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sorry, cow.
Now I'm gonna video in a while on Minecraft mod.
So today I scoured the Internet to try and find some funny ones for you on Boy, do I have them first up?
Well, dogs, someone's managed to add, like 20 different dog breeds into Minecraft.
Mycroft officially had a cat update where they added loads of cats.
So where the dogs?
That huh?
Where are the dogs?
As you can see things.
Guy doesn't quite know how to be a dog.
But most importantly, they have added in pugs into Minecraft.
If you didn't know, I've got two beautiful little pods of my own.
A Check it out.
They have added bugs in the Minecraft.
Look at them.
Their faces on as flat as my pugs.
But still, they are so cute.
They're pretty Life size is well compared to the Minecraft character.
They bark, they run.
I don't think they really do anything else in this model.
But the mob does have pots which I think is supposed to be Bowls has bowls, houses have carry cases.
And I think that some other pets in here is Well, this is the part.
This is the house which, to be honest, look really, really cute.
Is my pugs giant head gonna fit in there, though?
I'm not sure about this.
I don't think it's gonna fit in.
Then you have the portable houses.
Well, I don't actually think because this is a brand new mods.
The dogs that can fit in the houses.
I haven't seen them use it yet.
Can we lead these guys?
I think we can.
Yes, it doesn't Attached to their head.
Attach is toe like here, but you can lead them around.
This is so cute.
My new best friend and my graft.
There is also ration, which I believe is food.
Can you put it in the bowl?
Oh, you can.
That's cool.
And it kind of doesn't look like food.
Does it go hamsters?
Hamster, Russian hamster part.
And there's different hamsters as well.
Okay, this is cool.
Hamster, Hamster!
Do look at these things.
The other one's got red eyes.
The size of their cheeks.
What you hiding in there?
We have the hamster port on the champs.
The Russians?
What are they eating?
What is that?
They have actually added in a couple other cats.
I think there's three cats in total.
This one.
What happened to this guy's face?
You okay, buddy?
You don't like you're in pain.
You kind of look like a dog.
Actually, you already have three toes on each leg.
We'll let you.
Okay, you are a little bit fluffy.
But you walk sideways and you're pretty much the same.
But you also walk sideways.
There's also loads more dogs.
Well, this one doesn't have eyes.
Oh, no.
Where did your eyes go?
He can't see.
Wait, he does have eyes.
They're just very, very light colored.
Great Dane, which is absolutely massive.
Have you seen these guys In real life?
They're huge.
They're taller than me if they stand up on their back legs.
But to be honest days in the heart boots area, Bernie's mounted all mechanisms like squids.
Dawg spits a German shepherds a Rottweiler.
Okay, big dog.
And then a pincher as well.
Which is like a baby version is so cute.
Wait, I just Oh, no.
I just tried to make a baby version of this.
What happens if I do a baby version of the pub?
Oh, no.
Okay, Yeah, it's given above the dogs twice its size.
It might be a bug.
I'm and I'm happy I could have loads of drugs in my world.
This is beautiful.
What a great mods!
It's so loud as well.
Next morning is, is around.
One is not gonna take much explaining.
It's literally a spoon on a fork weapon.
I kid, you not put their put their giant.
The giant fork is an attacking weapon.
Look at me.
Attack and terrifying.
And then a giant spoon.
A cz Well, this is literally the only thing that is in the mod.
Someone has taken time out of their day to create giant you tens of weapons in Minecraft.
But apparently, yeah, What this is like a faster is a shovel.
This isn't too bad, actually.
Who knew giant spoons were actually really useful in my graft?
Let's test out this fork, Shall we?
Did two hearts of damage, literally is too hard to damage, So I'm guessing can kill a creeper in force wings?
The only am I the monster hunter changed it changed the image to a fork.
I can now hunt creep chris with a fork.
Did someone eat the food.
I think someone ate the food and so many times the food too.
Who ate this?
Come on, open up.
It's probably gonna be where the pucks isn't.
It s so I'm gonna move on quickly.
But I want to take the next model away from the sweet, innocent eyes of my dog island I've created because this one's this one's a little bit savage.
It's involves grinding mobs into goo.
Yeah, actually, this little island he'll be perfect.
Nor those dogs over here to just turn around.
Don't Don't look this way, please.
So involves this thing.
This is called the Goose or and yes, it looks terrifying.
And it is.
Let me jump on it first I am in Creative motor is not gonna help me too much even though it looks like it.
This looks painful.
Eyes, wickedness, ice Yeah, this think grind mobs into goose that you can put them into a bucket and then transport them somewhere else.
It's probably one of the stupidest mods ever.
But think about it.
In a previous Minecraft hardcore episode, I tried to transport a turtle about 1000 blocks.
This would have made it much easier.
It's much more painful for the Tuttle, but he still gets to live.
It's reactivated using this.
The literally named Gu re animator.
Let me show you how this works.
But first I need to grab some Bach.
It's so let's grab these game mod zero This and then I didn't pick any peaceful mobs.
I'm gonna have a zombie.
So you put the Oh, no, no, no.
He's down here!
Down here!
Coming here!
Coming here.
There we go.
Stay on it, though, please.
Come on.
You're gonna die before we get to reanimate you.
You pleased with yourself?
Are you pleased?
Well done.
That didn't work, Creep.
Oh, no.
It's gonna explode.
No, I think this through G's getaway for me.
Almost killed me.
Let's choose some more passive mobs, because this just ain't gonna work otherwise.
Here we go.
Let's sport in a pig.
Don't move.
Don't you dare move.
There we go.
That's what I'm talking about On your pork chops, though.
I want what's underneath now.
For some reason, the color of the slime isn't showing, But you can kind of see it.
Dealing about there is definitely there.
And if I grabbed myself one of these buckets.
I got myself a pig.
Goo bucket.
Look at that in there.
It's pink.
It's gross.
It's Gillian arounds.
I'm carrying the whole load.
A pig in one bucket.
It's pretty impressive, actually.
Can you drink it?
You can't drink it.
That have been even cooler.
Well, you can now do is take this pig absolutely everywhere.
You don't need to lead it.
You don't need toe, Laura in with the carrot.
You can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
And then when you get to your destination Oh, okay.
That's messing with my eyes on my goodness.
You can reanimate it.
This is the re animating process.
That area is good as new chilling know, even worrying about what just happened to him.
Okay, maybe you have some questions.
I'm not telling you what happened to you.
You could do this with literally any mob that could be sporting with a score.
You knew cows, rabbits, chickens, blazes, guardians and the men literally anything.
You get the drops when they die as well.
But most importantly, you get their goo.
And then every Gu has a starting color as well.
I want to try and get this slime, But Okay, that works.
That definitely waas.
They dropped you anyway.
But this is a different guy into Google.
There we go.
Look at the color of this one.
This one's cool.
Look at that.
They will have their own unique color and then you can reanimate them whenever you like.
Using the re animator.
I thought this is a very cool, very silly macho.
No, no, he's coming after me.
Why haven't I learned my lesson?
Stay back.
Least stay back right now.
Leave me alone!
You don't want to get a fight with me when all of my guests actually taste the folk buddy and the cow can come back And this also works on named mobs as well as if I named this cow and then re animated it.
It would still have the same name.
For example, this chicken's names well was named ALF on dhe.
He died in an unfortunate accident.
Then we scoop up his slime.
The chicken slime is really gray like actual gray matter Put it in the re animator on when he's finished re animating which the animation for is actually pretty cool.
He should be spawned in as out.
So it literally takes everything that you've done, including, like dying the sheep and stuff.
So if you put green sheep in, you get a green sheep out.
Then you get basically a clone of your old friends to transport in a bucket.
I think that is genius.
Next two months go kind of hand in hand.
So if any of you have played Minecraft, if you will know that move, blooms are a thing.
They kind of like a special version of cows and mushrooms.
Now someone's decided to add these into the game but loads more types.
In Minecraft earth.
There's only one time, but in this one I think there's about nine, including a with a rose variant.
So let's born one of each of these in, and I think these look amazing.
Look, the bamboo one lords roll with you.
It's like pineapples on your head.
But the special thing about move blooms is as they walk around.
They have a chance to spawn that flower just like this on the floor as they walk, which is pretty cool.
See, this guy has already spawned in three of them on them or they walk, the more they create.
But if you share them, I think they become a normal cow.
So I want this bamboo, please.
There we go.
We get five of whatever type of move Bloom.
It is snip.
I like it.
Like likely it does that That's cool.
Does a little explosion first, but then you go back to a normal cow.
However, look at the weather rose one.
Dude, it's smoking.
It's got no ice where your Bible was gone.
What happened to them?
Having a farm of these would be so good on.
You can grab with the roses because they create them on the floor.
I think this is a really cool little mod.
I'm even tempted to add it to my hard core world just because it is that cool.
It means that my cowl pit will just look a little bit more colorful.
They'll still be stuck in a pit for the rest of their lives, but that we were colorful about it.
So I get with roses.
From this I do.
That's cool.
Really cool, like my favorite flower in Minecraft.
Look at this thing.
No, no No, no.
Nobody used to be a with a cow as well.
You messed up, dude.
I've just realized that the next and last month I want to show you a tax cows in a really, really unique way.
But it doesn't work in the same Minecraft version, so cows are.
See you later.
I'll come back soon.
Maybe I'll see you in a Minecraft.
Let's play near you.
But for now, we go on, check out the TNT.
That's right.
Here it is.
The TNT e tha spawn egg.
And this this is what he looks like this how'd like 50,000 up votes on Reddit?
It's like to grind stones fused together, made into arms and legs with a skeleton head on.
He walks around and just eats TNT at both players on cows.
So for today, we're gonna use cows because I don't feel like being the test subject and that c what happens.
That's amazing art, he says The word is Well, it's where he does the awkward stare.
Look at him.
He's like, I'm going to get you.
That's great.
Now we want to see what happens when you sport in loads of them against one very, very poor, innocent cow.
Look at them.
Here we go.
Sorry, Cow.
Hey, Lords, into the sky.
That's amazing.
Notifying the flatter piece of Lance Weaken we could test is properly.
This will do, right?
We're gonna try and sporting as many as we can.
I want to try and sport in, like, literally 1000.
I don't think it's gonna be able to work that way, and it probably will kill my computes up, but I'm ready to make the sacrifice for you guys.
Oh, this is the way to do it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Okay, this cow was gonna get absolutely destroyed.
How are we doing?
That seems like enough.
Okay, One cow.
I love the old, recognizing some of the words.
So I into the editors.
Think it didn't say I didn't hear a property last time.
So we're gonna go again.
This is the best bought out of order so far.
This is great.
I want to see what these guys do when a cow is placed above them.
Oh, don't book out.
They actually wiped out.
It's raining them.
All we get is some of them went.
So why in the air?
This is my favorite.
Probable time confirmed.
So there you go.
That's how you kill a cow in style with a T etc.
Geeta Nice to meet you guys.
Thank you for being part video today.
Appreciate you.
So there you go.
There's a few months I've been saving up, Ready to put into a mine Grab on video if you enjoyed leaving like every great appreciated subscribe.
If you're Brian new to the channel as well for more Minecraft Pretty much every single day.
And I will see you guys in the next one Backing candle Camp four Problem Band.


Someone Added PUGS to Minecraft!

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