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it's happening.
Come on, Bruh rung.
We are one away from tying the current world record which allegedly is held by a Japanese duo.
We win this next game, we will tie the record.
If we win one more, we will break the record.
If I still teams on one kill the solo last we're not giving up.
All right, guys, wait on me Way.
Tie those.
We tie those, bro.
I was a 20 hp home.
Oh, yeah?
Well, all right, let's go.
Let's get to listen.
We got the wife popping off.
Honey, listen, if you're watching, it's 5 30 If we win this game, we're about to drop out of right now, honey.
I need you to cancel everything.
Cancel it all.
One away, one away from claiming the world record.
I got the mules.
I think I think I'm gonna play it safe and launchpad.
I'm grabbing the slurp.
I'll be at 95 shield It was anyone looking?
I I did not see anyone about arriving.
We should rotate over there right now.
Now get this pump over here.
Chris, it's on.
It's on this warehouse here, close to me on the bottom floor.
Try liquors and bananas.
Longley gonna have shit for me.
Do you have?
No, No.
Here, take the half shield.
I'm gonna grab the bookies.
We both have no healing.
Then it's time.
I need water.
Bring me a west warehouse.
Where else I have seen heels is a G L over here.
I'm gonna carry that attack.
Asked sng.
4500 A float Rain Focus, focus, Focus In Rome, little pompon Guys lie around in my carriage.
I'm going vote from no one knew There.
It looks very clean.
I have to team heels for whatever.
Carino Talman 10.
This morning were trying to kill for duos Taming dude.
Oh, yeah, this morning Thought that, right?
Yeah, you like?
Are you crazy?
Listen here to me, Tenders.
If you think that I'm gonna break, I've sicked boogie bones and there's a big part here.
Uh, I'm not anything.
You start watching the better.
Wait, Can you, Can you?
He had a full shields.
Yeah, Sean, Another full shield market, and I'll come for it in the middle layer of the You gotta stop mounted.
I've seen this one over here.
I'm just gonna get up there.
Bell Tower?
There's a bush.
Two guys in the bush.
I want to get sprayer.
I could begin the boat any second.
Nice and crack the other 100 blue.
You just feel it or not?
That actually was that, bro.
I one pump them would have been dead center.
Are you ready for this?
It hits his book way.
Get a chug.
I'm not gonna use that.
I'm gonna have to find I mean, for me.
I would take the job anymore.
Rocket to know.
No, she's getting Yes, I'm getting the problem, huh?
You know, guys, you know, it's a good I'm trying to make it entertaining for you guys.
All right?
I I literally just thinking to shit my pants at 40.
That's more money.
All right.
Nice radiograph.
Eliminate a team, you know, like right there.
22 bushes.
That book this kid just stays in the bush.
Doesn't even flinch, bro.
Yeah, I saw that talk about ice in his veins.
That kid was just like I like he was.
It was committed to the Bush cons play till the end.
He was jealous.
Get up.
What did you put that thing you did?
No, no, no, no, you can't.
This was alluded to harmonies.
Oh, do they fought it went too snobby.
That's why we're gonna show here.
Uh huh.
Look at this crazy Bill battle over here.
Do you see this?
The hanky actually in the house, and then I'm totally trolling.
You know that in the game, right?
I know you're going at the old bill.
You control my trolling with more strolling down like you're serious.
Should know me by now.
Any rockets?
I don't I don't know.
I got 14 15 seconds.
Have you seen from their old builds or save?
Every summer, I want to be doing ribs on for killing.
That's good.
I am literally not know.
Watch our West.
You said there's no way I saw the rotation.
Now they're not.
There came pouring three.
I have three monsters.
Give me one of those.
I have to launch.
Man will give you one of these.
Many traps.
Uh, have one trap.
So all right, flying.
You guys tried it like I should be Skilled church got high grounds like we want him.
We were like prime real estate.
He's got transferred.
Uh, this guy's not helping him out.
He's completely bailing.
And I choke ms every show guy.
A South Viking, 35 blue in one.
Someone got the drop north.
Yeah, that was his teammate.
Total lie after one snow white.
Come on.
I'm getting a bookie.
Yeah, he's flying.
Right, Right.
Just like off the mountain.
Easy, people.
35 36 Wait.
Bad eyes does go.
I know sculpting hip fire with it, and then I hit it with a second shot is nasty.
You got that?
You got that little glitch?
What have you got?
A little lax.
This is the only focusing on the stand side.
Soccer 35 blue on one.
These kids are trying to snipe like, Well, I got the guy I had tried to, like.
I can see them.
They're both trying to hit this peak.
Jon, I remember my first have you sniper.
You know, get as one of your timers.
Like I I could hit this deal and watch me.
You guys were pushing out 35 balloons on the board.
Three of zone.
Just so what if I blew?
I could peak you know that, But likely need is in the house of Silenced are also getting chances.
I want, you know, right now it's not worth it.
All was once hover boring.
So I try to get a hit trick shots.
What if I blew up the ramp?
One on top of stop melon?
Don't know why.
Yeah, There's two others to theirs.
To the zone.
No other.
All there.
And they're all building up there.
Ones fighting are now cheesy.
Just got killed.
Watch behind us.
I write some little creeper.
Just like here.
This is it.
Bridge and players left.
Yes, sir.
You understand?
After it's the first time doing is cracking open a cloth, right?
Same right.
Let yes, Nearly nearly exploded.
How do you get nearly slowed?
He's against switch to drink under a drink.
You know, only if you get caught.
Italy illegal.
Only your parents over 70.
They gotta be drinking with It's got to be in a bar.
I thought it might be, you know?
You ask for your property imagining Wisconsin.
You have to be in a bar.
It is coming out of dumb, taking a lot of damage.
Where is walking out.
35 Pop.
It's not him.
He's done something on this Friday.
You have about office near in the air in there.
This guy's no sale, no sale, no shield.
Still over one on us now on a cell phone and try to get up.
64 blue in 94.
41 Pop, He's gliding toward someone else.
Now you watch north north.
Got I got there.
Get hold of Have a G L um No, wait.
Weird angles.
We should we should bounce, like right now.
Now we can hold him.
You go down there, build a tower.
1 41 42 80 people.
80 82 blue in the way.
Won't have the map at all.
Nice hand.
Both for 100 there.
Come get me.
Just walk this in.
We're gonna watch this guy to myself.
Come with me, please.
We're going for 82.
41 white 18.
41 white.
Well, bunny rabbit getting down dead.
I'm having a baby rockets now.
You did not rare coming up.
Come on, Coming up after load.
I'm a book about both.
They're both looking.
I don't know.
Last time herself.
I see him.
Do you have any rockets?
I do not really get a launch.
It's a fish suspicious device.
Not one doctor.
20 fish is wanted on me.
Okay, Go.
Oh, my God!
Oh, the record.
Give it to me.
Give it to us.
Oh, Wait!
Really Did it for workers 43?
We just beat the Japanese guys.
Held it.
Duo held it.
That 42.
We just get 43.
Holy shit!
And 43 wins in a row.



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