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for 180 million years as the continents slowly shift beneath them.
The giant dinosaurs dominate the planet.
But around 65 million years ago, suddenly they disappear, wiped out by a meteor strike.
Scientists believe another event may have contributed to their downfall.
In India today, there is a collection of ancient temples.
These incredible structures were cut from the soft rock of the Deccan traps, the remains of a massive lava eruption that spreads over 520,000 square kilometres of western India.
This epic eruption begins to poison the dinosaurs world, but the nail in their coffin is the sudden impact of an immense meteor.
Here you have, Ah, body of rock that's six miles in diameter is traveling at 20 times the speed of a rifle bullet when it hits planet Earth, which is much, much, much larger.
It's like driving a truck into a stone wall, and it punches a hole deep into the earth.
And then all that energy gets blown back out of that hole.
With the force of a 1,000,000,000 atomic bombs, the explosion gouges a crater 185 kilometers wide and nearly 13 kilometers But many now believe that the impact alone wasn't powerful enough to cause their global extinction.
Satellites designed to search for oil have recently confirmed that the impact site is a part of the earth's crust, unusually rich in hydrocarbons and sulfur.
When the meteor hits, volatile compounds vaporized, creating a cocktail of climate changing chemicals that mix with the countless tons of melted rock.
All that energy blows up it out.
Some of it goes out of the earth's atmosphere.
Some of it blows sideways.
Meanwhile, the earth is turning.
She have hot stuff flying out of the sky on the other side of the planet.
If you're anywhere near it, forget about it.
But you on the other side of the planet, forget about it also.


How A Meteorite Crash Ended The Age Of Dinosaurs | Life Of Earth From Space

6 分類 收藏
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