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But you're one of those rare actors who quite likes the green screen
and not knowing what's there. Yeah.
I prefer that over the actual animals.
You've got to give them context.
He hates animals. Yes. He has a real fear. All of them?
Yeah, I'm sorry, respect.
Stop saying fear.
No, no. Respect.
You're saying it in a way that they're going to take it and run.
It's not a fear - I don't understand what you're thinking about
so, I don't like to be around you because I can't...
Kevin, it's just a poodle.
..you don't know that poodle.
It's too much to get into cos you're going to judge me.
And I don't feel like that's what should be done here.
But did you get to meet...
Obviously, you didn't meet a herd of ostriches but...
Cos you're on location for some of it. For a lot of it.
We wanted to expand the Jumanji universe so we went
from the jungle, to the dunes, then the desert,
then the snow-capped mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
And there's a massive scene where we're on camels.
Kevin got to know his camel very well. Terrified of camels.
A very racist camel.
Let's just get it out.
Let's get it out. Animals are racist, yes.
The only black guy that was there.
The camel definitely had it out for me, did he not?
Was any other camel making noise except mine?
Was any other camel making noises?
Kevin... Here's the thing, as you guys don't like animals,
they feed off the energy of the human beings,
and he had a very fearful energy.
So, I'm racist against myself?
This is ridiculous.
The camel was not a nice camel.
I believe you. I believe you.
The camel I feel sorry for is the camel that you climbed aboard...
The camels must have been in a row,
thinking, "Not me! I'll take him! I'll take him!"
That camel was making happy noises with you on him.
It was left with three humps.
Bad day for that camel. What?
Because you swelled the middle section up
because you're so big.
You get it.


Kevin Hart’s intense rivalry with a racist camel filming Jumanji ? | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

7 分類 收藏
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