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I hate it.
I really D'oh!
I'm going away for five days and I need to work in advance.
Reddit videos are really fun.
Let me just let me do it.
I hate the Chinese government's freaks.
The Chinese government.
I hate the Chinese government.
Me too.
What a coincidence.
Chinese government distract incoming question.
Mark, if this video gets one billion thumbs up, I will drop the fattest distract on the Chinese government.
I don't even remember tweeting this.
I think we're not drinking.
Oh, no.
Pew News savers.
I'm sorry.
Gloria Borger isn't here anymore.
Oh, God.
China's like that one person on Twitter that just can't take criticism and just blocks every Oh, it's too accurate.
One day this will all be yours.
It was much nicer before nuclear fallout, but they're still our kingdom.
Yes, Papa.
I hate Wait.
Some men can be pregnant in nuclear fallout.
I see this as an absolute win.
I like it.
Oh, God.
What is that?
Oh, God.
I hate Halloween.
You know, Halloween.
Jack O lanterns were originally made out of turnips.
I wonder what that look odd yet?
E I want to do that.
So they made him out of those.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It's awful.
I hate it.
Warm water tastes round and cold water tastes pointing.
Oh, my God, That is so true.
I never thought of that.
Why would you say something so controversial?
Yet so brave.
Just thinks, Does it bother people that I'm not standing up anymore?
I wonder if that's the thing.
It just it does fit.
I'm 30 now, guys.
I can't.
I don't have legs.
What can I say?
I miss when Peter Pie would stand up in videos.
How about this?
I'll sit on my leg.
I mean, my Penis.
I hate minions even more.
Now the minions wear goggles because their eyes are outside of their skulls.
Does that mean I could suck on a minion?
I see this.
I was absolute win.
I hate sonic hedgehog.
Penis is like a belly button.
Also, that's what it is.
I have a head shot and I always wonder what that belly button thing.
Oh, Oh, God.
Girls on instagram pee like Thanks.
Part Baker's Chinese videos be like but that guy's awesome, But check out this face filled their attitude.
So what's the deal with the flame on your tail It gave you to my health?
The bigger the flame, the healthier I am.
Oh, I have something like that.
Watch girdle Use water gun.
See that?
Oh, blood That isn't good.
Doorbell, noodle.
Yeah, Yeah!
Oh, sir.
Tell me, how did this fear of doorbells start?
Well, it started with my pinky finger.
Oh, God.
Okay, but why did they figure have to go in like that?
I don't know.
And I I get it.
I kind of want to suck it.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm not gay.
As CM Coachman explains throughout old yesterday, we really can ever know how much fat and other soft tissues contributed to overall shape of diner source.
Since that's the first thing to rot and shrivel, So fat dinosaurs could be a reality.
That's awesome.
Has ever been offense Animal in the wild like a really grotesque animal?
Animals are fat?
Oh, bra birth!
There it is.
There it is.
The monkey The monkey Everyone smashed, like for love Monkey 10,000 likes and I'll make a love monkey montage.
I hate accidental hell.
Bounds messes up in Latin class.
The demon?
I just said the demon version of them a regular dog.
There it is.
Before and after.
I hate the early 2000 0 my God.
I remember these 2000 were a lawless wasteland.
Easy, squirt.
Funky purple.
Ah, yeah, man, I did not have the purple one.
Which one?
That I have Easy score.
I just have easy squirt because of all the game or girls.
The two thousands were a loveless Landis.
Oh, my God, That's disgusting.
What would you put so much?
The green one.
I had the green one.
God, What was wrong with us?
What was wrong with our society?
What was wrong with society on the green one?
God, I still have nightmares.
When I was a kid, I remember they had died food for Halloween.
They made the potato mash green.
Everyone ate it except me.
Joke's on them because they all died.
I take no chances.
No one explained what food coloring was.
And I didn't seeing food.
A different color.
And no one explained what fooled hollering.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna trust some random kindergarden thought.
I'm not I'm not gonna trust up.
It's green.
We just died It What has died?
Explain yourself.
Her stinky hair was on fire.
Was us?
Well, it was epic.
It was the best day of my life.
I remember seeing her back back up through the candle.
There was a live candle in the kindergarten.
And the teacher was she was backing up slowly to this candle.
She was demonstrating something.
I remember seeing it happen unveiling.
And it was It was too much.
Why do I always go off on pageants?
I'm sorry.
Pro tip.
Instead of fake Halloween decorations, use front facing M R I images instead.
Oh, my God!
I hate it!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, no!
Ah, it's my sleeper.
All this is Steve had God.
I've seen it before.
Oh, no.
Is Reese embers?
Stop it.
If donkeys nostrils had eyeballs yet here you have alpaca here.
You have Alpaca knows.
This is what tickle me Elmo looks like without for Oh, my God.
Oh, this reminds me so Mars.
They asked me if she can make a long Furby.
That should be on this subreddit by the way long Furby is like Thanks.
I hate it.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Why would anyone want to make that?
What is wrong with my wife?
What have I done?
It's off, Paul.
I hate luck for every there it is.
And I said no because I don't want nightmares.
I have enough nightmares.
Eyes it is.
But apparently William Hosemann, Michael Reeves offer to create this monstrosity.
Detach Furby base attached face extend body installed snake robot.
Oh, God.
I'm thinking it moves around like a snake while screaming at people.
I'd be lying if I didn't admit part of me wants to see this.
I hate read that.
Now that's a cute Let's go, Cowboy side.
Scott, Frank.
Ocean and hot the water are the same name.
If you really think about it, I don't know why people hate hot dog water so much.
Oh, God, no!
Oh, God.
Unfiltered hot dog water while only $38.
Millennials sure know how to spend their money.
That's a great price.
Civilised and sail.
Hot dog, lip balm, body fragrance.
Are you telling me what?
That's awesome!
How can I buy that breath.
Spray it.
That's how you get mad.
That's how you get a gamer girlfriend right there.
His breath smell like hot dog vomits are the only animals in the world that produce cube shaped poo.
How how I like it.
I'm fascinated.
Like square poo.
That's awesome.
Oh, my God.
Someone made.
Plus, she's chocolate bum bit too.
Humanity was a mistake of omelets, Minecraft character, question work.
But why?
Why they dropped square poo?
It's bottles shaped like pooh.
I don't understand.
You learn so much on the pretty pie channel.
You have to admit it learned a neat way to change areas to a specific color using the lab color again.
Okay, you can lose.
Just use selective color or whatever.
Anyway, I present you, Fleischman group you.
Yeah, Thanks.
I hate it.
Well, that was so difficult.
I learned using carbs and locked that right now.
By law.
I hate rivers.
Sent tarts.
Some of these are fascinating to me.
Oh, God thinks I hate this chair.
I would sit in it in the reverse order.
L Thanks.
I hate figures.
Hell, what?
The turf.
About the figures.
In case you didn't know figs exists thanks to a special insect known as a fig wash.
These waas crawl into pit figs and help them pulling it.
But on the downside, they live, give birth and die in the figs.
But don't worry.
As a fig ripens, it digests any and all bugs still dog God inside of it.
So when you bite into one, you're getting old fruit and zero wise.
No, you're Hey, it's like that one scene from Star Wars that was there for some reason.
Why was that scene there?
Remember that?
I remember thinking to suckle night.
Thanks to hate Star Wars.
Now, why was that there?
Why was that?
I I don't understand.
I still don't understand.
You know, if someone's written a fan fiction about Luke and that milk a monster, you know it.
And you know I'm the one who wrote it.
Stone stew.
Oh, God, that is so awesome.
I love it.
I actually love it.
I'm not gonna like this one is epic.
The first guy took out a hit.
This mean the first guy to break the fourth wall?
Must have been like, Yeah, There it is.
I hate this mean form right now?
Yeah, that's what ruined a It's what ruined a and it will never come back.
I hate balloon animals with internal organs.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Make it, uh, all this is torture.
I don't know if I'm rooting for them are all.
I hate this transition.
Oh, God, I can't explain this, but hotel air condition.
There's feel how McDonald's sprite tastes.
I can't explain it, but my mouth tastes like saliva.
Okay, girl, I kind of want to try that.
Hold up.
Yeah, boys, easy.
You just do that, right?
I've got a drawing.
Yeah, thanks.
Are Lister Girl.
Wow, She's so pretty.
I mean, not bad, right?
Show me yours on the subreddit.
OK, this one wins.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
I just don't understand.
Yeah, Scott, Stag.
Oh, God.
Animations should be illegal.
I'm sorry.
When an earthquake happens, coffins become underground.
Thanks for that image.
Thank you.
Cute and amigo.
Uh, all right.
I hate it.
Oh, God.
Not animations.
Oh, no.
Why would anyone want to torture P?
Oh, God.
That's the worst thing I've seen in my life now, like I refuse.
I'm sorry.
I refuse.
Hell, why would you do that?
Oh, God.
I want to apologize for Sweden because a parent, I didn't know this, but apparently, sweetie, we'd Sweden.
We put bananas on pizzas and yeah, I hate the banana with appeal on.
I'm just getting I ate the pizza from the centre, But come mine.
This has to be worse.
Why's millennial humor so weird?
Swedish springs Be like burn begged young.
It's true, actually, in physics class, when we study springs instead of using the physics Ah, constant formula f equals minus K x.
We have f equals yearn return.
Bring Oh!
Oh, God.
Uh Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Uh, it's the worst thing I've ever seen.
No existence shouldn't be a thing.
There's too many bad things.
It's not worth it.
I hate a lie.
Woody Harrelson.
Yeah, I hate it.
I hate it.
Never have a child of liability, Harrison.
I hate reverse winter.
Oh, God.
Now I'm almost set now when she's on her period.
And no, I'm not reading that.
You might know I'm not reading that.
Can I take it off that just a bit longer.
It's not quite ready.
Okay, that's enough.
You're ready to talk now?
Oh, God, the bananas Stop.
I hate swimming bananas.
Where does almond mail come from?
My brain, Loki.
Kind of sexy.
Now, now, suckers.
Um, almond titties.
When you sit on a toilet, you're connecting your butthole to a city wide network of connected buttle Who comes up with these things?
Not only this aboard avocado come from the ancient as the word testicle, but the word guacamole quite literally translates to testicle sauce.
Oh, my God.
I knew it!
I knew it!
This is the green potato mashed potato all over again.
I don't like guacamole.
I don't like avocado.
Yes, I said it.
Oh, it's a super fruit.
I don't care.
It's weird.
I don't like it.
And I always knew there was something wrong with it.
Now I have it.
I have a valid reason to say no.
Enjoy your testicle sauce.
Take a shower.
Oh, you mean get pissed on by my own house?
No, thanks.
It's kind of cute.
I don't hate it.
A note to all aspiring novelist.
Sometimes you should just use said snake ejaculated.
Good writing When Spotify tries to make me a daily mix Chocolate ramen noodles.
Loki, want to try it, though?
Come on.
That's not the worst thing ever seen.
Arby's has flipped the vegan meat trend on its head with a measurable a carrot made of turkey that looks and tastes almost exactly like the vegetable.
Why would you do that?
But why stop?
I say so.
But me.
Do you think Chewbacca has pegs or a trail of tiny teeth like a pig?
Oh, my God.
Over driver.
Why do you sit in the front?
I didn't realize.
Now, on Uber you can see your own rating.
My rating is 4.73.
I didn't realize I was being raped.
That this whole time I have very little patience for people.
It's not my fault.
So now I flipped the whole thing on its head.
You know how uber drivers always go.
Five star.
They do it.
They always like that.
As soon as you're about to leave the car, you're like, all right.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you for the right, sir.
Have a good that place on now.
since they are raiding me.
I pulled a fast one on them.
I'm like he's like, Here's your destinations.
Pipes are by star.
Okay, Thanks, Brian.
It's like that mean right where?
Oh God, I cannot stop driving Uber's Remember that Reddit post?
Oh, I'm so addicted to uber.
Well, that's literally me.
Now I'm I'm taking uber's left and right just to get my uber rating up.
Come on, 4.73.
That's terrible.
If you have like ah, three star rating on uber please share Then please explain why I want to know God, that's all fall That material on your skin You know how hard it's gonna be to remove those boots way.
Just walk around pretending it's not weird that one of our hands is better at stuff than the others.
Oh, my cod.
Yeah, that is weird.
I never thought of that.
God damn it.
Why thanks?
I hate enemy now.
I think enemy has been ruined enough times already.
Got his shower thoughts.
Honey is the tastiest off all the insect vomits we have tried so far.
Yeah, I found this out recently.
It's vomit, honey is vomit.
And I found this out because of the Minecraft update.
Are they doing one of those things where they can spread it?
Yeah, it's got Also I don't hate it.
This this channel is also by the way, it's Ah, I think it's a Japanese guy that makes knives out of different things.
Yeah, this isn't even the best part.
The knife is made of milk.
The channel name is, uh, key.
Wami, Japan.
You should check it out.
It's really good.
I hate it.
Ooh, Kiss kiss kiss gets sick.
You're sick, says CISA.
Kiss kisses, huh?
Zoom to in a new events.
Who's a vase?
It's so, uh did you just college a gate?
In French?
Every That's great.
Oh, God.
I wrote code to unwrap my face.
William Gausman.
Why do you have to make me hate everything?
I take it back.
Don't do the Furby.
The world is not ready for it.
I hate myself.
One of the most popular forms of child to eat.
Another thing you will never have me eating.
You will never have me eating green mashed potato.
You'll never have even guac and you will never have me eating Egg Eggers growth.
It stinks.
It smells like crime.
I don't care that it's a great source of protein.
I don't care about anything regarding to it.
It's disgusting.
And I'm gonna go ahead and say to milk It's gross too.
You're sucking on titty juice.
This is you.
This is your drinking milk?
No, I'm not a vegan.
I just think it's repulsive.
I hate spiders even more now.
A zombie spider.
Spider covering fungus.
Hat boat.
God, I can't take spiders.
I'm moving on.
I don't care what it's about.
Uh, he's a great I think that's enough of a hating things for one day.
I a lot of fun.
Ah, checking this some read it out.
Ah, if you enjoyed smash like, if you like my vest, you can buy my vest by my vest by my best Fucking that market.
Thank you, guys.
And I see him or bye bye.
What, you haven't tried to per simulated Citizen E after 50 million Astros?
My I can't damn it.
My I just know it's still relevant.


THANKS I HATE IT - /r/thanksihateit top all #49 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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