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  • Let's find out a bit about James Newman at Where Did You Grow Up?

  • Where you from?

  • Well, I was born in a little village called Stem First in the Yorkshire Dales, which is like 300 people.

  • And then we move down the road to the big town, which is 2000 people.

  • And that's called Settle.

  • Okay, it's right in the middle of the fearfully oxtails National Park on When did music become part of your life?

  • Is that in school, or how did it happen?

  • Well, my mom always used to play Motown.

  • Every morning we get up, she'd be like dancing around to Diana Ross.

  • Ever know she sounds a good fun.

  • Fred Curly, like soul music and pop music's always been like a big part of our lives Middle school.

  • Then start doing the talent shows on but obviously didn't have a band or anything, so I just standard sing Westlife songs, a cappella Shame on You.

  • And then I went to Music College, and then it kind of went from there, really, and the salt wedding.

  • I do like when did you start taking that really seriously coming?

  • People who don't know you've won a Brit.

  • You've been nominated for Grammys.

  • I mean, this is a big deal.

  • So how did that come about?

  • Makes the London.

  • I kind of started working in pubs and my friend Sophie, her little brother, had just started like, abandoned.

  • My little brother moved down and they became friends.

  • We all became friends.

  • Then there a son called Feel the love for Regimental prediction.

  • Great.

  • Was regiment on the My Love Brothers jump.

  • Yeah.

  • So then I was I I need to write song that simple.

  • You did?

  • Yes.

  • In a restaurant I wrote on the hook for wherein all night, which was really meant Also wonder bread wop.

  • So I sent me and my friend Johnny Ghostwriter we wrote in his little moment that's house in his little studio sent it to really mental, and then they were, like, yet single.

  • When we tells Reckoning restaurant next had a number one single and it was on the radio.

  • As I was finishing my last year, I felt so good.

  • Like I know you got a friend in me.

  • One of your biggest hits was with Ed Sheeran.

  • How does that happen?

  • Is they're kind of like a some sort of weird factory palled where songs go for each year and or my brother was friends with them, and then we just became friends on.

  • I had written the song for Regimental On and they took out life and they were playing it on tar when they were supporting that.

  • I was with that one day and said, I love that song and I was like, You should sing it.

  • You should really sing it because I love to Mom and they came down to Syria and it's such a massive compliment came down and recording my son.

  • I'm just, you know you're doing that.

  • Yeah, there's like, Go for it, you get a little bit.

Let's find out a bit about James Newman at Where Did You Grow Up?


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