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  • It's all the way, the whole length.

  • What is? Where they live.

  • Inside the bridge, goes all the way.

  • Inside the structure here?

  • Yeah, right inside.


  • This is extraordinary.

  • There are voices coming from inside it.

  • Hello.

  • So, erm...

  • They're friends from Great Britain and they're doing a video

  • on the way some folks are living here.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Shall we follow you in? Sure.

  • Hey, Amy. Hi.

  • Thank you for letting us in. No problem.


  • Well, these guys are. I'm like a sort of really cheap,

  • shoddy version.

  • Yeah.

  • You just haven't gotten old yet.

  • I know! I think I think it's a bit more than that, but thank you.

  • Are you a big fan of David Attenborough?

  • I'm a huge fan of David Attenborough.

  • Do you get to see his documentaries here?

  • I don't get to watch a lot of video here.

  • But power's a problem.

  • But I do listen to a lot of podcasts here, so... Do you?

  • Trying to take in the artwork,

  • and I thought it was a freeway, but actually,

  • it's the train above.

  • The trains aren't 24 hours, are they?

  • They stop for about three hours

  • between midnight and four.


  • Are you a light sleeper?

  • No! Ah, right.

  • That's probably, probably for the best.

  • Is it you who's done much of the painting here?

  • I've done all of the paintings.

  • I even call it the mansion.

  • Just this place is giant and it gets taller as you go back, so...

  • There's a couple rooms that, you know, I think

  • of as the ballroom and the room where the pool will be in.

  • That sort of thing.

  • But, yeah, that's my joke with myself.


  • Do you feel safe here?

  • Yeah. You know, there's really only one way in.

  • The dog scares people quite quickly.

  • Would you want somewhere conventional? If someone dropped

  • in my hands the money to pay the deposit in the first month when I

  • found a place, the rent would still be so very expensive

  • and it's not worth it to

  • just work to be able to be alive.

  • What the hell is going on, Amy?

  • There's tens of thousands of people in Los Angeles living homelessly.

  • Welfare is really not something Americans understand any more.

  • It's a weird thing.

  • There's so much moral judgment about people.

  • I think it's mostly fear, though, like the closer they get,

  • the more they want to distance themselves from it.

  • Somehow relating makes them susceptible to it.

  • Thanks for letting us in, Amy. It's a pleasure to meet you.

  • I've seen a lot of stuff around the world.

  • I would never have thought in the United States, I would see...

  • ..I would see this.

It's all the way, the whole length.


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住在橋上。無家可歸的人在洛杉磯 - Simon Reeve的美洲 - BBC (Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve - BBC)

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