B1 中級 19 分類 收藏
morning, ladies.
My name is accepted by and worker backed with our walk.
10 dead saints and sinners.
Hands and bruises, Fingers and thumbs.
Where do we do in the same.
See, I have have a notebook.
Now, I I see it.
I know what I'm doing, huh?
There's a drawing to find the tower cash and retrieve the intel travel via We're doing that.
I want to bring this with me this time because it's cool, and I just want to use it, even if it's not the most hyper effective weapon that I have.
I still really like using it.
I know this one.
I want a badge.
Thank you.
On Dhe.
I want maybe another shiv.
Yes, The weight.
Oh, wait.
I had one.
Well, now I have three.
That'll do.
They make us too.
Come on.
There you go.
There you go.
You work now?
Why is it not working properly?
It's good.
We're fine.
All right.
Moving on it.
We have to travel via Corolla.
I I can't remember what it looks like right now in my in my head eyes.
But soon I will wait.
I should eat that student because that increases maxed eminent.
Yet I actually opened up my mouth in real life.
I'm telling you, that's how involving this game is.
I was actually like, uh, I'm eating the game.
Can't sense if my mouth is open or not.
Well, I can when I talk.
Now, I'm glad we're actually making progress.
Okay, My bad might be I messed up and didn't do enough progress before, but now we're going to kick it off and do this story, which is great, because now that means we get to play more of it and keep the story going, which I've been really excited about since the get go.
Oh, yeah, This place.
Um all right.
So use the drawing to find the tower.
Cash, Retrieve the intel.
Jesus Christ.
What is that?
Where these freaking out?
Ah, Drawings.
Intel location.
Okay, so it's It's by something labeled Tower and then in the fountain left of that.
I can't remember seeing this, though.
Maybe it's for the blue building is also is my character okay?
This hand was freaking out a lot.
All right?
We don't have a lot of time in the world.
Hey, the body's gone.
Oh, shit.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, shit.
Oh, man, this is so cool.
I know, actually, sneaking around in V R actually happened to like It really makes me feel like I'm there and I have to sneak around.
That's fucking dope.
Walk away.
Yeah, we're good.
We're good.
We're good.
I didn't know if you were good or bad.
Oh, my God.
You have a cool good height.
My name Jack.
Until beans tasty.
Talk to you guys.
Walk away forever.
I was just trying to be friendly.
You find somewhere else to be all right, huh?
We've been Haven't idea in big Brain.
What if I just lure all the zombie?
See you guys and you killed him.
Oh, what, do you want?
To get him?
Hell, yeah.
You're the best.
Jack Daniels.
Heavy drinker.
All right, so that building there is not tower, so it must be one of these on here.
Oh, normal boys.
Oh, God.
They're fighting each other days.
Oh, wait.
Should I run?
I was gonna let you guys fight it out.
I'm not really picking sides.
I don't know.
You guys from Adam.
Holy shit.
Your aim is about as good as mine was.
I haven't any be here.
That's the tower.
I need to go down there.
Where you gonna shoot me if I get close?
A jerky stick.
Am I good to come in?
I'm really scared.
I have this.
Oh, they're saying beat it.
Um, I got it.
I don't want any trouble.
I just want red bulls.
Anybody got a Red Bull?
I'm really jonesing for some Khurana King County.
See, I didn't kill with the best of them.
Could you let me in?
Dude, I hope some point later that I get a sniper rifle or like a silenced pistol.
Could you imagine having to sneak around at night time somewhere here with a silenced pistol or a sniper rifle?
Don't be so fucking cool.
I'm in tiny boy prison.
Can I come in?
Oh, yeah.
Hold on.
He Yes.
It could melt that down for parts.
Anybody got any medicine?
That's a spoon.
An egg timer.
All right, I'm full.
So I need to be careful there.
Hold on.
I did not see this area before.
Oh, scary Holy shit.
Trying to fight these people.
I know part of me.
Oh, shit.
I have to actually get up.
Part of me wants to leave them alone because I don't agitate anybody.
But also, for the sake of fun game mechanics, I kind of wanted to start opening on people to see what happens.
Okay, let's get some bandages going.
Oh, cry.
Oh, body.
Shit, Shit, Shit I got.
So I only said I'm like Kelly.
Yes, I am.
Hitting them is better than not hitting them.
But they said it.
Waste ammo.
Shoot me through the wall.
Where'd they go?
Are they actually gonna come in on top of me?
I'm scared.
Hold on a minute.
I have an idea.
Here's one I prepared already.
God damn it!
At least your aim is terrible.
Madam, I hit two of them.
That's okay.
It's all part of battle slid into positions.
You guys see?
That was cool.
God, Um yeah, baby.
Like her.
I said, I don't know if I should shoot them.
And now I'm in a full ongoing battle with him.
You know what?
Those his life Fuck Yeah, I love that.
They could shoot through the tiny gaps.
That's so fucking cool.
No, you can't put a knife in a gun.
That would be way over power shooting nights.
Get out!
You know nobody's here.
He's so shocked by the fact that I killed him.
Ah, dang it Because I want to make the shots count.
I have to really aim for the head.
Otherwise I'm wasting too many bullets.
That was so cool.
Ah, shit!
My loose all the way over there.
Ah, God damn it.
How the fuck am I gonna get there?
Is there anybody there?
Because I can't just run at it.
Shit, There's people everywhere.
Good spot.
It'll get started talking about it.
Just close your eyes and go.
Holy shit, actually did it?
Holy fuck!
Just get my stuff.
Scam my stuff.
This is easy.
This is so easy.
It's the easiest thing I've done all that.
Okay, Okay, I go through there.
It's a risky maneuver, but it's gonna work.
You need to be ready.
Oh, my God!
Fucking amazing.
Holy fucking shit!
That was so cool.
You're just Yes, Okay.
May Ben wa has the bombs find.
Get it?
No reserve without it.
Mama's through fucking around with this snags number.
If you have to use a fucking Brad is trade bait.
This must happen.
Going to have to expand this.
Is there otherwise joint?
Okay, cool.
Okay, cool.
We got it.
We got it.
We're out.
We only fuck yet.
That was so bad, ass, like I actually went on a sneaking mission.
On my way, bitch.
Don't have a weapon.
Oh, my God.
That was so fucking fun.
Her toe actually sneak through the base.
Normally, you get used to these types of games and third person where you can, like, scan the environment or even first person where you you click on them, and then you could see them through the walls and shit.
But this one I actually have to, like, peek around and see if those people there, but at such a level of, like, tenseness toe everything and then getting that perfect bone arrow shot without a radical or anything, it feels so fucking God, this game's amazing.
Oh, okay.
I just gotta dump my stuff.
But these air sticky proximity mines approximately explosives.
That's fucking cool.
I'll keep you.
Actually, I don't get rid of my sheriff's badge.
I can't salvage it.
How you you go in there?
Herbal medicine.
My toes.
Plus 100 foot.
Yeah, I was just about the salvage that.
All right, deposit the intel in the coffin.
What coffin?
I don't know.
A coffin.
It has to be more specific.
It's been a while since I got the mission.
I can go through here.
Oh, the late was often.
The door was closed, so I thought I couldn't go through.
That's a little silly.
Um, okay.
Yeah, There's Ah, this is where I got the mission.
That is wave more familiar now.
Sorry, Bones e.
You're gonna have a visitor.
Magic coffin.
Just gonna put that out there tighter.
I love doing that.
Like, because my hands in the game or actually, like, replicated in real life like Whoa, hold on a minute.
What now?
Pass the time until the lantern was lit.
Well, I wanted to go to sleep anyway, so Oh, it's Casey.
If you're there, please answer.
We've got a situation.
We didn't get your name before.
You see me Mario.
Here we go.
Yeah, I got spooked the other day.
That crash rattled me.
I'm sorry.
It's just I don't know who to trust.
It's not many decent options out there, but I was desperate.
So, um, I need to take a chance.
Uh, you What you thinking?
Can you help me out, please?
I've been hearing things from the tower radio chatter.
They found something, and I need it.
That problem is I have no way to get my hands on it without help without you.
Now, I'm willing to give up what I know about the reserve in exchange.
That's up there.
What do you need?
A pump flow regulator?
A Tower Patrol founded by Memorial Lane Garden District.
It's just another useless piece of junk to that problem.
Is a potential showdown brewing over there between the patrol and a reclaimed camp.
It could get bloody quickly.
Okay, I'm ready to do this.
The pump regulator is a piece of industrial equipment about the size of a coffeemaker.
Pipes switches, not you'll know it when you see it.
That tower patrol has it at their damn red house on Memorial lane.
And remember, reclaimed our nearby.
So, Mikey, caught in the middle of a scrap between once you have it in hand, hustle back to the radio and contact me.
Time is not on my side.
If you pull this off, I'll spill everything I know about the reserve.
You have my word.
You got it, buddy.
Oh, I have to now.
Ah, I kind of want to do his one first.
We have another one at the coffee now because the lantern is lit.
Uh, yeah.
Travel to Memorial Lane.
Got it.
What should I bring with me?
I have I have bandages.
I have a stamina stuff.
I have two knives.
I I think I'm okay.
I think I'm ready to head out, man.
I love this game so into it.
I'd be crazy if we are gets to the point where I actually have to, like, run.
Did you have treadmills and stuff that they've made for them?
It would be really cool to use that for this game.
A memorial lane.
Red House of Memorial Lane.
I need to look for something that's the size of a coffee maker that has knobs and switches and stuff on it.
All right?
You also actually kind of pay attention to what's going on in this, which I'm very bad at my brain.
Wonder so much from people are talking.
Well, that's his people in real life.
I just can't focus.
All right, Let's get stuff as we're going as well read House.
Red House is the right house.
Oh, it said that I had to, um, speak to the tower, Lieutenant.
Is that you?
I don't know.
Let's see what happens when you get close.
No one gets inside strict orders.
You have a problem with that?
See, Jeff is around the quarter.
Okay, Jeff.
Oh, hey, Jeffy.
You, Jeff, You've got nerve rolling in here uninvited night.
I was Somebody told me to.
Maybe on the solution.
You know what?
Yeah, You might prove useful.
My brother is in some deep shit.
A pack of acclaimed scum snatched.
Anthony is a good kid.
Bit dim, but he doesn't deserve whatever those freaks have in store.
We can't get anywhere near where they're holed up light blue house across the way.
They'll get him immediately if they see us coming.
But you they don't know you.
You'll be able to stroll right in fun after that.
Whatever you need to do.
That's your business.
Personally, I'd put a few bullets for their skulls.
Let the dirt reclaim.
Okay, here's arms shots.
Sounds like I could be of service to it.
No one held those savages Operate.
You might not have time for the excuse.
Fixes a reclaimed in the light blue.
Highest arrest.
You answer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I meant to go like this really fast, but it picked up the gun and shot it immediately.
I got blood all over my good shit.
Like that one.
You fill up my stamina completely on, then take this as full men's.
My character is completely topped off.
I don't know if this is a good idea.
Oh, hi.
What's going on?
Who the hell are you?
The negotiator.
Big, tough Jeff.
Too chickenshit to show his face and beg for his little brother's life.
Not so.
I really see the point.
I guess I'm here to negotiate a deal for Anthony's release lease.
That some kind of joke?
That motherfucker isn't going anywhere but in the dirt's where maggots belong Oh, uh what do you think this subhuman shit is?
A murder?
My daughter is dead.
The tower that fault And he is at fault.
Did you know that reaches community?
And yet they toss out those most in need Because they are no longer useful because they are a burden.
No, no, no.
Sorry, Sorry.
That's what I get for dicking around.
I just stand here.
This subhuman shit is a murderer.
My daughter is dead, The tower is at fault and he is at fault.
The tower preaches community and yet they toss out those most in need because they are no longer useful because they are a burden.
Violent was not a burden.
She was a human being.
But this fucker treated her like trash.
He could have disobeyed orders but he did not.
He forced her out.
Yeah, kind of a dick move to die.
She was 11 years old.
Where is your head at stranger?
Exterminate this tower Fuck!
Right now And we won't have a problem.
Then waken pay the rest of the vermin of visit.
And once they are a pile of corpses with eyes in their camp, it's yours.
Consider it a gift from the reclaimed.
Yeah, I kind of like that one.
Honestly, sending an 11 year old out defend for themselves.
You basically murdered them.
Plus, I don't want to see a warzone half and I'll be in the middle of it.
I'm sorry, dude.
That's all I'm guilty of.
It wasn't my decision.
If I didn't do it, someone else would have.
There was no preventing her ex, huh?
Ah, shit.
I am sorry.
Please, I didn't know I'd have to do it.
What I did was horrible.
I regret my decision.
You don't have to do the oh, to make things right.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
Oh, I had to do.
One less brain dead tower slug plaguing the world.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I had to put some pressure on these fuckers.
But we have momentum, right?
Time is right fucking now.
Yeah, sure is a Mars bar.
Yeah, no time like the present.
Let's see right to the attitude we've got.
This lets in the message that the future belongs to the reclaimed.
I just want to point out that that's a videogame decision in real life.
I would not even be here.
I would be much nicer and kinder about this.
Uh, can I have a full gun?
Ever grabbed a build one?
Because people often take these decisions that I make in games and be like, man, I wouldn't trust Jack in real life.
It's a video game.
I just want to see Cool.
Should happen.
Good books.
I want to see them all, like, fight each other because I I figured that it's either I would have had to kill all those people otherwise.
So easy to kill one guy or kill all those guys.
We're gonna kill each other, so I don't know.
What are we going to do?
They're the Oh, He found it in the wall.
I don't know who's who up.
I guess I do now.
I'm just gonna wait.
I helped.
Now they can't shoot me for not participating.
Get him!
Get him!
Oh hoo hoo hoo!
I'm just a bystander.
I didn't do anything.
I'm innocent, I swear.
Zombies you saw, right?
I'll just take out the zombie.
See that I don't feel bad about because they don't have personalities or a soul or a life anymore.
They did already.
I don't feel bad about killing dead thing.
Find the pope Regulator body.
Find the regulator dialect.
Sample the regulator.
OK, I'm just here to do this.
Time to find a regulator, whatever the hell that would look like.
Everybody cool.
Everybody chilling here.
What are you guys dying?
Not one of them died.
Okay, how about we do this magic?
You see the power of a closed door Kroeber?
Oh, yeah.
Gordon Freeman or Morgan Freeman.
Whichever you prefer.
I don't need those right now.
Uh uh.
Wait, What's what is it?
This is just going to my thing, Right?
These air.
So badass.
Okay, Cam down, Mr Lyte.
Hey, big brother.
There's not much to say beyond I'm sorry, but I have to do this.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat.
I'm a wreck, Jeff.
I keep seeing that little girl's face.
These visions of her turning this whole mess is fucking with my head.
What the Martins do to deserve being exiled?
It makes no sense.
Thing are good people.
Forgive me, but I need to make things right.
At least give them a slim chance to survive out there.
I swiped some supplies from her.
So you know who to blame.
Don't want any other innocent people taking heat.
I'm going out to find the Martins and deliver the stuff.
At least I can do.
I pray it will help me get my head straight off.
I'm not back before the bells wish me luck, bro.
Anthony, I feel fucking horrible.
Ah, you did this to me.
Gave you made me feel so bad.
You made me sympathize with the little Garland, these guys.
And now that he's dead, you come back in and you make me sympathize so much with him.
He actually tried to do the right thing.
Now I'm the fucking monster.
No, Gods.
I mean, I guess that's what the walking dead always does.
It makes you fuck you.
Makes you deal with the moral delivers of things again.
It's a video game.
I would think a lot harder about it in real life.
Oh, I feel sick to my stomach, though.
Okay, wait.
Did I I didn't get the whole thing today.
Some of the Pope regulator OK?
Oh, just like that.
I said I'd do anything with it.
Speak to Casey.
Okay, We good?
Now I can head home.
Got it.
00 yes.
Disease walkers will lower your max health if you get near them.
Oh, shit.
It's like poison.
Fuck, dude, that sucks, All right?
I'm a head out.
I'm all full on supplies.
Anyway, It was good fighting with you guys.
I'm gonna go home and rethink my life and feel horrible about the seasons I've made here today.
I'll be seeing that poor dude's face in my dreams.
Casey, I got the stuff.
Uh, you there?
Casey, come in.
Yeah, I'm here.
Well, you're back.
Did you did it?
This is great.
Finally, some progress.
It's a release.
Okay, uh, let me find the manual for that thing, and we could get it calibrated.
The reserve is really I thought I could go away and keep listening.
I'm back.
The reserve is really there.
You know you are right.
But you don't know is that I am in it.
It's an old military bunker built in the fifties or sixties right after the flood.
The National Guard used it as a staging area to distribute disaster relief supplies.
Once the dead started walking and things really went to shit, I had no choice but to get inside and hunker down.
I thought I was safe for a little while Now it's fun.
Floodwater up top was too much for the reserves pump system.
The malfunction Now the whole place is on Lock down.
I'm stuck in the common room.
I'm running out of time.
You could get out of here.
I can't wait to see the sky again.
I can help.
Uh, whoops.
Uh, Casey, my hands are weird.
I've been working with someone named May.
She claims to have a key to the reserve.
You know anything about this?
If your maid is made Ben Wa Yeah.
Yeah, I've heard of her.
Always tossed your name around on the airwaves.
After her ass.
Consider a major threat.
I don't know anything about a key to the reserve, though.
All this research as I discover anything, I'll let you know.
You were the only one to make it inside.
Well, no, there were others, but they didn't stay.
They had to leave if the bunker was safe.
Water belief.
Like I said, they left, they had to take care of something.
Nothing else to say about it.
Rumors all over the place.
What exactly is inside the reserve?
Most of the rumors are true food.
I mean, the entire hall was meant to help tens of thousands of people in the area after the flood.
And there's a bunch of guns, ammo and gear for the troops that were meant to distribute it all.
Military grade, perfect condition.
Problem is, I can't get any of it.
Old bunker is locked out because of the flood waters.
Yeah, my character is dying.
What's the rush to get out of there?
Starvation For what?
I might have a couple of weeks left to scratch down here, but none of that is gonna matter.
The floodwater sitting on top of this place breaks through Com.
Room is filling up slowly.
Right now.
It's only a matter of time before the ceiling collapses.
Starvation crushed or drowned.
Pick your poison.
I would rather crushed Starvation doesn't seem like an ideal way to go.
Well, with your help, I'm hoping to avoid all of it.
I'd rather take my chances on the surface with 100 walker's coming at me, at least I'd have a fighting chance.
Look, tourist, I'm not asking you to do this out of the kindness of your heart.
There's clearly something in it for you.
Big time.
If the pumps get repaired, not only will I get out, but the supply room's will all open up.
All those disaster relief supplies untouched.
Not to mention enough weaponry and geared to arm multiple produced.
All for him to do with as you please.
And for me, a fresh start.
It's a fresh fucking air.
Ah, okay.
You haven't been up front with me so far.
Why should I trust you?
Because my life is in your hands.
I can't get out of this hole without your health.
And look, I get it.
I could totally be full of shit.
One thing I know, no one else can offer you what I can without me.
The reserve is going to remain buried forever.
You want to reserve?
You could have to work with me.
It's a chance you have to take.
I guess so.
I'm willing to take the risk tactic.
You won't regret it.
Well, it's been a long night, but I'm too wired to sleep.
I'm gonna turn this place upside down until I find the manual.
You should get some rest.
I'll contact you in the morning.
Good night, Tourist.
Uh, nice making some decent progress now.
This time, let's put away all our stuff.
Cool upgrade.
So melee combat cost 25% less time.
Fuck, yeah.
What's this?
Comes out.
Smooth the silk.
Could I get upgrades later?
So that Oh, man takes 12 inches off the top.
There'll be so fucking cool.
Oh, nations is a weapon like inmate comes out smooth, smooth as silk.
So maybe it doesn't degrade as easily.
I would love just completely over the top weaponry.
It's like my crazy shit.
Uh, okay.
More wood scraps for that one.
Workable metal for that one.
Okay, cool.
Making decent progress there.
All right, time to sleep.
Sleep, uh, goes down smooth.
All right, I'm gonna leave this episode here.
That was so much fun that 1st 1 where I had to sneak around the base on everything felt so bad ass.
I still feel horrible for the speaker again.
The video gamer in me kicked in on Dhe.
I just wasn't thinking.
I was like, I don't want to see what this game can offer and see how the eye works everything.
So the into are they interested like video game coding animations and all I could is part of me kicked in.
It was like I can't wait to see them go at each other and fight each other.
Probably gonna happen no matter what side I picked.
And maybe it's bad either way.
Maybe there is a completely good, solvable way of doing it.
I don't know, but whatever it's the decisions we make, I'm going to stick by them, even though I hate the decision I made and feel bad for it.
But still, it added, for some foreign entertainment and drama in the middle of everything.
But really cool game man, I can't sing its praises enough.
I think it shows in the game play every time I play that I'm just so giddy and so excited on.
What I love about it is that I could have like so much late little improv moments, it almost makes me feel glad that I didn't do main missions immediately because I got to go around, and I got to figure out the mechanics and figure out how the zombies work.
And I got to dick around with them and make a lot of fun jokes and improv with them and role play, which is something that I've always loved the most about recording videos.
It's nice to do stuff like start to finish straightforward DOAs The story mentions, but I really love the dicking around aspect of video games, and especially in Let's Plays, to make up little characters and little scenarios and mess around with it.
An improv jokes and talk about that myself in this game is loaded with that.
But when you do the main missions, you kind of beamed into stuff.
Maur straightforward.
Um, so I'm God, we're doing that now.
We're getting a lot of the story, and we're progressing everything nicely.
Super fun.
This is exactly what your game should be.
Not only the mechanics and all that stuff, but an actual proper story.
Proper mechanics, proper environments, proper characters, all of this kind of stuff coming together to make an actual game.
Envy our most of these games that end up getting made or like We're kind of making a mechanic, and then we have to build a game around it and it doesn't really work.
And that's why a lot of them were like wave shooters or have no story.
This one is the whole package.
This is if I was to say to somebody to play a V R game first it would be something like this, like Beat saber superhot.
And this probably my top three favorite V.
Our games and five minutes of Freddy's V R is pretty good as well, but it's still static and sitting in one place.
This one allows you to move around, and it has enough horror in it that you get to tap into it and out of it whenever you want.
Oh, so good.
But anyway, I want to leave it here.
Thank you guys for Washington.
Don't forget to leave it like on the video.
I don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date for all of the walking dead videos going forward on, I will see you guys in the next one.


I'VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE | The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR #4

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