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Talking of frightening animals, though...
Jodie, you were filming in... Where were you, South Africa?
Yes. We did a bit... Yeah.
This was Doctor Who in South Africa. This season, yeah.
You had a proper terrifying encounter.
Kevin would not like this.
Yes, so...
I'll try and speak slowly so everyone understands.
We were filming in South Africa
and, unbeknownst to me, some of the South African crew
had been filming what is known as a sac spider
crawling up and down out of this tree.
So, the sac spider's in the tree, they're filming it,
filming each other, I've got footage, saying,
"This is terrifying, look how terrifying that is."
No-one told me. I run out of the building...
Everything's a secret so I can't tell you what building.
I run out of the building into the wilderness
as this sac spider just crawled down,
down my face and went... You got to be shitting me!
..and went, "B-b-b-b-buh!"
And I went, "Aaaagh! Beep! Beep! B-b-b-beep beep!"
I absolutely bricked it and cannot repeat what I said.
The costume was off.
And our first AD, the first assistant director, who's English,
pretty casually just picked it up and chucked it
as all the South Africans went, "No, no, no, no!"
And then we found out I could have died.
Wow. I didn't. It didn't even bite me.
But if you Google a sac spider bite, it is awful.
So, that is a better story. Is it hairy, ugly?
It's got a really big body...
It's got big balls, it's a sac spider.
No, Kevin. It's a sac spider.
No, it's the back, it's the back. Yes, the back. It's a sac spider.
Not that! Everything has to be explained to you.
You just don't understand. It's the back bit.
It's got poisonous balls. Keep going.
I'm following. This is making the story a bit different.
So, the spider's balls...
But, yeah, it was horrific. I was so brave.
There's so many things wrong... I wasn't scared. That's terrible.
So many things wrong with that whole thing.
First of all, I can break it down.
Everyone that was taping it in the beginning were white.
That's the first thing.
Let's get that out of the way.
They were white people.
OK, "It's fascinating, oh, my God."
When it lands on you and you go, "Oh, my God, beep beep beep"
and you're getting it off of you, people are still taping.
They were white. OK?
It's so clear.
Then the guy that picked it up and chucked it,
he was white.
That's the whole problem with this thing.
Nobody immediately thought,
"We shouldn't tape it, this could be something."
No, it was a take.
It's a spider with big balls! It don't matter what you doing!
You get out of there, you pack up. "We can't shoot today."
I'm with Kevin. I'm with Kevin.
Thank you.


Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show - BBC

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