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Mark a Plier is one of the best people I know.
He's a loving, caring friend.
Reminds me of the time when we were out on the mountains back her key, he said.
That man doesn't know the first thing about even wearing clothes.
He only learned how to spell a few years ago.
Well started to learn.
Mark a player is a he said.
That I don't know anything about wearing clothes.
Didn't do a nude calendar.
Lange's pleaser is just jealous because I am the face off cloak.
I make the clothes look good.
I mean, Carrie blame, too tired to come in second place when there's only two people in the company, but he will never know what it's like to have a full face.
So facial hair.
Are you really going to listen to a guy who dropped out of college and started a YouTube channel playing games where all he does is scream and swear and yell at them all day?
No, of course not.
You have standards.
Did you guys know if you rearrange the letters in Mark a player it spells douchebag?
Just let me be the face on the fashion side of cloak.
Okay, you go back to being the crying babies.
Look, this cat doesn't even know you, and even he hates you.
Mangle pile are things that people who can't spell are not good enough for coke, huh?
But me jacks up the guy here I am at the Jacks up the guy variety channel.
I think that you could be whatever you want to do.
So don't forget to go to cloak bratton dot com where you can get the entire new stunning collection of tie dye.
And don't forget, check out.
You can use the discount code.
Mark sucks for 0% off on all products.
Don't forget that's marked with a C cloak piece by piece.
This means war.
Hold a joint.
Khan still in your hand.
Impress anybody.
I haven't even started.
And the game is already telling me to hold on.
L all right, this goes in the strap.
Sweet Jesus.
This is harder than actually working out.
Oh, my God.
Okay, well oh, there's my leg.
So welcome to ring fit adventure.
It's an exercise game for the switch on dhe.
I'm not in the best shape anymore, okay?
I used to be in terrific shape.
I used to go to the gym all the time.
Just a lot.
So Nintendo are gonna get me fit.
Gonna be sexy.
Oh, no.
You're not ready for this Nintendo.
I have a lot of hidden strength.
I'm gonna break this game also.
I'm wearing my beautiful cloak Tight.
I cropped up.
I'm glad I have this.
Go to co brand dot com to get yours.
It's beautiful.
It's exactly for this kind of also recording my heart rate.
So you're going to see me struggle very heavily playing this game of Ira.
It's already 127 doing my intro on recording videos In general, it takes a lot out of me.
Price in and start tip will demonstrate what it means.
Have proper posture.
Don't become descending.
No tip.
I'm a gamer.
Gamers don't have posture.
Gamers have problems.
We don't feel any of them.
Let's go with intent.
I don't go extreme.
You're gonna kill me if I do that.
This thing it's called Wobble all over the place.
Oh, uh, told you guys that was strong.
My fucking base.
Okay, level one tri.
Ox is radiating a purple or like this.
Don't you remember?
I don't care.
I'm here to get swole.
I don't care about your problems.
I'm here to burn calories, get sweaty and get fit.
I want my ass back in shape.
Give it to me Hill yet.
Come on.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
10 and 2 10 And to reach the gold, I can.
Oh, that's me.
Oh, so sexy.
All right.
Okay, go.
My hair's on fire.
It doesn't seem good.
Can I go faster There along this Can.
I'm doing it.
I'm exercising.
I'm a gamer at the same time.
You could what?
Were once like this, Remember?
Where we heading?
Right here.
Look, I'm running.
I'm faster than anybody in the whole world.
This is getting in the air.
Blast off, right?
Oh, hell, yeah, That's good.
That's gonna work up my four.
Nice guys.
I'm fucked already.
This is gay.
Me Open says may Cool it, man.
Try pointing me downward and pressing it.
Here we go.
Go again.
Go again.
Hell, yeah.
We're going to go, everybody.
You've never seen a game like this?
Easier to climb it.
Raise your knees of higher.
Oh, yes.
High knees.
Heidi's Burn 100 million calories playing this game.
That's good, though.
I raised have shoes on, though.
It's fine for me to be playing this game with no platforms under me.
Just a hard ground in my feet.
That's by four.
Can I jump?
Oh, my legs are broken.
I should get shoes.
I need to have my glasses on or something.
Holding everything up.
Oh, take that.
Louis, He mansion.
Thank you.
Time to run.
I want a Pokemon game like this where I actually have to run around and captured the coconut.
Here you go.
Don't Don't burn out just yet, though.
Keep some for later.
You did it by air.
Exercise into experience.
Thank you.
Victory pose.
How many calories?
I burn my watch.
I looked at it.
Okay, charge your squad power, but don't overextend yourself.
I got my legs, my braces.
Thank you very much.
I am exhausted.
His way buffer than I'll ever be.
That's unfair.
This is bad body standards.
I'm feeling very ashamed right now.
Just cause I had Taco Bell earlier does me through this by face.
Try and make me feel better.
Lightly covered the eye are motion camera with the pad of your right thumb.
Oh, my God.
Does this thing actually measure my heart rate?
My heart rate monitor says 103 Let's see if this is accurate.
I'm not doing anything.
1 16 1 17 on 16.
What is this gonna say?
Forget it.
Change this.
Christ, You can't be doing that for me.
All right?
Now, my heart rate's going to Spike.
Actually, my heart rate went out.
What was we heard?
I want to know.
Okay, next level, baby.
Next level.
I'm ready to unleash my power.
Okay, Good, good, good, good.
See, this is how you get gamers off the couch.
This is how you get gamers to really care.
You give them sick video games.
Etown pressing in.
Oh, my God.
I can jump with the power of 1000 men.
There was too much.
Okay, I'm too good at this.
Okay, Faster, faster.
I know I could be hitting things, but I don't care.
I just care about speed.
I care about being the most accurate gamer.
Purpose they're coming out.
I'm a mess.
What do you do?
My dad?
Oh, Jesus.
I knew these guys would show up.
You didn't warn me.
Head of you know, you spit skills to strike a secret skill is the different exercise.
Got it?
It's like the Fitz.
Get on.
Press in?
Yeah, Thank you.
Squats overhead.
Press needs a chest share.
Okay, let's do some squats.
Wait, I got I got good quads.
All right?
Let's go Way.
Yeah, It didn't work out your toes.
Your lower back.
Just bits.
Left him with a squat Come a six sculpted glorious golden ass Ain't shit.
I'm going to do 500,000 squats Whoa!
Yeah, Mama, I feel the power of my ass And the power of these blues Oh, gamers know how to do it.
That's the power of my superior ass muscles kicking the crap out of you.
Think of the face.
Oh, yeah.
Now this is good.
This is one of Lord of Mercy.
Hope may Well, give me power.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Do it.
Have guard pressuring and cry.
Oh, God.
Okay, I got it.
I got strong abs.
I'm doing it.
What keeps squeezing?
You gotta look at the size of these abs.
My abs could block a nuclear bomb.
Guys, I'm starting to feel like an actual working.
I want to get in sick shape.
This is where it starts.
Say gamers, get bread for all this cable wants to do is good.
Not even fighting back.
Little bitch.
What you got?
I got overhead presses and squats.
I'm blood rushing to my head.
About 170 bpm.
Good Christ.
I'm a little out of shape.
I need to go back to the gym floor.
That's the power of my buys and tries, baby.
Five Money's.
I see.
If I went to the gym in real life and they were offering me money for finishing my sets, I would be a very, very averagely, wealthy person.
Level two kings.
I really think it was my abs that did it.
They really, really felt like they popped off there for a second grade.
Back to running.
I love that for May.
I love that.
This is happening for me.
Good things are happening in my personal on my game of life.
This is good I'm running fast.
Do you think I am Sonic the Hedgehog?
As opposed to Sonic the narrow wall?
If this was real life, I'd be dead.
I would have fallen off that I would have died.
I asked his high knees.
High knees?
Military squats.
Oh, God, another back.
You just have to get another glass.
We're not doing fucking squats again to needs a chest.
It's a chair.
Post chair pose is just like a slow squat.
I actually just got terrible.
Oh, shut up.
Your knees and toes should be parallel and pointing for Okay.
There you go.
Here, you hold this pose.
We're home and four speed with the example.
Oh, okay.
Hey, suck because I mean, gain at my own pace.
Thank you.
I'm okay.
Say a fucking pop.
This is not nothing.
I could hold off the entire Mongolian empire back in Imperial times with these acts.
That's not true.
There was a lot of them.
Okay, needs a chest.
I could just sit on the floor for this one.
You're not even going to see me?
I'm here.
Can you see the high Gabor's?
Oh, yeah.
Well done.
After my real house, baby abs, where I excel.
Okay, You're getting the full force of an Irishman's beefcake.
How does it feel?
Not so good.
It seems hell yet.
Child's play child may look in my heart rate, not even fades.
The commentary has taken more out of me.
I'm ready.
I'm going to be the ultimate gamer.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Give it to me.
Oh, day.
Oh, Dang feels great body so good to be a pimp.
You guys see that, Ab?
Guardo, Did you see it?
Thank God that I have my coke friends tight a crop top for it so it could show off me.
Amazing figure.
Okay, not my old.
That wasn't thinking.
Thank you.
Drop your hips, Trump.
My I'm sorry.
Okay, let's check my bulls thing.
He says I might.
1 50 Let's see what this is.
1 57 It's actually accurate.
Or more or less accurate.
This sure was a workout.
Make sure to take a break and drink plenty of water to feed.
Oh, Okay.
Well, I'm coming for you, pal.
I've got my abs check.
I'm ready to kick some serious dragon ass right now.
Who feeling.
Feel it.
Feel the burn down the bar.
No pain.
Okay, Just a little more.
I fucking know.
Ring, You shut up.
I can feel it in my suite.
Tenders, you're going down, buddy, You're going down.
There's a gay.
We're in the arena right now.
There's gamer in the arena and he's he's ready to pass out.
Have our say.
Is he doing push ups?
Thank God he's so sexy and attractive.
Are you shitting?
Yeah, I I could do that too.
I'm just tired.
Oh, my God.
How am I supposed to defeat this specimen?
Okay, let's let Okay, let's do some squats.
We'll get the squats down.
Get him out of the way.
Let's go do your least favorite exercise.
First their bitch slapped in the center and take it.
Ring ring.
He has a lot of health.
He probably has more health.
And I have squats in May.
I'm just saying eat the underst right off my feet.
They taste like cheese.
I have watched in Washington 14 weeks.
The controller vibrates on my leg every time I squat out of fielding.
Real nice car three.
Good state fucking pass out there.
00 Did you feel it in your stomach?
I feel it in my nice I've been where I felt that one.
I think I felt new Muslims for that one.
That's been my record home, right?
Right now we're 1 76 Is a gun higher than that?
I might have lied.
I wasin hydrated.
I didn't drink water.
I'm a liar.
I'm a bad gamer.
Fuck, yeah, He said, Dad, I'm better than you.
I'm sorry that you guys can't really see what's going on, but just assume that peak physical condition is happening.
I feel very proud of this.
Never let your feet drop Sometimes that your feet drop ring is like the best.
A white man with the shittiest motivator.
Come on.
Yeah, I can feel it.
I'm a gamer in peak physical condition.
Okay, here we go.
My best move.
My power move.
Trying to ditch.
See this one?
Drago, We called a chair pose.
That means bad news for you, buddy.
Really wish my guy in the side would do this faster.
Yes, I got it.
It's gonna be the last one.
I can feel it thing is gonna be it.
This one has a mega damage.
You're going down Drag.
Oh, what are all those muscles for, anyway?
They're just for show.
I have the real strength inside me since the beginning.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Team effort you made.
Thank you.
I've got 100 money for that.
I would love to go to the gym.
I do that and then have somebody coming to go.
Like, here's £100 like Thank you.
I'm gonna go spend it all in KFC.
It's time for my victory post.
Feel it.
Deep release.
Let it out.
Thank you, Ring.
Thank you.
Quit here for the day and cooler.
You know, I'm the game Told me to the game Told me that I should quit and cool that it's not because I'm tired.
It's not cause I've had enough of this because the game told me to it because I'm so good at it.
The game is telling me to slow down.
Russell Gonna paso.
Thank you for joining me on this glorious adventure today.
This is probably the most have ever sweated for a video for you guys.
The blood, sweat and tears Israel.
You're gonna have to give me, like, in this video for the money effort I went through for you.
Also, when the haters when the haters come around, just don't forget to have guards.
They discovered strange slap your ABG.
I can't get through it Impenetrable.
But I hope you enjoyed watching this.
It was actually really fun on that Legitimately is a decent work out.
If you don't do much working out at all, that is really good.
And you get to look at something and play along with the game at the same time.
So fantastic idea prices, Not more stuff like this out for the switch right now.
Also, don't forget to subscribe to the child has often videos every single day.
And don't forget to kowtow to co brand dot com to try and get some of your old very sweet sexy Say thanks too tight.
I merch.
I'm good at selling my own thing.


I Played RingFit Adventure With A HEART RATE Monitor

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