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  • Well, I'm going to rise like everything.

  • Don't keep me you.

  • Once you see me booth together.

  • I'm not losing anything.

  • Ever pull every step is one step closer to death That I was prepared, but until I'm prepared.

  • Scared.

  • Used right there.

  • It's right days, Jack.

  • You don't want to get back.

  • I know.

  • I don't want to get clapped back.

  • You will die by my You're buying pain.

  • I never back down from a fight.

  • I'm a big boy Now let's hear you any more time.

  • My theory crafting line.

  • 40 idiots die.

  • There is a night.

  • Don't you want to see me?

  • You creeper, You creeper!

  • What do you want for?

  • May you stay here.

  • Thank you.

  • Creep on me Sink can square head way.

  • Thank you for everything.

  • Wait.

  • People allow me to have nice things.

  • All they do is ruin them the other way.

Well, I'm going to rise like everything.


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Jacksepticeye Minecraft Song by Schmoyoho. (Jacksepticeye Minecraft Song by Schmoyoho)

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