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My name is accepted.
I own Welcome toe thief.
Simulator V r.
Fade this normally, but we're going to steal some stuff in V R this time.
I hope you're already I did a great American job, don't you think?
Well, it pulls the door.
If the police ever come along, they'll never think that I am capable of stealing stuff from too much of a tub shaped.
Okay, we're going into this house.
This game is actually really cool.
It's the full game.
Envy are So hide everything in your house because I'm gonna learn how to steal it.
And while you're sleeping, Jack's cover for them toes.
How do we get in?
I'm not gonna go in the main door.
The 30 20 fools do that in the bushes.
No one's hope we got this.
Were the sneakiest off sneaks?
Is this a way in?
That's the way back hole, huh?
I see what I need to do.
Crowbar don't have a crowbar.
I do.
Oh, my God.
I broke so much of that Fits.
Gordon Freeman each your ass out.
Okay, wait.
Hide in the bushes.
They'll never suspect a thing.
They don't know me, OK?
To the brush.
Run faster.
Are we safe?
No one's around.
They don't suspect it a thing.
Okay, There's some stuff that I can steal.
Which door did he go in?
Let's go in the bathroom door.
Remember, the key to being a good thief is nice and stealthy, like a mouse.
And we go, Uh, okay, so I need the trash.
No, but I do need this beautiful morning into my bag, Hugo.
Thank you.
Beautiful money.
How much is this?
Hell, yeah.
Get me somebody.
Subway sandwiches for that.
Okay, open the door.
Which Okay, it opens it.
Okay, This is very tense.
No one's up.
Oh, God.
My backpack.
Okay, it's fine.
My backpack teleports.
It's a great backpack, but the saucepan in beautiful but the toaster in beautiful Put the truck chopping board in valueless item.
You realize how many people I can spank with this?
Jesus, I hit my fucking light and realize that scared me.
All right, Don't do that.
I can steal your catch up, though.
I've got to hit my walls.
Okay, just go scope.
I'm very bad at this Okay.
Item that was broken when I didn't steal it here.
Cable guy.
Cable guy came la Google.
Oh, okay.
Grab with both hands.
Grab my backpack.
Promise God at the Cooper house.
Want to put the TV in the backpack?
It don't fit.
Okay, but the money and money is the only currency.
Oh, see, It's valueless.
Your sudden control, This all he wants to make origami all he was, You could tell him it's grief, but apparently my game knows better.
And it's shite.
There's a key here.
Put that away.
Is the key open this?
Open How?
Open this.
Hello, kitty.
There we go.
Ah, I am a sneaky T fi.
Wait, What does this key Open the secrets of your heart.
Fritch, Front door.
Anybody grab the The front door was open anyway.
Maybe it opens up the fence.
Ah, you didn't see anything?
No, no, no.
Grab the door.
Get the door.
Okay, grab.
Grab it.
I'm just cleaning TV TV.
I'm holding it higher than I've ever heard.
Anything in my life brought the door.
What the fuck It open the door.
Do you go?
I don't need for control, but right now does it look like I need a crowbar?
TV jump!
Put it over the edge.
Ready to go.
Okay, Perfect.
I got this was always my character face good ways.
My characters such a moron do a simple lovely right.
Okay, when that fucking Diego I had it in my hand.
Oh, good key, Kate.
Okay, grab the key.
Just go.
Just go.
This is easy.
This is simple.
That I don't think this works on this.
Screw it.
There's no time and provides high in the bushes.
No one sees me, huh?
No one sees a thing, okay?
From the TV.
Let's go, bitch.
Can I put it in the back of the car?
I'm not crouching.
What are you talking about?
But God fucking damn it.
There we go.
There we go.
Oh, no.
Just give me a button for the crow buyer.
Don't keep Let me pick it up.
Okay, That's closed.
Good enough.
Good enough.
Get in the car.
I'm very scared.
Okay, turn on.
Turn on.
No, Put it in drive, huh?
Go perfect.
perfect driving.
Perfect driving.
How would you go?
Out you go.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
On They say there's no such thing as the perfect crime.
I got an s rank.
So awesome.
Okay, I need to go.
Sultans of Benny.
What do you want?
I see you got my screen.
Go to Black Bay.
Black Bay.
What about the pawnshop Finney trying to make your money.
What's the point of Steven things?
If you're just gonna use them, steal them, pawn it off, then use the money to buy a different one.
That's so you don't get caught.
You're terrible at this.
But I listen to you because you're like a father to me.
I set up a page on I see there and sell it.
Uh, Golden goblet.
Tear trophy, raised black and white.
That's not other electron ICS.
Good work.
Click on the rent.
A thug tab rental.
So can I get you a friend?
A little extra work.
Now sway back toe 1 10 and break some dishes with a crowbar.
Oh, hell, yeah.
This is fun.
It's not just stealing things.
I also get to break some rules I got Jesus.
Just another day on the job.
Everything goes well when you're a thief.
Get out of the road.
Hey, hold on, Hold on.
You teach this guy a lesson?
Where'd you learn to walk?
Dumb school, idiot.
Where am I going, sir?
Do you know where I need to, rob?
I mean, do you know what the Hendersons is?
Okay, Apple Watch is not helpful for you, but I need to be looking at directions on my watch while driving at the same time.
But what?
Split up swaps.
What's today?
Look, ma'am, man, where can I get two?
1 10 Don't get out of the road, baby.
No, it's a tree right next door to where I was before.
Well, God damn it, anyway.
Okay, we're here.
Everybody good?
You had your seatbelts on.
Okay, Turn off the engine.
Here we go.
Stealthy like a mouse.
It's a very big care for me.
I don't know if I should continue using this car or if I should get a Prius.
Priuses are silent as well, but they also help out of the environment.
Look at all the smug that's in the air.
That's really bad.
Uh, no.
Dumb, dumb.
I live here.
Hey, what's up, man?
How's it going, bro?
Well, fuck you, too.
Hope this is your house.
Oh, my God.
They left the gate.
Hope these guys are idiots or geniuses.
What if they're trying to catch a thief?
Is Chris Hansen here?
Okay, wait in the bushes.
They'll never know I'm here.
I don't think anybody is at home, but just in case.
Okay, We good?
I must see.
I'm, uh, be nice to you.
Surely not.
Can you?
Okay, it's locket.
It's talking to You know what that means?
Me and my friend Crowbar are gonna have some foot.
Turns out he's a crow bar.
Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
All right.
We're going in a different window.
I don't like that window.
The window was judging me, but it's a crowbar.
How did you fall off me?
I thought you just got attached.
Amount of fine.
We go in this window.
We're in.
All right.
All I have to do is break dishes.
But can I steal stuff at the same time?
You have a flashlight?
Yeah, we're being ambitious.
Ah ha.
ha ha.
Mind's worst enemy.
Cutlery and dinnerware.
Uh huh.
Not You don't even know how to pick a lock.
Go learn the basics.
I'm sure you've got enough skill by now.
You're my mentor.
If I didn't learn, it is because you didn't teach me.
I'm putting the light back of my head.
Boy can keep the light on.
Oh, that's handy, Vinny.
Did you know that?
Maybe if you taught me something.
You know what, Vinnie?
I'm going to do it.
I'm gonna drink this bleach.
You can't stop me unless you teach me how to pick locks.
I will drink it.
I'm drinking the late Ah, the odor and taste.
Uh, I'm watching my mother with the film.
Well, time to leave.
Oh, yeah.
I can pick locks, learn how to lock.
Pick whom I did it all on my own right now.
Go buy yourself a D i Y simple lock.
Pick on tools for thieves.
That's why do we gotta do that?
Why can't I just pick the lock?
I just learned how to do it.
God damn it, Vinnie, you're a terrible father.
Where did you steal me?
away for my real father.
If this is all you're gonna teach me, okay, we go game way.
You acting like encroaching.
I am not approaching because there's a button to crouch and price that.
Okay, for now, if you right?
Oh, no.
Somebody broke all the dishes at 1 10 Call the police.
The perfect escape.
The eye.
Simple lock pick, Dwight, $20.
$212 will buy a good lock pick.
Requires level to lock.
Well, ready.
Takes me out to be a real boy.
Before you get yourself into trouble, try it on a training lock.
I left one in the garage.
I Now you train me now after learning the skill.
Now you trade fight.
You know what?
I shouldn't be petty about it when you're trying to teach me a lot of cool things.
Oh, sweet mother of Jesus.
Uh, leverage at the right angle.
A bobby pin, and then you could rotate the lock.
Okay, grab, lock.
Is this good?
I I don't know.
Okay, that's not good.
All right.
More boom, baby.
I did it without any help from a job on that old TV And think this is weird.
You could check tenant routine.
And you're telling me this is very weird.
I signed up to steal stuff, Not a peep on people.
I mean, this is hot, but what?
There's a box in there.
Wait for them to leave and get me a box.
She saw me.
What do I do?
I don't have any bushes to hide it Bushes over there, though.
Okay, let's let's see what they're doing.
Let's see the routines.
Bird away.
See the routines?
Living room, too.
All right.
Garden, This is 2 p.m. though.
Plans to stay out all night.
I get tired, man.
It's It's 7 30 in the morning.
Go to obey what?
You guys work.
I'm a thief, and even I want to go to pay.
We're gonna stand the living room until 6 a.m. Christ.
Okay, well, we're in for the long haul.
People just sleep in this bush for now.
This is where I know this is whole.
This is good.
This feels nice.
I'm exactly where I should be.
Oh, Oh.
I had the best dream.
I was dreaming that I was anywhere except fucking here.
You think I have, like, snake on my watch or something.
That'd be cool.
In seven seconds, one of them should be leaving.
I don't know who leaves first.
Here we go.
He's leaving.
Okay, cool.
That's good.
All right.
I'm just high.
Oh, you see you later, sweetie.
But my own Oh, no.
You're leaving.
Uh, hi.
Where'd you go?
Oh, go where she go?
She write the bushes.
Won't screw it.
I'm making I Oh, lovely time of morning.
Uh, crunching.
I'm not crouching.
Not not anymore.
Top of the morning idea.
Can I just Uh huh.
I'm not doing anything suspicious.
Put the fucking crowbar away.
Jesus Christ.
Grab the thing.
There you go.
Now and grab this.
I'm a natural.
That was amazing.
You see my skills, Okay.
He doesn't suspect a thing.
He doesn't suspect a thing.
Easy does it.
Crouch, Rooney, you go through the front door.
God damn it.
Okay, we're doing this again.
Okay, I did it.
Oh, Hey, buddy boy.
How you doing?
Okay, man.
The boxes right there.
We're so hosts.
I can feel it.
I could smell it.
Oh, crack open a cold one with the boys.
he moved.
I wonder if this will work.
I don't think I can sneak in there when he's still here the way.
An hour and 1/2 from to leave his house.
Okay, you stop.
Okay, Gang, we have a tiny window of opportunity.
Are you with me?
Okay, So Suzie left at this amount of time.
She left at six.
AM Susie's out until I carry on.
Then Mr Jefferson here, Carter is out, is leaving at 9 a.m. And then he's coming back at 11.
He's only gone for two hours.
All right, Two hours.
We have to be fast.
When this happens, he's going to be leaving in 30 seconds.
Everybody gear up down here, okay?
Oh, yeah.
Wait, no.
You gotta crush it on your head.
Frat bro.
Oh, yeah.
That feels good.
I'm ready to do a crime.
Oh, after ready for this?
He was a big boy.
Who's a big boy?
I am.
I'm a big boy.
I'm ready.
So is my backpack, apparently.
Five, 43 two.
What, like clockwork?
Are you Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
You son of a bitch.
I waited outside your household.
Fucking morning.
I'm going.
I'm going.
I'm going.
Could I run faster?
Oh, shit!
My running so slow, Everything's fine.
Everything's right.
I'm trapped.
I'm trapped.
Everything's fine.
Damn it!
I didn't do anything.
Doing agreement.
I was waiting.


I'm Sneaking Into YOUR House Right Now!

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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