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No, it was crazy.
That 19 movie I went to Golden Globes last night is literally available in cinematic theatres near you right now.
Most importantly, on Friday comes out available for everyone.
Friday, 1917 tweet.
A picture of the ticket tweet.
A picture of you kids and popcorn.
Bad courage Tag myself.
Well, Favorite And Retweeted.
Well, you guys big kisses over the Internet.
I love the person.
I love it.
I watched a lot of war movies, man.
And I could tell you right now that the imagery dude like this is hands down the greatest picture movie ever.
Roger Deacon is hash tag hashtag 1917 hash tag.
If you don't see it, then you're you're a weird person.
And you know what?
It's okay to be weird, though.
So you know what?
You want to see that they have been so like theaters, but it's out of your front.
Does that shoot your walk up behind you and shoot your shit?
They know that they know the angle.
No, I got right back.
Right back.
Or quarterback?
Cornerback corner.
I don't know.
A lot more left.
Left corner, son.
Son and with you're better, you're better.
You're telling your tracking your home Charismatic Did your wise rose loving your caring look at the time literally lost.
Guys, walk lost.
I got your back, man.
Back out my right.
My right corner.
You can hit him again.
Hit him again when it recorder.
Let's go.
You were on a better feel in 1917 would rather fight five.
Hamlin sized Tim's or one Tim size.
Hamlin's tough question.
Yeah, matter.
Back up.
Back up corner week I said better as I died.
Last love.
Love quarterback.
All corners.
That's right, homey.
10 seconds.
Little Just don't let him or to the right given play.
Control it.
The windows first blood One shot, one bullet, One bullet seas on.
Thank God.
Look at this.
I can't wait to watch this homie Only obey.
Oh, it homies on a deadline like he is in 1917 right?
He thinks he's like I got to go, You know, One idiot middle censoring him.
Oh, my God.
Like left on video.
Hey, I watched a lot of war movies, Guys, this one, this one had me in suspect.
It was it was a suspense slash thriller like war movie the entire time it was crazy.
And you have to tell you guys have to see in theaters because I had to, like, really, really, really try and pay attention to see all like, that gruesome little Oh, man, there's so many little details here and there like I almost missed.
But luckily, I'm a legend and I have a big TV weird, like no prisoners.
This gives her cheating getting, But this did the legend, Robin, obviously the blue container.
Oh, my job blush.
Okay, back.
Crow making us fight as good.
But we're better.
No mistakes.
No dragon.
I'll go.
I'm nasty going.
I'm gonna push up.
One shot dead.
Stunning back.
Left way.
Have advantage.
One round at a time.
You said you just got yourself pregnant.
Yeah, Put it away.
I just made that.
Give my bitch dude burning right back middle putting back middle thrown eight over.
You know, take him one time.
You're better.
Better, better weapons Ready?
Old mine.
All right.
Even mind the study left.
He hits me over three.
Someone right pushing it.
One shot stop jumped out.
That's better.
Oh, my God.
Watch this.
Watch this.
Watch this.
You did.
You get back.
Shake my head.
Like what?
Shots back.
Left for better.
What just happened?
That's how you just happened.
How did you How did you just get hit there?
Heart of mulling as well.
Okay, starting with Bobby.
There, there then.
Right, Right, right.
Tag three loaded up there.
Up there, bro.
It's so weird.
I'm so confused that you threw a contemporary literally a container, a metal container, a deal shot like nasa's we've ever seen.
Nothing like a nice of them who's on me about me about us.
Lady Side left herself so bad.
Like they're talking so much shit.
But they're so bad.
It's insane.
Let's go, bro.
Like I would smack these kids in the movie 1917 like, you know, pushing up on you killed.
Obviously, your point is you might wanna meet your dream.
You ready?
You guys are Hands down G's 1917 in theaters Friday in select theaters.
Right now.
Go check it out.
One to global golden globes the whole time you're following the characters.
If you happen to get more tense than ever felt like that.
Any other type of film felt so crazy.
I'm having you halfway through the film.
I'm like, bro, I have a cut out of anything like it.
Tell you, like, really important.
A couple moments.
One shot back.
Stop them!
Stop them!
Kobe's him again too.
You think you think, dude, where were you in World War One?
We needed you Like I got being brothers again Home.
And I'm 26.
God, they're no todo there.
No cut frames.
The two main actors said they had to practice for six months for the plane.
Seen for both of us.
Holding an angle.
Get in a tip, top my money.
I started back, Left flashing back left.
Okay, back right now Tell me he's army underneath.
Or maybe he's on the right thesis.
Christ, that was difficult for there's a plane in the movie spoilers.
All right?
I don't know when you see it.
We're that good job.
We're that good.
We're that good job.
Carly thinks with something.
Wait where My five gifted.
We just want one last game.
Voted middle, right?
Unfortunately, I cannot download it because I don't have the Twitter.
Just had a hash tag.
1917 hash tag tag.
Give it.
They could give me discord, bro.
I don't know that early.
See for blow approach, man, It doesn't matter because you're there.
I just dropped it in.
Nothing happened.
Going left.
I have my guy on the right ones.
Are you winning?
Health battle?
You're running health.
Do it.
10 seconds.
Do it.
Oh, my.
Oh, gee.
There it is, ladies and gentlemen.



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