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[SED Slide Guitar Intro Music]
[Oropendola bird calling]
(Destin) Are you about to grab that? - They're quick.
So you gotta kind of predict the movement.
[laughs] Oh man, don't let it go in the hole.
(Destin) Holy Cow! Golly!
(Destin) What is this called? -(Phil) A Tailless Whip Scorpion.
- A tailless whip scorpion. Let me grab it with my hand. [sarcastic]
-(talking to demon bug) Don't go in there! It's actually kind of a dead end.
- (Entire group in amazement, laughing) Oh yes. (Destin) Oh my gosh. He's got a..
WOW it's in his hand. - Look at that
(Jeff) it's fighting him. (Destin) It's biting? (Jeff) FIGHT-ing
(Destin) What the? What is going on? (Jeff) Describe what you're feeling.
- It's just a little.. it's like a pointy stick.
[gaspy laugh] (Destin) Holy cow!
(Destin) Oh my gosh! - [Phil laughing] Is that a monster or what?
So these really really long legs..
That's basically its eyes. So that's what it sees with.
-What? - These are feelers. - Yeah. These feelers, but they're legs.
- It's really sensitive to vibrations so if you watch them hunt, they basically put those all around
the thing they're about to catch, and they know exactly where it is and then boom.
(Gordon) Are these arachnids or not? - Ahh yes. It is
and arachnid. (Destin) What?
What are we looking at? - Is that crazy or what?
- So they have just, really really tiny eyes (Destin) What are these things on the inside of its elbows?
(British guy off camera) Those white things.
- I think that's just where the muscle is,
inside it. - Kind of like on a crab? A dust cover? - Yeah.
So you can see that it would just trap something
right inside there, and that's how we would
And you can see tiny little fangs but they don't have any venom or anything.
So, they're quite all right.
Am I gonna be the first one to put it on my face and.. (Destin) Oh my gosh!
Are you serious?! - Go for it.
(Destin) Oh! Is this happening? Oh my gosh!
(Bewildered group) My God dude, that is crazy!
(Destin) What.. What is happening?! - Alright. Who's gonna
catch him and put him on their face? (Gordon) I really don't want to do this (Phil) Do it. You got this.
(Destin) Oh. Is this some kind of rite of passage?!
- Oh look at that! Like a champ!
- Do it do it. Put it on his face.
(Destin) Alright. Hold on. Wawawawait! Keep it away from my eyes. - What's happening Destin? What's happening.
(Jeff) Talk to me. What are you doing?
Derp! D'oooohhhh...Serious?!
G'ohhhh! Oh gohh!
Serious! Guh... Guh.. - [laugh] That's even worse. - Yeah, that's even worse.
(Destin clearly losing mind) Think.. oh what?! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?! [laugh]
- Alright. (Destin) OK.
- Get that hand away from your face. This time it's real. Time to man up.
You're in the Amazon alright. - Man up! - It's not Alabama.
(Destin) [squeaks] [laugh] Doh! (mumbling) ARE YOU SERIOUS!?
- Talk to me. Give an introduction right now.
Hey it's me Destin welcome to Smarter Every Day. I'm in the Amazon rainforest!
[squeal] JRUUUH-UH! TJRUAA! (Group) [Clapping, pointing, generally ridiculing Destin for his pansy ways.]Yess! [laughs]
(Destin) There it is.
[laughs] - That was perfect. - That was the best intro
that's ever happened. - The best, the bomb.
It's a scorpion
without a tail. Oh man he stinks. That is the ugliest
beast I have ever seen. So there you go.. The Tailless Whip Scorpion.
So we're gonna put him back. We're gonna be good people
and NOT kill it with fire, like we should. [laugh]
[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] captionsbyandrew.wordpress.com
Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.


The insanely scary "Tailless Whip Scorpion" - Smarter Every Day 77

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