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*Intro music*
Hey. It's Disney World, and it's magic hours
which means nobody is here so we get to ride everything
But we've always had this fear of Space Mountain
that if you put your arms up you'll get 'em chopped off
so we got this trick we do, show 'em man
This is what we do, because at Space Mountain,
there's absolutely no way you can get your arms chopped off
if you do "little arms," we call it
Let's be honest: this is why you go to Disney World, right here
We're the last ones to ride space mountain tonight
*Recording over PA*: Remain seated, and keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the rocket
And watch your children
You're clear for launch!
Girl 1: Wahoo! Girl 2: Yay!
Destin: Awesome!
Destin: Well done
Destin: Nice
Hey, it's me, Destin, and I met some really cool workers at Space Mountain
And they're gonna tell you something you didn't know, so you can get Smarter Every Day
Destin: Tell me something about Space Mountain
Emily: It's 27 miles an hour (both sides) on the track
Lesly: Contrary to popular belief, "A side" and "B side" are Alpha and Omega
They are the same
Destin: Space Mountain is the same - it's symmetric
I didn't know that. Do you know something else?
Katie: Sure. There is no Rocket #13
Destin: There's no Rocket #13?
Katie: We have one through twelve, and then sixteen to thirty-one
Destin: That's awesome! Does anybody else know anything?
Emily: Your hands will not get chopped off if you go like this-
*Interrupting* Lesly: Yes! You can put your hands in the air!
Emily: You can put your hands in the air
Destin: I have been scared ALL WEEK about putting my hands up
And they said they won't get chopped off
Lesly: But don't put 'em up in the tunnel
Wait until you get out of the tunnel-
*Interrupting* Destin: You have to be out of the tunnel. 'Cause we can touch the tunnel
Chelsea: Only attraction with no hidden Mickeys
Destin: No hidden Mickeys?
Chelsea: No hidden Mickeys
It was also built in 1975 and has been the same track since 1975
Destin: Really?
Chelsea: It's completely designed by Walt Disney and took 10 years to build
Destin: That's awesome
*Group applauds* *Repeating* Destin: That's awesome
Destin: Thanks guys. Have a great one.
Staff: You're welcome. Have a great weekend! Staff: Bye
*Flamboyant* You are getting smarter every day
Destin: Dude, there's people everywhere scared of getting their arms chopped off
What's up with that? Look at these people!
*Distorted lyrics*: Smarter
*Distorted lyrics*: Every
*Distorted lyrics*: Day


Space Mountain Fears - Smarter Every Day 12

3 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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