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Oh, What's going on, boys?
Oh, baby, baby, We've got our 3rd 4 gigs left Downloaded Mega Fast three left Get it hook up.
But I literally by the way, I'm I mean, I'm hungover, bro.
I set my alarm for 10 o'clock on the nose.
Not even like 9 55 0 no.
Rolled out of bed.
I was, like, first thing that came in my mind I was like, Oh, my God.
I forgot to download the game.
Hopefully we loaded and then it goes quick.
Someone gave me 50.
Ember said, Have you ever seen Tim's Wikipedia page?
It says you're his spots.
Laugh my ass off, and I'm your I'm your wife.
Yeah, I saw that.
I thought it got changed, though.
But last I checked.
Yeah, we're married, so Thanks, honey.
Come on, honey.
All right.
97 left.
Like off spawn.
We gotta watch kills and 97 rounds, which makes you love her concept.
Keep it up to your place and think of a five man.
Almost have to change my settings.
My sensitivity mind result was all good.
I just I lowered my sensitivity across games in general.
A little bit.
So I had a lower mind on this deployment.
Has talked to a woman.
All right, We're undefeated, and I don't plan to start now.
So many people are gonna try to trick shotting with the parachute.
It's all the same.
This is destroying the senate.
1 25 100 wait, uh, undefeated on the field.
This is not good.
Completely potato looking up.
Tough way right?
Look at that.
That's my eyes.
Look, right now, did you see this?
It says the names of the map on there.
You get out for us, right?
No way.
All jump together.
Way have individually, Let's go somewhere, like kind of safe.
Yeah, I'm thinking storage town.
Maybe I'm down.
So we're still trying to figure out flying.
The last time I got, like, 100 it went.
I'm going.
I'm going right at that auto deploy, right?
I think so.
I think we're I think we're long as I think we're alone.
Primary objective you is Take.
We gotta land, right?
New incredible number.
You can If you find an armor plate, you can immediately put it on.
I have an RPG.
I have.
You gotta em force him.
No, wait.
Red down Write offs.
Pretty bold.
I am not getting chocolate like Hawkins.
I do.
It's crazy.
There's completely just no attachments in this game.
There's no attraction system, which I I'm kind of down.
Where is my rocket?
Make me run slower.
Snapshot Grenade.
That's so not like reveals.
Did you have a u A v Jack?
Did you call it in?
Have you idiot have not called it in?
It is a trophy in here, which could actually be really good at it.
In an f n a r with a red doctor Medical way should pop the baby.
We should all just creating right here, Tim.
Well, it's like biting a self about kit.
I'm gonna buy a I'm buying.
I'll buy the gas mask.
What did that sip I am before I do, I'm gonna become for do this crazy put you can put a bounty of people a legendary pump.
Shoddy Right there.
Get herpes.
I'll grab them.
Turn around.
Look at the time.
Do you have more armor plates?
I just popped in my mind.
I'm sorry it forced my button.
My bad.
It's going back.
Damn it!
I'm not running away from you guys.
I might might.
It is pretty good, man.
I'm gonna go.
How much armor did you get?
I got five months.
I got five of them, but I think it's worth It's only 1500.
I think it's worth all this by buying.
So I have 55 I'm buying a self provide for this.
If I have that as well, you know, actually still have money.
I said about itself around.
I'll be all right.
I think it costs 4500.
It was 40.
He only wishes.
Is there?
Is there an entry over there?
We'll take the long way.
Yeah, they're definitely green.
10 setting.
Oh, yeah.
They're skilled idea.
C one three more reported.
Knocked him.
Knocked him down low.
He made two calls down low on the right side.
Your way going, daughter One We've been on the road with the RPG rocking me.
I'm down.
He's won it.
He was normal.
All that held at your national How did after I kill you got him up.
I just got shot in the back booth.
Heck, dude.
Oh, I'm getting wall eat itself revives itself.
Arriving, placing down your whole life that I got one.
It's above us directly above us right now and on the whole way.
Countem ripped him open.
You're so nasty, Tim.
You're amazing.
Way we should all be full of armor plate way.
We're right on the edge, So we gotta push up a little bit back in where we came in.
Exact spot.
Can you run out or no running to your left.
Get in there a lot.
I went, I went in, I went to and I got my daytime grenades right there in the doorway to where we came from.
I don't like that we're in this point.
This choke point I right now just you guys.
No one left side armor, Clothes left.
Left side of me.
Flash them.
I can cover you with a cyber.
Gonna push in.
He's running away.
Backed down.
You switch on the wall is going to read.
You got another ass gulag.
I'm coming back, dude.
It's crazy.
Sometimes landing or two is gonna be fully kid in, like, five seconds.
Myself Provide kit.
Oh, I got my armor.
So did you pick up?
I had one.
There's three armor.
Still three armor plates over here.
Yeah, there's there's more here to Tim.
There's your legendary shot.
Also in my name Is it weird that I just knew that was gonna die if people right there I didn't know there was one outside, so I pushed him.
It was stupid.
It was done.
Good idea, boys.
I went up inside.
Yeah, I feel you know.
I mean, I see you.
It's okay.
You go back on the roof of the for the buying thing, but there might be people here.
Go check.
I mean, if there is, just play them for their get up Europe co being you still there?
You can full sprint while putting on armor plates.
Voice about a self revive again.
Got it.
Like you would be, uh Let's get a much info is possible.
Like I was only down.
Just got a teammate.
That guy instant, didn't it?
I don't know.
Fucking died The rocket dude.
Anyone that uses an RPG Oh, my God.
When your would be Ah.
Hey, are you all the time Really?
That go sort this fuck around.
Tied you in the gulag and I'm in right now.
Shit on him.
I'm better than you guys on a loop.
I'm just looking all your stuff right here.
Let me out.
I had a crush on me shooting.
Who took my a k.
I got it.
Why do you think of our plates?
I only have one, um, way killed someone over here.
You could probably have five.
Where that might be out of here.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I have a gas, man.
Just take me.
Thanks, guys.
I need more than one I needed.
We gotta go in here.
Dude, He's holding the Titan locked angle right there himself.
Reviving one shot.
Kill them.
Way gotta go.
We gotta go zones pushing boys from our loved one.
It want it, Want it, want it, want it, Want it, Want it with the armor blade on.
You can full sprint and put it on.
I am.
I am.
I am.
I bought him.
Yeah, okay.
Well, I can't get him.
I'm just going to run.
Are you sure you could use it right on you?
Right now I have self about to what?
I just want a self enough to Yeah.
I just love the gas mask on the left.
Oh, my God.
He's all right away.
Yeah, off to the right side.
It seems like I hit him.
I hit him hard, bagged them, tagged him.
Rosie Carver on the roof.
Yep, The whole body.
He's running.
He's running.
I'm our marketing.
And you guys, we push the one kid who should be killed, but instead sorry.
Back using armor.
He's got custom custom e r.
Shipp more.
Do you need a place to place?
No, he brought his own.
Maybe hug this.
Armor plate.
You're not pulling armor back.
Just just ran out of gas mask.
I'm out of money now.
This is a great way to make you feel like you're never helpless with armor.
You know, your left your left.
I don't know.
I don't have a ping three year behind this wall.
Oh, no.
That died instead.
Careful that sniper out to the web site brought to the left.
Right here.
I see him.
Him once an armor.
I broke his arm.
A broken arm around.
He's alone.
I love your loot up, Norma.
He's in the gas lines and you're not other side.
They're about this big hangar.
Yeah, we should get a killing left.
We should keep going.
I'm sweating.
Yeah, Let's take this right.
Buildings, go for this.
Right building.
So in there, they're definitely any of the last team.
No more armor.
Okay, but out of all replaces this Here.
Here, Jack.
Not to my body.
Thank you.
How did you kill one?
11 killed.
Help me protect me a little.
Push me a little bit on my left.
He's late.
He's above me.
Wait me behind me.
Behind me Behind me, You think?
Armored Using.
All right, you two, He has this custom sniper this.
No, These guys were also funny.
We should be reporting this.
I'm here with 3333 I think they're in blue, right?
Are they fighting?
I mean, they're sure 24 enemies or night You don't want to do.
I'm inside the building.
That stud gonna push me boys a claymore suffering.
He was on top of the stairs.
He's on top.
I know exactly where he is.
Reloading throwing at this guy dead down him closing a self driving, dead careful, plain boring stuff.
I'm gonna sit on him.
Let's go, baby.
Oh, that's crazy.
That's how Jack Tim is in real life.
Clearly, that's actually based off.
I really, really, really enjoyed that.



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