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  • Talking of frightening animals, though...

  • Jodie, you were filming in... Where were you, South Africa?

  • Yes. We did a bit... Yeah.

  • This was Doctor Who in South Africa. This season, yeah.

  • You had a proper terrifying encounter.

  • Kevin would not like this.

  • Yes, so...

  • I'll try and speak slowly so everyone understands.

  • We were filming in South Africa

  • and, unbeknownst to me, some of the South African crew

  • had been filming what is known as a sac spider

  • crawling up and down out of this tree.

  • So, the sac spider's in the tree, they're filming it,

  • filming each other, I've got footage, saying,

  • "This is terrifying, look how terrifying that is."

  • No-one told me. I run out of the building...

  • Everything's a secret so I can't tell you what building.

  • I run out of the building into the wilderness

  • as this sac spider just crawled down,

  • down my face and went... You got to be shitting me!

  • ..and went, "B-b-b-b-buh!"

  • And I went, "Aaaagh! Beep! Beep! B-b-b-beep beep!"

  • I absolutely bricked it and cannot repeat what I said.

  • The costume was off.

  • And our first AD, the first assistant director, who's English,

  • pretty casually just picked it up and chucked it

  • as all the South Africans went, "No, no, no, no!"

  • And then we found out I could have died.

  • Wow. I didn't. It didn't even bite me.

  • But if you Google a sac spider bite, it is awful.

  • So, that is a better story. Is it hairy, ugly?

  • It's got a really big body...

  • It's got big balls, it's a sac spider.

  • No, Kevin. It's a sac spider.

  • No, it's the back, it's the back. Yes, the back. It's a sac spider.

  • Not that! Everything has to be explained to you.

  • You just don't understand. It's the back bit.

  • It's got poisonous balls. Keep going.

  • I'm following. This is making the story a bit different.

  • So, the spider's balls...

  • But, yeah, it was horrific. I was so brave.

  • There's so many things wrong... I wasn't scared. That's terrible.

  • So many things wrong with that whole thing.

  • First of all, I can break it down.

  • Everyone that was taping it in the beginning were white.

  • That's the first thing.

  • Let's get that out of the way.

  • They were white people.

  • OK, "It's fascinating, oh, my God."

  • When it lands on you and you go, "Oh, my God, beep beep beep"

  • and you're getting it off of you, people are still taping.

  • They were white. OK?

  • It's so clear.

  • Then the guy that picked it up and chucked it,

  • he was white.

  • That's the whole problem with this thing.

  • Nobody immediately thought,

  • "We shouldn't tape it, this could be something."

  • No, it was a take.

  • It's a spider with big balls! It don't matter what you doing!

  • You get out of there, you pack up. "We can't shoot today."

  • I'm with Kevin. I'm with Kevin.

  • Thank you.

Talking of frightening animals, though...


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Jodie Whittaker在拍攝《神祕博士》時,差點被一隻可怕的蜘蛛殺死 - 格雷厄姆-諾頓秀 - BBC (Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show - BBC)

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