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Did you know that Rocket Lee came on last night?
Rocket Lea ea sports game on my TV.
I don't even know we're watching.
We're watching, like some.
Some Christmas Channel is like the third Christmas movie in a row, and it finished, and then rocket lead comes on.
That's pretty pumped.
All right, here's the hoping that we don't get landed on my four different deeds.
All right, let's go year like that.
That was a move out of a year sound.
Are you kidding me?
Who does that?
I have a team.
Each one.
I'm clean.
A guy here was leaning high Your river.
The one I marked I don't even know.
I don't wanna go from here.
How to rotate this just right?
The 1st 2 chest epic cast.
I'm loaded.
This guy's coming right at me.
You're gonna get the truck.
I have to run.
Yeah, just run away.
Run away.
I'm gonna come to you.
All right?
What a joke, man.
I kind of like what I do.
I go east here and, like, runs down the river and then swim.
I can't.
I have to go, like, around suit.
South you try to go around having a r?
That's it.
In a fishing pole.
What do you want me to do?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, I'm just gonna run toward you and hope that I don't get pinched between these guys in the Yeah, He's building on top of the house already.
Abandon it.
I don't know what these guys are gonna rotate to.
I have ah chilled for you.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
I'm getting a little Thank you.
Missed everything.
Next time, tell him he slid down a mountain.
What a weird rotation.
We'll go here at the river, get the break.
Is a honey pot Do we just, like, run?
I don't want this.
Oh, yeah, Let's assume someone.
You white agony on us.
That was literally worse.
That is that.
Is that what just happened?
Me is worst case scenario, like someone land.
I get that.
You know that kids teammate was Are you sure it was a full duo that landed?
Yeah, I have a locker here.
I have a proper over here.
Is walking, Told him?
Yeah, like the green pays off with a bang Boom.
I can hold that blue bowl too if you don't drop me some ammo, actually, Can you hear what these hideous Ah, yeah.
Scar here for you.
RPG Wanna hold that?
I know nothing of this night resumes in the book.
Star G.
Harper in there.
I can't carry it.
Dropped, like lockers or not.
Let's go check it out at once.
They, uh there infection already?
I got high ground.
Or anyone?
We're on the same guy.
Crack one along here alone, That's why.
Oh, my God.
Come with me.
Give her a sniper and such third party.
Let's just finish this quick.
I'm gonna keep relating.
Yeah, Go for it.
13 90 people.
It's distracting.
The devil is here.
80 80 blue dude, he has a freakin try to take us all Look as well.
You're alone in a big, like other guys like you in a second.
All right, I'm getting I'm putting apartment.
He's got Father for you.
Get up to me.
I'll drop you a flop.
Put him.
Yeah, I think I got through.
I'm gonna do it again.
I don't trap I w voice Idiot's brain dead.
You got a shot here, right?
Hard coming here.
Three more many's.
I got a one flaw for heartburn.
Have a large family.
I'm fishing.
All right, so that's a lot of work for us.
We knew that.
I have a slight fishing drinking it, eating it.
These guys were here.
I mean, I have four other flavors.
Secretary uh, one pop where?
My body.
Drop it.
That's the way Metal, metal.
Fine points.
I can't care.
These minis.
I got six.
I live.
Hey, Bill.
One wall while looking at me, I'm trying to swing a pick axe.
Do they know that?
We're not gonna try to contest them?
Only about the walkers.
Your bag that's going scaring me.
Martini, bro, I need you to be in here with me.
I'm big.
I get it.
I'm drinking it.
I'm gonna leave it.
Believe it.
I'm gonna market other right on you, my friend.
And I don't know your are feeding them where you got that big pot.
I got money so you can eat thinking already.
Then back off my fault.
I should have said I was gonna rock.
I thought you were I thought you were about to make a play with your shotgun skyrocketed.
Oh, no, no, I back dog, They had my wall, and then I have They're like stairs.
So it was like, You have any rocket from that?
I got four new snipe.
That kid up top was peeking hard Northwest.
Just wait.
Just just just take a gander at it, okay?
142 a r.
What do you think?
There's a good towards him.
Knock him.
Let's go.
Woman on TV.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's high ground, RBG Lord, We're gonna go low.
I read you like a bottom for it.
Thank you.
Really got him.
I just knocked.
No Waiters mathematically.
They're building.
I got it, I got it.
I got this float.
I think I had a pistol spring, so I'm gonna got him.
Hey, you know, he has the pistol.
Singe its high ground now.
Nice job.
How angry are they?
Very way have, ah, grand throwing bricks out of the left tackle.
I'm gonna floppers and living down here like an old minis.
And then there is it.
Unless this guy's rushing toward us anymore.
But there's a team 75 east.
You pick up any rockets?
Sorry, I know.
I know.
I don't have the money before that show.
This way.
There's a little your team doing the same thing we are.
We were in the exact same spot in the corn, Okay?
I mean, living at the peak of what could happen to us.
But I know, but, I mean, they're funny.
One big pot I don't brother intended need second thing.
I think Northeast trying made sex.
They definitely need backing.
Are these made second?
Be careful.
They're awful.
I have five minutes this moment.
I don't know that.
This get these guys edge.
So these 1 20?
Yeah, West wall.
There's another one.
You got a gun, Deline.
So getting.
Oh, no pushing.
There's two teams now.
I'm just tagging these kids up, but again, 1 20 This team is pushing up to our north.
Just keep an eye on everyone else whether I'm store.
No, I'm gonna push it.
Push it.
Mark, It's not here now.
They got him.
They got him.
They got pushed back up.
2 75 Head shot.
He had no shield.
We have 5 500 incremental, brother.
You know that, right?
Okay, fine.
Yeah, I'm getting back up.
They're gone.
And they're on their end zone.
Or no blessings in Southwest zone right now.
You're sick.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me Know another one ends up being something.
Sally's southeast.
I got my God.
Oh, my God.
I just want you to meet.
I got another one.
Let's go, dude.
Because underneath this could you keep playing?
I don't think anyone else on edge anymore.
Not a thing.
So this is Weston Rebel Army.
I'm gonna call it.
Call it Luke E.
I know.
I know I have are Yeah, I got 100.
We just don't mean blue and point why you're here cracking 29 white as well to 29 wife down there in this in this metal way.
Have to go far.
What about the drugs?
RBG For like, an interview or something?
I'm dropping its way.
Should go now.
We should go now.
Yeah, high ground will be looking for us to watch your back.
Thank you, baby.
I love you.
Welcome home.
Let's watch our backs a lot.
We're not in yet.
You don't have to wait, okay?
It's kind of cool.
Trooper one shot southwest in the woods.
Wait on that one right there.
Putting on it right now.
Waken boat on the high ground.
Okay, We'll do it.
Blue on one.
I connected.
Built over.
You're 32.
64 69 966 I can't see you for crack 110 over there.
Make sure you get rant over and we're killing 35 white right here in this metal.
This team wants high ground.
I'm getting good.
35 70 crack on the edge.
Wait, We gotta get down here.
No, no, no.
We're fine.
Fine, you guys, I'm gonna go down a little bit.
No, but why Down the metal that went down, we're gonna get out of hard to swallow me.
I'm not gonna look bad or 10 of them, are you?
Looking back 45 11 that underneath us lasered low ground, Dad.
Not another soccer field.
One head underneath.
You know, Shield 35.
I don't know.
Not building.
You might want He's getting the bills Bills.
I can't get my child.
I gotta go.
You got him on dropping a harpoon.
Bring on filter too.
Every rockets.
Yeah, let's give me Give me.
Give me.
Give me.
Give me!
Give me!
Give me this building.
Plan to Sam Rocket.
I'm doing it guy underneath this close players.
Okay, I'm going now.
Little bit in the storm.
It says it in 95 or 92 storm.
I'm gonna connect.
Yeah, We're gonna Mrs killed.
I'm going in.
Oh, my God.
They're just gonna even floppers.
This guy's telling.
He's eating floppers.
Uh, this chill, bro.
These kids are dead, and they're still waiting.
Floppers to still leading, bro.
You got that?
You got the kill nice.
You got the tag.
You're gonna be a limb home.
Let's go, Let's go.


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