people have, I could see people using it.
I mean blowing bubbles, vengeance.
All those skins across the loads of seasons.
In one loading screen on air it is yonder gold edition yonder with a three.
So you know he's called this outfit's Got E Q on his everything.
The bow tie.
I actually like this.
You wonder.
Was such an old skin before everyone had it.
I think it was tear one on the battle past.
But this one this one's upgraded looking fresh, risky, rials.
The showdown.
Oh my goodness, that's O g o g.
I have the OD on at the moment, But listen this one that that's o G.
That's old school 100 v bucks.
The different bombers are like that style to the fancy flip with the durbar.
Good bottle yonder unmasked.
Oh, okay.
This is what it looks like.
I like his glasses.
I think the sword is the one that I've just got on at the moment.
Tiu, Look at him.
The man buying the llama Is this This guy right here?
Sparkle Seif again.
Sparkle specialist.
I think that's what that's kind of designed to go with.
I think people are gonna like this.
People love O g skins to the people that have them.
I'm gonna have a lot of cool new stuff to play with.
Nevermore the Ravens and using Fanar.
Hold on.
This is created by Hydro 74.
I think this is fan art.
That's amazing.
Then there's Kevin when he had all the ruins going on.
Cross swords V box, an actual Kevin rap.
Okay, Kevin, finally getting the memoriam.
He deserves a little sunset drift in all.
Dude, I wish I could look that Colin Fortnight, the old Sultan map.
I wonder if they'll bring it back.
I don't think they have yet, but lots of different locations on the map will change.
Swagger, Boy, all of the A moat so far been traverse a which I'm not complaining about.
Look at the Black War on Black Kids Soon.
Looks amazing.
Kind of looks like, um, Briana from Po.
Come on.
Oh, come on, Crack shot back in the day.
Could you imagine all the old school crack shots etching these on a wall?
I like these a pit ones.
You store a preview of these in a little trailer as well?
Well, my guess always.
Actually, the altitude I think it does and then gives you the little cross hair of the bomb.
I like that All Star Road has made its a fortnight.
He's gonna be so pleased.
100 v box One new sparkle specialists do.
So they're remixing some of the skins as well.
Look at that one.
It's like a snake.
Okay, this one's better than the original by far.
And then a star shot back pulling People will love this too.
It's it's kind of simple and will go with a lot, even goes through the skin I'm using right now.
That's that's awesome.
Getting near the top now, guys.
Dusty devastation.
The original time Dusty a depot was destroyed.
Can you imagine how many people go in there right now?
It's gonna be crazy.
Firewalker Another sparkle supreme with a different haircut.
I'm not sure that's it, Chief, You can't just do the skin twice and give it a different haircut.
Give it a worst haircut.
What are you doing?
What's going on here?
It looks like she went into a hairdresser's and got the wrong thing.
I'm not sure about that one pixel pilot.
This is the one in the trailer.
I like that a lot.
Space explorers set.
I think there's another astronaut on its in blue, too.
Okay, I'm aiming for that one.
I can take this.
I always think of the motives like endgame, and that's a good one thing.
And it's got hands off my llama boy, Celestial.
I like that one as well.
This skin, by the way I'm using like the anime school goal robot matches a lot of these things.
I'm pleased.
Scavenger Armando looks great, too.
That's gonna match the heist skins.
That's awesome!
They added a double pump.
Oh, man, double pump is back.
I could see the click bait right now.
That's hilarious.
That they've done that and put it at such a height eras.
Well, there's the volcano.
Look at that art style that's so called.
And then there's another Space Explorer, Eternal Voyager.
Oh, man, he looks he's so much better.
He's got a skull It's like a mix between the pirate.
What in the astronaut look how sick he looks.
That's an awesome skin.
That's my favorite one so far.
Look at his head sweaty, and we can all appreciate that.
It's a shame.
It's so high up sweet dreams I'm gonna have to do Studio G classic.
I'm sorry, Black Knight, one of the real Oh, geez, I know, except that so many times.
But that's what this season is focused on.
Already just notices.
Well, the season is only two months long.
Season nine seemed so long.
I guess it's because of the Worldcup, another eternal Voyager with his helmet open.
I'm not sure about this.
Unless they're extra skins to the battle past, they wouldn't be adding any way of Ah, seems a bit weird.
To have one skin unlock and then the next 1 10 levels up is just with his thing open.
Or were the worst haircut.
Not sure about our wave writing with all the with P.
Li locks are sweet.
And then chomp senior, wait another dragon.
Look at this thing that's going to go with Black Knight so well, I'm using Black night for the rest of the season.
Oh man, here we go.
Everyone said to you 100.
Let's do this sparkle specialist.
Maximum drift.
I'm only saying sparkle, especially because I can see how well it's going to go with it.
But, my goodness, that's a cool skin.
Then we have yonder with a crown.
You wait for the Level 99 to be busting this out from day one.
That's cool.
I like that a lot.
And then finally, your tail 100 skin is the ultimate nights.
I think this is an upgrade of the Black Knight.
Kind of showed you that.
There we go.
There's red night.
Okay, look, there is Red Knight on Black Knight mixed together.
Dude there is written by a black knight fused together And then it's back.
Playing is the dragon Cresta Sze.
Well, I like this skin.
I feel like they're bringing it back on purpose because people love the O g.
Fort name and this is a really good team.
100 skeptical.
The gold.
He's got sword on his leg.
People are gonna love this one a lot today, Ugo.
That is your battle past.
Let's take a look a different challenges.
You got zero point challenges right now where you can earn different skins.
That different.
He's got like the cape on and stuff.
And you can also earn the slow dance version of sparkle specialist as well.
Away you earn some of these.
Wait, what's this team rumble?
Okay, if you play a team rumble, you can get the chain swords going on as well.
Nice prestige missions.
Those air new as well.
You can unlock the ex Lord rust version.
That's cool.
Harder objectives and more rewards.
OK, that's new.
I can appreciate that.
That's great.
Road trip earns you the atmosphere back playing as well.
Prestige gets you the catalyst Rift Storm, and then there's gonna be more of them as well.
I like the chain saws.
Well, the chain saws in the bowel past.
I don't think they were, but it showed them in the it showed them in the trailer at the beginning Item shop for today.
This is the new guy rep in the Blue Mohawk.
Can't complain about that with the chaos Glider actually like that a lot.
That's an old school glider with blue on the top, and I think that be it with the machete coming down as well.
Nothing new in the store.
And I think that is pretty much everything that you want to know about Fortnight's season 10.
Before you start playing, I think the only thing that has changed on the map is Dusty.
Divya is back.
But they did say the different places on the map of gonna change throughout the season so we could see old tilted towers.
We could see Moyesteam Maya coming back.
They did give Moyesteam Ireland where?
Mo in here so it could happen.
Double pump, though I can't believe they put it in a most because so many people love it.
But that is the season 10 season eggs battle past Hope you enjoyed.
I think this is a good one just because I'm a player that's played since season one, and I think a lot of people will appreciate this.
Lots of cool stuff in the free battle pass.
Yeah, I'm pleased with this.
I think this is a good battle past.
Let me know if you buy it again.
Use code down TDM or any other creative code you like.
Just make sure you use it season exits here, and I haven't played much for night recently by Hopped on for two games yesterday and came second twice.
So maybe I'll come back.
Let me know if you want to see some more fortnight lever.
Like if you enjoy the batter parts video as well, Evil like to subscribe more bills.
Every single day is gonna be a Minecraft video coming out later to get excited for that.
Thank you guys watching.
And I see you next time you're dead back in candle campus for four Rubber band.


Reacting to the Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass! (Fortnite Season X)

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