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  • Lightly toast off some pine nuts.

  • I think toasting the pine nuts is good 'cause it starts the oils coming out.

  • So I've got the garlic in here.

  • You're using a lot of the same ingredients you would with a basil pesto right?

  • Absolutely. The only thing I'm doing different here is I'm using rocket salad.

  • It has a bit more fibre to it, whereas you've got basil which breaks down quite easily.

  • This is gonna take some doing.

  • You can get all sorts of pestos can't you? It doesn't have to be basil,

  • it just means to pestari, to pound it.

  • So I have some of the pine nuts here.

  • I quite like a bit of texture through mine.

  • So I'm going to add a little bit of oil.

  • Bit of parmesan, and more importantly taste and see how it is.

  • Do you know, I don't know what it's gonna taste like but I think the colours on this

  • are absolutely striking.

  • It's time to plate up.

Lightly toast off some pine nuts.


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火箭醬食譜。廚藝大師 - BBC (Rocket Pesto recipe: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals - BBC)

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