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  • Chicken schnitzel. Breaded chicken, right?

  • That's right. What's the Holstein?

  • It's a nice fried egg,

  • and the anchovy and caper butter that goes on top.

  • Fine, right. 20 minutes.

  • Schnitzel and Holstein. Shall we?

  • Yeah.

  • So the first thing,

  • butcher the chicken down completely.

  • All they need to use is just one breast.

  • Very straightforward. It's like any other bird -

  • two legs, two wings, two breasts,

  • Nice. So...

  • OK, and now I'm going to take the breasts off.

  • So what I've done with this chicken breast, I just removed the skin,

  • which we don't need. I don't want this breaded like this.

  • It needs to be nice and thin, and then we're going to pane it.

  • Otherwise, the breast is fatter at one end and thin at the other.

  • That won't work, will it? No. So just gently bat it out.

  • Mm. Now look. Mm. Nice and thin.

  • So, the pane, always in this order.

  • Seasoned flour, egg wash, and then your breadcrumbs

  • and then onto your tray.

  • Got it. Got it?

  • Flour makes the egg stick to it,

  • and the egg makes the breadcrumbs stick to it.

  • That's right.

  • And there you go. Very good.

  • So what we need to do now is to get the chicken into the pan.

  • What our chefs need to be really careful about

  • is that this chicken's cooked all the way through.

  • They need to just get a little bit of colour onto the breadcrumbs,

  • then turn it over, colour the second side,

  • then what I'm going to do is put some butter into the pan,

  • onto a buttered paper, and into the oven.

  • Now, that's a beautiful sight.

  • The sauce is a brown butter sauce.

  • And this is the Holstein. That's the one.

  • So butter sauce, as Marcus is making here, is a beautiful thing,

  • but it's all about the controlling of the butter, cos it can burn.

  • You start to see the nutty colour coming out of the bottom.

  • Is that a beurre noisette? Yes.

  • Nut, brown butter.

  • Capers are in there.

  • Drop in some little chopped anchovies to the sauce.

  • Lovely. Chopped parsley.

  • Now to our egg.

  • What we're going to do is we're going to pan-fry a duck egg.

  • Yes.

  • And as soon as this egg is cooked, we can bring the dish together.

  • That schnitzel looks fantastic.

  • Fried egg.

  • Hmm-hmm!

  • So there we have it. Chicken schnitzel with Holstein garnish.

  • That's a lovely dish.

Chicken schnitzel. Breaded chicken, right?


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雞肉串:餐點分秒必爭|廚藝大師:專業人士 - 英國廣播公司 (BBC) (Chicken Schnitzel: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals - BBC)

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