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  • Okay, let's just record staining day top of the morning.

  • It's me, Mr Ireland, and welcome to Irish.

  • And some are Would you like a piece of pipe it in a I don't know what that was.

  • Outside people are killing each other.

  • What's your rank of means of my banana?

  • It's not really idiot.

  • It's a robber.

  • Banana.

  • Oh, my God.

  • If this pops in my mind, robbed a bit.

  • This is what a potato sack.

  • Really?

  • Because so sexy.

  • These potatoes are out of date.

  • What?

  • That's the good stuff.

  • Have you ever wondered what Jax and the guys paired Sounds like.

  • Okay, come.

  • It turns out balance are not designed for SMR.

  • Hey, it's me.

  • Did you have their work?

  • Tell me that my picture.

  • I'm going to cut your hair.

  • Yeah, I couldn't not nose hair of yours.

  • It's getting way out of control.

  • We give you a nose hair trimmer for Christmas one year, then you never focus.

  • Used.

  • I'm cutting your nose there myself.

  • Patricia.

  • Fucking room yourself after a long day.

  • It sounds like race crispies.

  • It's not breakfast pop.

  • Are you in there?

  • Not only was that the sound off me drinking Coke.

  • Also, the sound of me spelling it over This is why I always got in trouble in school because I can keep it.

  • I'm just curious about what things sound like we're gonna That's a good one.

  • No, let me reaches Empire ish insults from a Big Mac, An Irish book.

  • This is Irish ass and more, after all, a sharp tongue doesn't mean she has a keen mind.

  • That apparently translates to she's stupid.

  • Asking her who's the father would be like asking which being caused the bird.

  • You're about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

  • God used him as the blue break for a cop shade.

  • He's so stupid he cheats on his filling out opinion bulls that led Couldn't stand if you fell off a camel But now, come on, you never know where you fall off a camel You fall off a camera Minecraft nowhere near any sand.

  • He has a face on him like a constipated ground he says, Ignorant.

  • That's a sack of persistence.

  • I'm gonna write something news for you.

  • It says you're cool.

  • I was gonna insult you, but I felt like I'm honored.

  • Ian soiling your ears on this This is what it sounds like to put on socks in the summer.

  • But now the other one, Because you have to feed.

  • Okay, that's it.

  • Thank you for watching this video.

  • I feel like if I do this any longer, it's contrary people insane.

  • I made this video because they did this on the recent charity Lifestream.

  • It was really funny.

  • It turns out I get for a video.

  • It's not that funny.

  • I don't even know everyone in the ass Mark community.

  • You're gonna hate me, but I think that's OK, cause I kind of hate myself right now as well.

  • Okay, don't forget them.

  • Like this video.

  • You better like it, or I'm gonna keep doing more of these.

  • I'm gonna come to your house and whisper in your ear like this.

  • True, We're just a big you're not supposed to do.

  • That s Amar.

  • I don't think so.

  • Turns out I actually hate fearsome our videos.

  • Someone's talking right in my ear.

  • Also, I think you're supposed to do this year microphone thing for binaural audio, but I don't care.

  • I had fun anyway.

  • Okay.

  • Don't forget to support I be their brother.

  • This even more.

  • Okay, bye.

Okay, let's just record staining day top of the morning.


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