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  • I said Come, Americans.

  • They would mean freedom.

  • Iraq needs Iraqi police.

  • Men like you, Inspector.

  • My daughter.

  • She's missing.

  • So join me.

  • You'll be great.

  • I would work for them for as long as it takes me to find so soon.

  • Way would leave.

  • She has been working for the Americans, which was a very dangerous thing to do.

  • Women in today's head up have a habit of disappearing.

  • What?

  • You on a leash, Inspector?

  • You work for me?

  • A brand new drama.

  • Baghdad Central starts Monday, third of February on Channel four.

  • Stream the entire box set immediately after on awful.

I said Come, Americans.


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A2 初級

巴格達中央電視臺|全新劇集2月3日22.00在第四頻道開播|在所有4個頻道播放盒裝劇。 (Baghdad Central | Brand New Drama Starts Mon 3rd Feb 22.00 Channel 4 | Stream the Box Set on All 4)

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