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  • they pack a lot into a pocket knife.

  • It can contain several blades and tools, all of which could be retracted into the handle to make pocket knives.

  • Rollers feed a strip of stainless steel through a series of dies like powerful Kate cutters.

  • The dies.

  • Punch out blade shapes.

  • They cut holes for installing them in the handle.

  • Stamp on the company logo informed grooves with which a user congrats.

  • The blades.

  • A trip into a fiery furnace hardens the metal.

  • It's the first step in heat treating the blades Once they're cool.

  • An operator places blade shapes on the magnetized rim of a rotating carousel.

  • It moves the base of the blades under an induction heating coil, the heat and Neil's that offend, making it pliable enough to bend an easier to fit in the pocket.

  • Knife Handle.

  • A robot now transfers the shape into a computerized grinder that devils the edge but leaves it.

  • Blonde.

  • Honing will give it a cutting edge.

  • Later here, you can see the difference.

  • The grinding makes vibrating.

  • Ceramic pellets polished the blades with paste for 32 hours.

  • To achieve a mirror finish a magnetic belt, collects them and transfers them to the next station.

  • Meanwhile, a rocking cutting tool carves ridges into a piece of cow shinbone.

  • Shinbone will adorn the pocket knife handle.

  • They submerge a bag of rich shin bones into a vat of dye, tenting them a vibrant green.

  • No cow shin bone is just one of many materials used to make pocket knives look attractive.

  • Soma synthetic and others unnatural.

  • Here they're riveting, a handle to the pocket knife killed.

  • They apply.

  • Hypoxia desist to decorate these pieces of bone with metal in Lee that's embellished with flourishes on lettering.

  • Trim the excess bone so that it's flush to the metal liner.

  • Next, they place a spring on the underside of the bone and brass part, followed by a rocker arm on the spacer finish off this sandwich with another bone covered brass liner, they insert blades in one end, dipping each one in oil to lubricate it.

  • Pin holds it all together.

  • They place different blades in the other end of the pocket knife on Dr a pin.

  • Into that stack, a new Matic tool flattens the ends of the pins, riveting all the parts together.

  • Sometimes they pound a shim between the layers toe open them up so the knives come move freely.

  • It's a little fine tuning growing down the pinheads to blend them to the rest of the pocket knife.

  • They bevel the edges against a belt sander until they're sharp enough to come.

  • After sharpening, they retract all the blades on both the knife until it shines here, a laser etches and insignia into the bone handle.

  • They enhance the engraving with paint, and now you have a pocket knife that really makes a point.

they pack a lot into a pocket knife.


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插袋刀的製作方法 (POCKET KNIVES | How It's Made)

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