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  • -(woman) Hi. (giggling) -(man) Hi.

    (女)HI (男)HI

  • -(woman) Whew! -(man) Yeah.


  • we just do this anytime? -Yeah?


  • -You ready? -(director) Yeah, take your time.

    (女)你準備好? (工作人員)對,當你準備好的時候

  • (director) When you're ready.


  • Oh! (nervous laughter)


  • -Can you turn off the lights? -(giggles)


  • Come on.


  • -Justin. -Elizabeth.

    (男)賈斯汀 (女)依利沙伯

  • -How are you? -Nice to meet you.

    (男)你好嗎? (女)很高興認識你。

  • -Should we make out? -Absolutely.

    (男)我可以撫摸你嗎? (女)當然可以。

  • -This-- -This here is the awkward moment.


  • Since you're an actress, you've done this before.


  • -A little bit. A little bit. -Okay. That's fine.

    (女)只是一點點而已 (男)很好很好

  • I'll follow you. (nervous laughter)


  • Maybe that isn't the best way to kiss someone.


  • -So whenever? -(director) Whenever.

    (女) 任何時間可以開始? (工作人員)任何時間都可以

  • -Are you filming? -(director) We're rolling.

    (男)你已經在拍嗎? (工作人員)正在開機

  • (laughs)


  • -I even forgot his name! -This is actually pretty scary.

    (女)我已經忘了他的名字 (男)這實際有點可怕

  • -What was your name again? -Greg.

    (女)你叫什麼? (男) 格雷格

  • -Greg. -And your name?

    (女)格雷格 (男)你叫?

  • -Ingrid. -Nice to meet you.

    (女)英格莉 (男)很高興認識你

  • Nice to meet you.


  • -It's only one kiss. -I know!

    (女)只會親一次 (男)我知道

  • Are we good to go whenever?


  • -You have nice eyes. -Thank you. So do you.

    (男1)你的眼很美 (男2)多謝,你的眼都很美

  • Let's look at each other for a second, okay?


  • Okay.


  • That was a good one, I'm sorry. (laughter)


  • I do have lipstick all over me now, don't I?


  • Yes.


  • That was a good kiss.


  • That was lovely!


  • What's your name again? (laughter)

    (女) 你叫什麼?

  • I just feel like I wanna hug you.


-(woman) Hi. (giggling) -(man) Hi.

(女)HI (男)HI

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