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  • James Charles where are you?

  • We have to play Minecraft

  • Hi sister

  • Team Sister Fister is back in business

  • Team Sister Fister is back

  • And we're gonna win this time

  • Are we?

  • I'm taking over the Minecraft universe

  • I can tell

  • First it was the beauty world now it's Minecraft then it's the entire world


  • You're gonna have to help me get my very first kill in Hunger Games Minecraft today

  • Umm okay i feel like let's just jump right in then

  • Shall we?

  • Let's just jump into it, yeah

  • no

  • Okay, do you want to do, lets do OG or we can do either Minecraft Mondays now or OG

  • It's up to you

  • Wai wai wait

  • I feel like i have to tell peop- the bros

  • Cause the bros might not know that James Charle's is an EPIC Minecraft gamer

  • You have to carry me here cause like i'm terrible

  • Okay okay

  • Cause we already played on the Minecraft Mondays

  • but it didn't y'know, it could have gone better

  • Oh hey, well y- heeeh

  • Maybe if you didn't die within the first 3 seconds every time (OOPS)

  • WHAAT (You've never played tuber simulator?)

  • Okay, i feel like, we should like

  • Okay, so for those of you guys who don't know.

  • Felix and i played on this fun tournament called Minecraft Mondays a few weeks ago together

  • Team Sister Fister.

  • Shoutout

  • And ended up winning in the end (epic gamer moment)

  • But it was a charity win

  • We uh didn't up winning

  • Nononono ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • We have to be honest, we didn't play our best

  • Let's just say that

  • UH UH NO we don't have to be (laughs)

  • Oh okay, so we are going to run

  • Umm, where are you?


  • Okay, i see you, we're directly across

  • You're gonna run

  • *interrupts* I DON'T SEE

  • You're gonna run to your left towards the barn

  • Oh i see you

  • Okay? Just run (my left?) towards the barn

James Charles where are you?


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Minecraft飢餓遊戲/詹姆斯-查爾斯 (Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles)

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