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I was I got all that excited.
I'm ready to play this.
I'm gonna be honest.
This is the perfect game to be coming out now, like 100%.
Let's play this bad boy O R.
Three islands coming up is well.
Oh, there they are.
All these guys a cute.
Okay, we're gonna go with We're gonna do dance idiom.
Of course.
Use your style.
I wanna make a male character.
So we're gonna be super pale because I'm a gamer.
We're gonna have to go with a normal hair color.
Do pigtails.
I mean, that's cute.
Look at this.
What is that?
Although I'm tempted to go for the pigtails do pigtails looks beautiful.
Primates do some some eyes.
I'm kind of feeling this square ones like this.
What is that?
Hold on.
I'm gonna go square.
I like square.
I mean, she's a nose or mouth your square.
I think we could change this at some point.
I'm kind of hoping I can change that.
Some point we're confirming.
Does everything look OK?
Way Get it off.
Let's go.
Is not even clapping is like slapping his chest.
Just chillin doing it.
I'm ready.
Oh, looks good.
We can always change it, to be honest, I got my plane now.
30 chartered flight from the kinks deserted on a getaway package is ready for boarding.
As you feel like I've got a hole in a Oh, I don't know.
I like that.
May Oh, have your kin.
Look at this guy, Mira.
Want to get left?
Let's go.
I want to see you, though.
You're cute.
You're like a wrestler.
And use this Lyman for other guides.
Let's hustle.
That's also bro.
This game's beautiful, you know.
Look at me.
Run its luck, Nexia.
Ah, I'm star struck.
My character's really tall.
That's not accurate.
So these must be my two starring Villagers.
I like them.
I look so weird.
Why did you guys make me do this?
I look like a scuffle.
I've got the square eyes.
So we need to open this tent build here.
Hey, we're happy about it.
So we stand the 10 guys, you've really messed me up on this location.
I can already go on the bottom left hand side.
Women guys, Myron's cute.
Let's go and find the lucha delicious Woah, mouth is sideways.
Waas escape is a horrible look.
So adorable.
We have a campfire, guys, let's go.
And he's let you letting up.
I'm not sure your safety barrier for a campfire should be more wood, but we'll see.
I already have a name for this.
I think I'm gonna call it Diamond Islands.
Yes, Hit that.
Right, Clanton down.
Be swole ville said Smallville.
That's great, Lyman.
You you cheeky, cheeky boy.
So, Auntie em suggested diamond.
That's a lot of class crap, guys.
Yep, they agree.
Two diamonds and the happiness of his residence.
So, Cumin, what a start where we go Or for me from now.
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.
Look, you're gonna tuck me in so I look outrageous.
It looks like we got two black eyes are basically made.
The human version of SpongeBob in Animal Crossing.
Dante, DEA, are you in there?
Oh, but I'm waking you abruptly.
Look, I'm gonna lay here for a second.
The same.
That is a piece of paper.
You itemize bear Bill.
Auto ring that already?
This guy, he pretends to be nice to you in the lamb of 50,000 Bells party.
I'm happy about the scam.
I don't really know.
Oh, no.
Oh, what have I done taking off this moment?
Oh, no water on my face.
Any war I don't know where the fight that how the way this all I'm wearing a random person's face on my back, Front and face.
Oh, so you've got a cardboard box on a hammock?
Things going crazy over here goes cross the flimsy fishing rod.
Let's go.
Very aggressive.
Look at me.
Okay, That's it's terrible hope.
Retire around.
But Oh, that's it.
Take it.
No going.
Lyman's watching me.
We could the small one.
Let's go.
Oh, wait.
This is our first bell, guys.
It just fell out of a tree.
Yeah, we got money.
That bug.
That's a book there.
I want this bug.
Oh, First time having a moth portion down that that was mean.
No, I don't do this.
Stop sneaking up.
We'll make a bulletin.
Scrap post!
We could draw.
Going to do a self portrait.
Okay, beautiful.
There's the diamonds and I want to go.
Well, way done it.
It's beautiful.
Ona What's this?
You Could you over water something?
You know what I felt?
Oh, yeah.
This is my place.
What do you think, guys?
Right out of five stars, We have a cardboard box, or I'm gonna drop this.
That's gonna stay in there.
Come on.
Stop teasing me.
What's it gonna be?
Oh, Allah.
Gaze, Eyes.
I could Oh, that's what it is.
It's a dive.
Throw it away for in a way, this is bad.
And get this thing out of here.
There's a guy here.
Hello, Gullible.
What you doing, bro?
You okay?
I got an idea.
I've got an idea.
You woke up?
He won't copy out.
You woke up.
It wants what?
Well, you're the one who kept nudging me.
It's now.
Who was that?
You hit this guy with a net?
Hold on.
Move out the way.
It is important.
No, Ivan.
9 11 We just a secret handshake, which was kind of cute, but was so annoying.
F's in the chat nor work.
So if you eat this, I'm gonna take a tree down the world place at some point.
Someone shot down this.
That did not work.
Turns out I contract down a tree.
I did all I'm well, powerful.
Hashtag save the trees.
So if I chop something down three times the trees go No, no, no.
Oh, Cheese.
I wanted to catch the other thing.
I can switch in time.
How not me?
No, I was stunned.
Look on my face.
Although look of me outrageous.
Oh, no.
Again, this I tried.
I tried to stop twice.
Oh, no!
All right, the money one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Okay, we go.
Bells 100.
How is it?
1000 wall.
We just ate the job.
Put my friends.
Oh, no.
There was a bug that I didn't have.
I just ran into it.
Told me why all those new flowers up there, too?
As a bug up that I want to look at the bug.
I'm gonna try it.
Definitely visit a Mantis out there as well.
It's like that.
So this is gonna be like my sunset strip off shops, museums, whatever else that we can fit on this bit.
Look, wait.
Sorry for injuries as well.
Ah, so cute.
I love this game.
This place is sick.
There's so much space for bugs.
Oh, there's one What we got here?
I'm off just above his Children there.
They didn't give it any activities.
They could've at least given a lamp.
Why is there a bug?
Swat is a bug museum.
Let's chill.
Oh, wait.
If I stand here, there's a meet your above us.
Look right there.
Isa Ghost guys.
What do I do with a ghost?
What I do with a ghost?
I talked to him.
What do I do?
You know, I don't know if I was supposed to do that.
I like how we get into some houses in all that is really awkward where they're going.
Well Oh, I missed.
I'm ready for you.
I mean, you catch it.
Oh, my goodness.
My net skills need work.
The same weight I just know is something.
Look up off my villages head.
Uh, what is that?
Would either by that Is that a year?
No, I'm interested, bro.
I'm interested.
£1500 Bargain.
Give me right now.
It's time West.
But toilet.
Where is it?
There it is.
Oh, boy.
This game is peak.
This game is piqued.
Back in candle camp four.


8 Hours of Animal Crossing in 10 Minutes..

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